April 29, 2015

Lesbian Analingus 1, from Sweetheart Video

Time: 2:21, Director: Dana Vespoli, Date: 2012
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Mile High Media, IAFD
Cast: Charley Chase (25yo), Gracie Glam (22yo), Anikka Albrite (24yo), Sandy (36yo), Liza Del Sierra (27yo), Sinn Sage (29yo), Dana Vespoli (40yo), and Phoenix Marie (31yo)


Four vignettes focused on analingus between women. Each of the vignettes begins with a story introducing the women and their relationship. The stories tend to be fairly short, though in the case of the last two scenes, it is actually quite some time before anything explicitly sexual happens, and we thought that the tension really built up nicely in the third scene.

We confess that watching women rim each other appeals to us, and if it also appeals to you, then you'll probably enjoy this movie. On the other hand, however, we ultimately thought there was a bit too much focus on analingus, and there were times when it felt a bit forced. And, as pleasant as it is either to rim or to be rimmed, it's actually not that interesting to watch. So we thought some of these sequences might have been edited a bit more.

Sexually, our favorite scene was the third (though the acting in that scene is pretty bad). The analingus seemed very well intergrated into the sex overall, and we found it really hot how long Sinn Sage stayed clothed while Liza Del Sierra was naked.

Scene 1: Charley Chase and Gracie Glam

Time: 36:15
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓

Gracie is Charley's intern, and this is her first day. She is supposed to be training to be an account executive, but Ms Chase wants her to make coffee and empty the waste basket, etc. At the end of the day, though, Charley says she needs to "give into someone else's demands".

There is obviously not much to this story, which lasts about 6 minutes, leaving about 30 minutes for sex. We thought that Gracie might at least have resisted a bit, or something, when Charley propositioned her. But we did like the idea of a role reversal, which was different from what we were expecting. Still, the story did not add a lot to what followed.

We know the title is Lesbian Analingus, but it still felt as if the initial ass-licking might not have gone on quite as long—nearly ten minutes. There is not a lot of visual interest to it, and it does not vary much. The same is true of the following sequences. Even those of us who do have a big fetish about this will find it hard to stay interested. It's really not clear that they are enjoying it for as long as they are doing it.

The camera work is very good, mixing closer and wider shots, including shots of their faces as they are being pleasured.


They kiss standing by the desk, and Gracie tells Charley to go down on her. She kneels down and eats Gracie's pussy as she sits on the desk, pulling her skirt up and her panties aside. Gracie then stands up and takes off her panties, leaning over the desk and telling Charley to kiss her ass. Gracie gets on all fours on the desk, and Charley continues burying her face in her ass and licking her anus.

Gracie gets off the desk, and they kiss again. She takes off Charley's blouse and squeezes her big tits, then takes off her bra. They move to the couch, and Gracie tells Charley to bend over. She takes off Charley's pants and kisses her ass as she leans over on all fours, then pulls down her thong and licks her anus.

Charley turns around and sits on the couch, then licks Gracie's pussy as she reclines. She takes off Gracie's shirt and bra, then resumes eating her. She rubs her pussy and sucks her tits, then turns her over onto her stomach and licks her ass again.

Gracie positions Charley on the floor, with her back to the couch, and kneels over her face. Charley continues licking her anus. Gracie then reclines Charley on the couch and goes down on her. Charley throws her legs to the side, and Gracie licks her ass again. Charley spreads her legs, and Gracie eats her again.

Gracie reclines on the couch, and Charlie lies over her and kisses her, then sucks her tits. She makes her way to Gracie's pussy and eats her, and Gracie cums at about 34:45.

Scene 2: Anikka Albrite and Sandy

Time: 32:40
Features: 69, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Spanking, Orgasm
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀

Sandy is making breakfast, and Annika enters the room. They make out a bit, and just as Annika is taking off her panties and getting behind her, Sandy asks if Annika is not hungry after her work out. So they stop. We next see them in bed, and Annika wakes up and starts kissing Sandy. She rolls over as if she wants to sleep more, and Annika kisses her from behind. She pulls down her shorts and kisses her ass, and Sandy stops them, saying it's weird for Annika to want to play with her ass. They have a bit of a heart to heart about it, then start kissing again.

It's not a deep story, but it is kind of sweet. It lasts about five and a half minutes, which leaves about 27 minutes for sex.

The sex starts out very natural, but it doesn't seem to fit the story very well. Sandy is the first to lick ass, and yet she was the one who thought it "weird". Once the ass-licking starts, though, it feels a bit more planned, and it's not as clear that they are enjoying themselves as much.

The photography is again excellent.


They kiss in bed, and Sandy lowers Annika's cami and sucks her tits. They kneel up and kiss, and Sandy reaches around Annika and tugs on her panties, then slaps her ass a few times. Annika pulls off Sandy's top and sucks her tits while squeezing her ass, then pulls off her shorts. Sandy sucks Annika's tits while grinding against the blanket, then kisses and squeezes her ass as Annika leans over on her hands.

Sandy gets onto all fours, and Annika kisses and licks her ass as she leans over her. They then kneel up, and Sandy pulls off Annika's panties and eats her pussy as Annika reclines on the bed. Annika turns over onto all fours, and Sandy kisses and slaps her ass again, then licks her asshole while rubbing her pussy. Sandy lies back on the bed and pulls Annika over her into a 69, still licking her ass as Annika pulls Sandy's panties aside and eats her pussy.

Sandy gets onto all fours, and Annika takes off her panties and licks her anus. Sandy turns over onto her back, and Annika keeps going at her asshole. Sandy asks Annika to kiss her, which she does, and then goes back to her ass, slapping her ass a few times.

They both get on all fours, butt to butt, and rub their butts together briefly. Sandy then gets behind Annika, pushing her onto the bed, and licks her ass again. Sandy lies over Annika and kisses her, then goes back to licking her ass.

Sandy lies on her side, and Annika rubs her pussy and licks her ass again. Sandy then rolls onto her back, and Annika eats her while rubbing her anus. Sandy cums at about 27:15.

Annika then straddles Sandy's face so she can eat her pussy. Annika then gets onto all fours, and Sandy rubs Annika's pussy from behind while licking her asshole. Annika seems to cum at about 30:10, but it was not clear to us she really did.

Scene 3: Liza Del Sierra and Sinn Sage

Time: 34:02
Features: 69, Analingus, Massage, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Liza has just moved from France, and Sinn is a masseuse who is treating her at her house. Liza is self-conscious about her ass and is reluctant to let Sinn massage her "glutes", but she relents and starts to "relax" as Sinn massages her butt and thighs. Sinn starts to get a bit more personal, kissing and stroking her ass, and Liza asks her what she is doing, to which Sinn responds, "It feels good, doesn't it?"

It's about nine minutes in or so when the actual sex starts, so we end up with about 25 minutes thereof.

The story is sexy, but the acting is pretty bad, to be frank. Fortunately, there is not a lot of it, and the sex is extremely hot. We loved how Sinn stayed clothed for the first several minutes, while Liza was naked. Indeed, we'd say that this is exactly the way these ought to be: some good analingus, but naturally integrated into hot sex.

The photography is great, as usual.


After massaging Liza's ass, Sinn kisses it, and then starts licking Liza's anus. She gets on the massage table behind her and really dives in, squeezing her cheeks as she rims her, reaching around to rub her clit. She licks up Liza's back and turns her face to kiss her, reaching between her legs to rub her pussy. She moves back between her legs and fingers Liza's pussy as she licks her asshole again.

Liza turns around and lifts Sinn's shirt so she can suck her tits. She pushes her pants down as well and grabs her ass, then rubs her pussy. Sinn takes off her top, and they kiss. Liza then pushes Sinn down on the table, gets behind her, and licks her butthole. Sinn wriggles out of her pants, and Liza fingers her while licking her anus, and Sinn raises her butt to give Liza easier access. Sinn reaches back to rub her clit as Liza licks her, and she cums very hard at about 19:30.

Sinn turns around and kisses Liza, then lies her over as Liza lies back on the table. Liza sucks Sinn's tits, and Sinn sucks Liza's hard as Liza reaches down and rubs her clit. Liza cums at about 21:35. Sinn then kisses her way to Liza's pussy and goes down on her, paying special attention to her asshole, of course. She adds a finger and clamps her mouth onto Liza's clit, and Liza cums again at about 26:15.

They kiss, and Sinn gets atop Liza in a 69, mostly letting Liza eat her while she kisses Liza's thighs. Sinn cums at about 30:40 and seems pretty drained. She gets off the table and kisses Liza, who reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy until she cums a third time at about 32:50.

Scene 4: Dana Vespoli and Phoenix Marie

Time: 37:42
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Massage, Orgasm, Rough Sex, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓

Phoenix is working out at her private gym, and Dana is a potential new client who wants to make her butt more shapely. Phoenix gets her doing some exercises and rubs her legs a bit as well, flirting with her. Phoenix ends up doing squats right over Dana's face, which is a bit silly. They then switch roles, and Phoenix supports Dana as she squats.

Phoenix suggests that Dana needs a bit of a massage, so Dana lies on the mat, and Phoenix rubs her legs and ass. Dana confesses that she finds Phoenix hot, and Phoenix lies over her and kisses her neck, which leads to more.

It's about 12 minutes into the scene before anything explicitly erotic happens, which leaves about 26 mintues for sex.

There's some great tension in the early parts of the scene, but the sex ends up not seeming all that natural or passionate. They do seem to enjoy themselves, though, and we are pretty sure they both cum.

The photography is its usual great, though.


Dana is lying on her stomach, and Phoenix is lying over her, kissing her neck and stroking her back. She reaches under Dana and rubs her tits as she talks softly into her ear. She slaps her ass a couple times, and Dana sits up with her. They kiss, and Dana lowers her top so Phoenix can suck her tits. She reaches around and puts her hands into Phoenix's pants, stroking her ass. Dana takes off Phoenix's shirt and bra, then sucks her tits.

Phoenix says she wants Dana to lick her asshole, and she lies back and takes off her pants so she can, pulling her feet behind her head. Dana rubs Phoenix's pussy as she licks her, and Phoenix then turns onto her stomach. Dana massages her ass, then dives back in and rims her again. She bites Phoenix's ass, then reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy.

Phoenix says she isn't ready to cum, so she turns around, and they kiss again. Dana pulls her head back by her hair and drools into Phoenix's mouth. She then turns around and gets on all fours as Phoenix pulls off her bottoms, then kisses and licks her ass. Dana reaches back and rubs her clit as Phoenix rims her. Dana then lies prone on the mat, and Phoenix kisses her ass again before going back into her crack for more.

Phoenix turns Dana onto her back and goes down on her. She lies over Dana and sucks her tits, then straddles her and grinds her pussy against Dana's. Dana may cum at about 29:00. Phoenix gets off Dana and strokes her body, then goes down on her again. Dana turns onto her side, and Phoenix licks her asshole again. She then straddles Dana's hips and grinds onto her as Dana slaps her ass.

Phoenix squats over Dana's face and asks her to lick her ass, then asks her if she wants her to smother her. She squats over her and tells Dana she can't breathe until she cums, and she releases only when Dana makes her. They flip over, and Dana kisses Phoenix's stomach, then goes down on her. Phoenix asks Dana to finger her ass, and she bucks hard on her face while squeezing her own tits. She cums hard at about 35:45.

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