June 10, 2015

Mother Daughter Thing 2, from New Sensations Tabu Tales

Time: 1:54, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Aidra Fox (19yo), Nikki Daniels (32yo), Jenna Ross (26yo), India Summer (39yo), Karla Kush (23yo), Cherie DeVille (36yo), Bonnie Rotten (21yo), and Veronica Avluv (42yo)
Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from New Sensations subscription site


Four vignettes all concerning sex between a woman and her step-daughter.

We gave five stars to the first Mother Daughter Thing, and we are giving five stars to this one, too. Why? You mean other than the fact that we were dripping all the way through it?

We'll start with the fact that there are two really great scenes here.

The second scene lets us in on the D/s relationship that Victoria (India Summer) has with her step-daughter (Jenna Ross). There is amazing chemistry between them, and the sex is passionate and creative. It may be the hottest single sex scene we have ever watched, and is reminiscent, in many ways, of the best scenes in the Emma Marx movies.

The fourth scene, with Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv, is almost as good. The sex is incredibly passionate, varied, and hot, and it manages to get fairly rough without seeming at all degrading (in a bad way). It's natural enough that they manage to fall off the bed—and St James had the great sense to leave that in. Rotten cums repeatedly, and ejaculates with the woman who, apparently, taught her how to do it.

The first scene, with Aidra Fox and Nikki Daniels, isn't quite that good, but it is still very good. The only minor disappointment is the third scene, with Karla Kush and Cherie DeVille. There are good things about that scene, but neither of the women ever seems terribly aroused.

The camera work, for the most part, is fantastic. We really liked how intimate and close it was in the first scene, without feeling "medical". And, even though it becomes a bit more pornish, with extreme sorts of angles, in the last scene, somehow that seems to fit the sex.

So, well, as we said, we loved this movie, and we are quite sure we will be watching it again.

We'll close with the same question we asked at the end of the review of Mother Daughter Thing: Why is it so hard for men and women to have sex like this on camera? Or is it really that hard for men and women to have sex like this?

Scene 1: Aidra Fox and Nikki Daniels

Time: 26:02
Features: 69, Analingus, Orgasm, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Nikki has convinced her step-daughter Aidra to "earn her keep" by giving her massages. What Nikki did not realize was how much Aidra enjoyed touching her. Aidra starts sucking her toes and confesses a "thing for feet", then seduces her.

There is not much to the story, which only lasts about 2:30, but they do an excellent job carrying the story into the scene. And the sex is very creative, and even athletic, if a bit crazy. There's an excellent connection between them, too, so it feels very natural, for the most part, though it gets a bit over the top towrd the end. But, anyway, it definitely seems as if the two of them are getting into the role-play.

The camera work is intimate, for the most part, without being overly "close" or "medical", though as the sex gets crazier the angles can get a bit extreme, as well.


They start kissing, and Aidra pulls down Nikki's dress and sucks her tits. They both stand, and Nikki leans over the table as Aidra kneels behind her and kisses her ass. She pulls down Nikki's panties and licks her pussy and asshole, and they stand up again and kiss. Aidra wriggles out of her top, and Nikki sucks her tits then takes off her shorts. She pulls her panties aside and goes down on her, then takes them off, as well.

Aidra removes Nikki's dress, and Nikki lies on the floor so Aidra can rub and eat her pussy. She puts a couple fingers into Nikki's pussy as Nikki demands she finger-fuck her, and Aidra then rubs her pussy her hard while spreading her legs wide. Aidra then licks Nikki's feet and sucks her toes, in accord with the fantasy established earlier.

Aidra then lies on her back on the floor, and Nikki goes down on her. She rubs Aidra's pussy hard and fast, then fingers her as Aidra rubs her own clit. Nikki turns Aidra onto all fours and licks her pussy from behind, then fingers her again as she licks her clit, then her asshole.

They sit facing each other and start tribbing. Aidra reaches down and rubs Nikki's clit, and Nikki may cum at about 15:30. Aidra fingers her hard, and Nikki announces an orgasm at about 16:00.

Aidra lies on her back again, and Nikki lies over her and sucks her tits, then kneels over Aidra's face, leaning over to rub her pussy and then eat her. Nikki takes off her (fake) pearls and uses them to stimulate Aidra's pussy, then pushes them into her pussy and licks them clean as they come back out.

"Teach Mommy a lesson", Nikki says, getting onto all fours. Aidra sucks her toes while rubbing her clit, then slaps her ass. Aidra finger-fucks Nikki hard, as Nikki rubs her own clit.

They sit in front of each other again, reaching over to rub each other's pussy. Aidra starts rubbing her own clit as Nikki fingers her, and she cums at about 25:20.

Scene 2: Jenna Ross and India Summer

Time: 31:39
Features: Bondage, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Dildo, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking, Tribadism, Wax
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The secret Victoria (India Summer) "keeps from the world" is about her D/s relationship with her step-daughter (Jenna Ross). The first few minutes introduce us to their arrangement.

There is not much more to say about this scene than that it is one of the hottest porn scenes we have ever had the pleasure of watching. They do a great job carrying the story through the scene, and the sex is extremely creative and passionate, with all sorts of orgasms from both of them. The only complaint we might have (and we are not sure about this one) is that it might go a bit long.

The camera work is fantastic.


Jenna is tied spread-eagled to the bed, and blindfolded, and Victoria flogs her thighs and pussy before tickling her feet and legs with a feather. Victoria then runs metal talons over her skin, which seem to tickle Jenna as well.

Victoria takes off Jenna's blindfold and kisses her while rubbing her pussy and telling her how wet she is. "Do you want Mommy's tounge on your clit?" Victoria asks, and Jenna promises to do anything, so Victoria licks her, then kneels up and rubs her clit.

Victoria grabs a glass dildo, a "cold popsicle", and fucks Jenna with it while rubbing her clit. She drags it slowly up Jenna's body and puts it into her mouth, where they lick it together.

Victoria gets between Jenna's legs and eats her pussy, and Jenna cums at about 15:00.

Victoria says it is time for Jenna to please her, so she sits up and takes off her panties, then kisses Jenna before squatting over her face and riding her tongue. Victoria cums and then reaches over and grabs a candle and starts dripping hot wax onto Jenna's body, then cums again. Victoria leans over and licks Jenna's pussy, then leans up and rubs her hard and fast.

Victoria unties Jenna, except for one leg, and Victoria kneels over her and rubs their pussies together, and they may well cum together at about 24:35. She then unties Jenna's last leg, after Jenna promises to bury her face in Victoria's pussy. So she does.

They kiss, then share an orange.

Scene 3: Karla Kush and Cherie DeVille

Time: 27:40
Features: Orgasm?, Rough Sex, Tribadism
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Karla is about to get married, and Cherie is trying to convince her otherwise, telling her she needs to have more experience, especially with women. Karla is especially interested in that last topic. So they fuck.

It's not much of a story, but it is sexy, especially Karla's desperation once she realizes that Cherie has had experience with women. And they both do a great job carrying the story into the scene, especially Cherie.

The main problem here is that neither of them ever seems to be all that aroused, and this definitely feels like the kind of sex that is all about pleasure and orgasm. But there is a pretty good connection between them, and there's something fairly natural about how the roughness of the sex emerges. Cherie always seems much more in charge than Karla is, presumably because she is the one with experience.

The camera work, however, is terrific, and varied.


They kiss while sitting on a couch, and Cherie pulls off Karla's dress, leaving her in a bra and panties. She strokes her body and kisses her, then pulls off her bra. Karla sits up and continues "instructing" Karla, who kisses her back as Cherie lowers her own dress. Cherie stands up and Karla takes off her dress, then kisses her ass from behind.

Cherie turns around and kisses Karla, and Karla strokes her pussy through her panties. Karla then straddles Cherie's thigh and grinds onto her as Cherie encourages her. Karla falls back onto the floor, and Cherie teases her. Karla then takes off Cherie's panties and eats her pussy as Cherie lies back on the couch.

"How do you want Mommy to eat your pussy?" Cherie asks. Karla has no idea, so Cherie lies her back on the couch and sucks her tits while rubbing her pussy. She takes off Karla's panties and massages her asshole, and then Cherie goes down on her—or starts to do so, then teases her a bit more. Cherie puts a couple fingers into Karla, licking and fucking her.

They sit up together, and Karla sucks Cherie's tits. Cherie says she wants to "use" Karla's face, so Karla sits on the floor leaning back against a couch, and she masturbates as Cherie straddles her face. Cherie may cum while Karla eats her. Karla then sits on the floor, resting her head on Cherie's lap, as she masturbates.

The women start tribbing, sitting facing each other, and then Cherie falls onto the floor, and Karla lies over her and grinds onto her. Karla leans over onto the couch, and Cherie rubs her pussy from behind, then straddles Karla's ass and grinds onto it as she strokes Karla's pussy. She sits next to Karla and strokes her pussy as Karla bucks onto her.

Cherie stands Karla against a mirror and tells her to watch herself cum. But it was not obvious to us that she ever did cum.

Scene 4: Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv

Time: 29:04
Features: Analingus, Female Ejaculation, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex, Strap On, Tribadism, Vibrator
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Bonnie's mom thinks she's got a problem with drugs, but in fact Bonnie's a dyke, and her girlfriend has just broken up with her. So they share some champagne and end up in bed.

It's a fairly silly story, and they don't do much to carry the story into the sex. But it doesn't matter, because the sex is extremely passionate and hot. It gets a bit rough, but without being gratuitiously degrading.

The camera work is once again excellent, if a bit more pornish than into the other scenes. But somehow that seems to fit the sex.


They jump onto the bed and start kissing, pulling down or off their tops quite quickly. Bonnie throws Veronica onto the bed, pushes her legs back and goes down on her ferociously, licking her and rubbing her pussy hard, which has Veronica squirting within moments. She puts a couple fingers into Veronica, then reaches up and chokes her lightly as she fucks her hard, and Veronica squirts a couple more times.

They kneel up and pull off their dresses, and Bonnie pushes Veronica onto all fours and goes down on her from behind.

They switch positions, and Veronica goes down on Bonnie, adding a couple fingers after a while. She fucks her hard and fingers her, and Bonnie squirts hard. Veronica then kisses her way up Bonnie's body, and they kiss passionately. Veronica gets above Bonnie, and Bonnie pulls out a Hitachi Magic Wand and puts it between their pussies as they lick each other's feet. Veronica says she is going to cum, but Bonnie tells her to wait for her, and then Bonnie pulls the Wand away, and the two of them masturbate to squirting orgasms. They quickly start tribbing, and Bonnie gets atop Veronica and fucks her hard.

Bonnie gets out of bed and puts on a thick strap-on. Veronica lies back on the bed, and Bonnie fucks her, which has Veronica squirting again very quickly, over and over again. She pulls out and rubs Veronica's clit with it, and then Bonnie lies back on the bed so Veronica can suck her cock. She rubs Bonnie's pussy hard, then goes down on her briefly before sucking her cock again while fingering her pussy.

Veronica gets atop Bonnie, straddling her, and lowering herself slowly onto the big dildo. She rides her hard, and Bonnie reaches up and slaps Veronica's tits. Veronica then flips onto her back, and Bonnie squats over her and fucks her again, then pulls out and forces her cock into Veronica's mouth. They kiss, and Bonnie turns Veronica onto all fours on the edge of the bed and re-enters her from behind, then flips her onto her back and goes down on her briefly before squatting over her and fucking her again.

They literally fall off the bed onto the floor, then make their way back onto the bed. Veronica grabs the dildo and forces it into Bonnie's mouth, then lies over her and kisses her. Bonnie flips onto her back, and Veronica fucks her with the dildo while licking her clit. Bonnie cums hard and squirts a huge stream, then masturbates to another orgasm.

Bonnie gets onto all fours and Veronica licks her from behind, then fucks her again with the dildo while rubbing, then fingering, her asshole. Bonnie turns to a sitting position, and Veronica rubs her pussy hard as Bonnie reaches over to stroke her, as well. Veronica collapses onto Bonnie, and they start tribbing again.

They kiss passionately, and Veronica sucks Bonnie's tits and strokes her legs as they settle down.

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