October 25, 2015

The Pleasure Professionals, from JoyBear

Time: 1:58, Director: Justine Mii, Date: 2012
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: IAFD
Cast: Cathy Heaven (32yo), Peter Oh Tool, Samantha Bentley (25yo), Tiffany Doll (26yo), Avril Sun (24yo), Hannah Shaw (29yo), Demetri XXX (40yo), Paige Turnah (24yo), and Seth Strong
Source: 1280×738 MP4s downloaded from the Lust Cinema website


A series of five vignettes, mostly focused on various forms of light BDSM. There is unifying theme of sorts, namely, that all of these scenes, in one way or another, involve an "Executive Relief Consultant" who acts as narrator. But there isn't really a story here.

This was the first movie from Joy Bear that we watched, and to be honest we found it a bit disappointing. This particular movie won the 2013 Feminist Porn Award for Most Sensual Softcore Movie. We're not at all sure what they mean by "softcore"; this is not a "softcore" movie in any sense we understand. But whatever it is, we didn't like the movie nearly as much as the judges at the FPA did.

There are good things about the movie, to be sure. The fourth scene, in particular, with Paige Turnah and Peter Oh Tool is terrific.

But the other scenes are not nearly so good. The third scene, which is a threesome with Avril Sun, Hannah Shaw, and Demetri XXX, was very disappointing, and felt somewhat awkward. The other three were not that bad, but the sex just never seemed very passionate, and the women generally did not seem very aroused. There are very few female orgasms here, from what we could tell.

A bigger problem is the camera work, which is not particularly good in any of the five scenes. It is best in the fourth, but in the other scenes, many of the angles are pornish, and the male performer is often out of frame, especially once they start fucking.

This movie is available both from the JoyBear subscription site and from the Lust Cinema site.

Scene 1: Taking Charge (Cathy Heaven and Peter Oh Tool, ⚤)

Time: 23:00
Features: Deepthroat, Orgasm, Spanking
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Keith (Peter Oh Tool) has been asked by his neighbor (Cathy Heaven) to "pop by and be a bit dominant". So he does, but she really has to encourage him, and even to take the paddle and slap her own ass first, then to demand that he do it harder. None of the spanking here is ever very hard, but there are a couple slaps to her pussy that must have stung.

The sex is reasonably natural, but it did not feel as passionate to us as we would have liked. She also does not seem terribly aroused through most of the scene, though she certainly does not seem to be going through the motions, either.

The camera work here is very good at the beginning. She is more the focus than he is, but we do see a lot of him. Once they start fucking though, as so often, we start to lose him. He is very often out of frame during these sequences. There are also more "meat shots" when they are fucking than we like. But there are some very interesting shots, as well, in a mirror, that help maintain the visual interest of the scene. So the camera work is better than in "typical" porn, but we would have preferred more variation, and more creativity.


She gets on her knees, leaning against the headboard, and he spanks her with a paddle, then with his bare hand. He leans over and kisses her ass, then rubs her pussy through her panties before pulling them aside and slapping her pussy lightly. He licks her pussy briefly, then puts a finger into her.

While she lazily puts three fingers into herself, he takes his shirt off, then gets behind her and licks her pussy. He rolls her onto her back and takes off her panties, then continues going down on her.

He kneels up and undoes his pants, and she gets on all fours and sucks his cock as he holds her head and guides her back and forth. She takes him all the way into her mouth, over and over, but without gagging or even seeming to strain.

She gets on her back, and he kneels in front of her and enters her as she pulls one leg way back. He pulls out and licks her pussy a bit, then kneels back up and re-enters her. He pulls out again and leans back on his hands as she sucks him, then kneels up and kisses him. She then leans back on her hands, and he rubs her pussy while sucking her tits.

She turns onto all fours, and he fucks her from behind. He pulls out and lies on his back as she sucks him, yet again. She gets astride him on her knees and rides his cock, slowly at first and then faster. She starts grinding against him and seems to cum, and then she leans over and kisses him. She starts bouncing on his cock again, then holds still as he thrusts into her, then grinds against him again. He pulls out and cums on her ass and back.

Scene 2: The Mistress & the Barrister (Samantha Bentley and Tiffany Doll, ⚢)

Time: 23:45
Features: Dildo, Orgasm?, Spanking, Tribadism
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Samantha is a barrister (a kind of lawyer) who is in need of "regular service" and so is a client of Tiffany, who is the wife of our narrator. Tiffany spanks Samantha with a crop—and this spanking is quite a bit more serious than in the first scene—after which they have sex. There is a bit more light sensation play, as well, with Tiffany slapping Samantha's tits and pulling on her nipples.

The sex is fairly natural, and the women seem reasonably attracted to each other. But there isn't as much passion as we would have liked, and neither of the women seems to be all that aroused through most of the scene. Toward the end, though, Samantha does become very aroused, and she may cum while Tiffany fucks her with a dildo.

The camera work here is pretty good. Most of time, the angle is fairly wide, so we are able to see the pleasure on the women's faces. But the camera tends to be a bit more static than we would prefer.


Samantha removes her clothes, except her stockings and leans onto the kitchen table. Tiffany blindfolds her, then secures her legs with a spreader bar as Samantha holds a crop in her mouth. Tiffany takes the crop and begins spanking Samantha, probably 25 times or so, and hard enough to redden Samantha's ass a bit.

Tiffany unfastens Samantha's legs and starts to roll up her sleeves, and Samantha comes up behind her and turns Tiffany's head to kiss her. Samantha undoes Tiffany's pants and reaches into her panties to rub her pussy, then gets on her knees and lowers Tiffany's panties so she can kiss her ass. She reaches around and rubs Tiffany's pussy, and Tiffany then leans over to kiss her. Samantha then puts two fingers into Tiffany from the rear while continuing to rub her pussy from the front.

Samantha lies on a sort of rocking lounger, and Tiffany straddles her face so Samantha can eat her pussy. Tiffany reaches down and slaps Samantha's tits, then pulls lightly on her nipples, then reaches down and rubs Tiffany's pussy. Samantha slaps Tiffany's pussy lightly, then puts two fingers into her.

Tiffany gets off Samantha, then kneels next to the lounger and eats her. She then goes up to kiss Samantha while masturbating her. She leans back over and licks Samantha's clit, then puts two fingers into her and finger-fucks her.

Tiffany feeds Samantha her fingers so Samantha can lick her juices off them, then gets onto the lounger with her, and they start scissoring. Tiffany then grabs a short dildo-like vibrator, and they suck on it together. Tiffany puts it into Samantha's pussy, and into her own, so they are fucking each other with the dildo.

They disengage, and Samantha turns over onto all fours. Tiffany gets behind her and fucks her slowly with the dildo. She slaps Samantha's ass a few times, and Samantha reaches back to rub her clit. Tiffany pulls the dildo out and feeds it to Samantha, then puts it back into her and starts fucking her hard. Samantha may cum, and Tiffany pulls out the dildo again and kisses her.

Scene 3: Well Tipped (Avril Sun, Hannah Shaw, and Demetri XXX, ♀♀♂)

Time: 23:42
Features: Spanking
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

He is the professional this time, paying a visit to a pair of female clients. Avril gets a light spanking, and then the three of them have sex. The spanking this time really is very light, and it does not last long at all.

What story there is, then, suggests that these are two friends who are sharing a hired dick. And, amazingly, it actually does have that feel for a while. The two women seem as focused on each other, at the begining of the scene, as they are on him. But once they start fucking, it's as if the woman not fucking isn't quite sure what to do with herself, and the whole thing feels a bit awkward. We'd hate to think this was "pay for gay", but it does almost seem that way at times. Neither of the women really seem all that aroused through the scene.

The camera work is better than in the first scene, though it has many of the same issues. There are a few editing snafus here, as well. Whey they start fucking, for example, she still has her top fully on, and then when the shot changes, it is around her waist. Not a big deal, but enough to be distracting.


He sits on the couch, and Avril lies over his lap. He slaps her ass several times very quickly, but fairly lightly, and she smiles and giggles while kissing Hannah. He leans over and kisses Hannah, then turns back and kisses Avril, who starts to undo his pants, then sucks his cock. Hannah joins her, and the women takes turns sucking him, with Hannah stroking his cock while Avril holds the head in her mouth. He reaches around Avril and pulls her panties aside, then puts a finger into her, and another.

He pulls Avril onto his lap, on her knees, and she lowers herself onto his cock, turning to kiss Hannah and to suck her tits. He pulls out of Avril, and Hannah leans over to suck him, then puts him back into Avril.

He gets up to take off his clothes, and the women make out and suck each other's tits while he does. He climbs back onto the couch, standing over the women, who suck him together again. Avril reaches down to rub Hannah's pussy through her panties while she sucks Demetri, then pushes her panties aside.

He lies back on the couch, and Hannah straddles him, reverse, as Avril squats over his face so he can eat her pussy. Avril then lies on the couch herself, and he half-stands and half-kneels over her, and enters her. She reaches down to rub her clit as Hannah squats over her face, but it does not appear that she actually licks Hannah's pussy, for one reason or another. Hannah then lies next to Avril and sucks her tits while she and Demetri continue fucking. Hannah then lies on the couch, and she and Demetri spoon while Avril reaches down and rubs Hannah's pussy.

They disengage, and Avril sucks Demetri's cock, then lets Hannah suck him while he sucks Avril's tits. Avril then straddles him, reverse and leaning back on her hands. He then fucks Hannah again, as she lies on the couch and pulls her legs way back. Avril holds his shaft as he thrusts slowly in and out of Hannah, and he pulls out and Avril strokes him while he cums on Hannah's pussy and stomach.

Scene 4: The Timid Bookworm (Paige Turnah and Peter Oh Tool, ⚤)

Time: 21:59
Features: Analingus, Cum in Mouth
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

She is apparently somewhat shy, and has been unable to "pluck up the courage" to talk to Keith (Peter Oh Tool, from the first scene). But she overcomes her fear while they are at the booksore—she, at least, seems to work there—and she closes the shop and more or less "attacks" him.

We very much liked her passion in this scene. It is very much about what she wants. The whole thing has a very spontaneous feel, too, completely appropriate to the little story that frames it, and both of them seem really into what they are doing. She, in particular, seems genuinely aroused almost from the beginning, and very much to enjoy herself, although she never quite has the orgasm she seems to be trying to have.

The camera work is better in this scene than in the earlier four. It has a much more natural feel, perhaps because the cramped quarters make for some interesting shots. Still, the camera is again somewhat static, and the cramped quarters also seem to make it hard to show very much of either of their bodies when they are in certain positions, especially when they are spooning.


They kiss, standing, and he raises her shirt, pushes her bra aside, and strokes her tits. She undoes his pants and gets on her knees to suck him.

She stands up and kisses him, and he reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy, which seems to get her going quite quickly. She pulls off her shirt, and he sucks her tits while continuing to masturbate her. He puts a couple fingers into her and goes hard at her g-spot, then kneels down in front of her and licks her clit while fingering her. She puts her hand over her mouth, as if to keep herself quiet, then reaches down and rubs her clit while he keeps fingering her.

She quickly strips off her panties and turns around, and he kneels behind her again and licks her asshole. She then leans over on her hands, still standing, and he enters her from behind. He pulls out, and she turns around and sucks his cock as she sits on a stair and rubs her pussy.

She lies on the floor, and he finger-fucks her again, making loud slurping sounds. He then leans over and licks her pussy, as well, and she reaches down and puts one of her fingers into herself, along with his.

He lies on the floor, then, and she squats over him and lowers herself onto his cock. She rides him, then holds still as he thrusts into her. She then orders him, in no uncertain terms, "Lay there and stay still", which he does for a bit as she rides him again. She then gets off him and sucks him, standing and leaning way over. She gets back astride him then, grinding onto him and then bouncing on his cock.

They switch to spooning, and she reaches down and rubs her clit. She says that she wants him to cum in her mouth, so he pulls out and stands up, and she masturbates him until he does, indeed, cum in her mouth.

Scene 5: Surprise Anniversary (Tiffany Doll and Seth Strong, ⚤)

Time: 24:11
Features: Bondage, Cum in Mouth
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Our narrator has apparently forgotten about his five-year anniversary, but his wife hasn't, so when he arrives home, she is wearing nothing but thigh-high boots and is holding a crop. She never actually uses it, though, which seemed strange, given the rest of the story. What she does do is tie him to a chair and blindfold him, though not for very long.

The sex is natural and reasonably passionate, especially at the beginning, and both of them seem to enjoy themselves a good deal. But somehow the scene never really seems to take off, and the sex feels more and more routine as the scene continues. The ending—he cums in her mouth—doesn't feel particularly pornish, though, but like something they both enjoy.

There is pretty good chemistry between them, too. We wouldn't have minded a bit more indication, during the sex, though, that this is a couple celebrating an anniversary. They never talk to each other.

The camera work here is better, once again, than in the first and third scenes. There are still more "meat shots" than we would prefer, and he is out of frame when they are fucking about half the time, but that is better than most of the time, and there are also some great shots of them kissing while they fuck.


She sits him in a chair, blindfolds him, and secures his arms to its arms with bondage tape. She straddles his lap and kisses him, then puts her tits in his mouth. She kneels up and masturbates, then feeds her wet fingers into his mouth.

She undoes his pants and pulls them with his shorts to his thighs, then gets on her knees in front of the chair and sucks him. She stands up again and kisses him, then (having apparently freed him) tosses him onto a couch and straddles him on her knees. She rides his cock, then lies on her back, with her legs pulled way back, and he licks her clit and fingers her. He then guides her onto all fours, gets behind her, and re-enters her.

He sits on the couch as she sucks him again, and then they switch positions, and he eats and fingers her pussy again. He then kneels over her and re-enters her, fucking her firmly as she looks up at him.

He pulls out of her, and she sits up and masturbates him as he cums in her mouth and on her tits.

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