October 1, 2015

Sisterly Love 2, from Tabu Tales

Time: 1:36, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2015
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: August Ames (21yo), Ryan Ryans (25yo), Karla Kush (24yo), Scarlet Red (23yo), Casey Calvert (25yo), Shyla Jennings (30yo), Sabrina Banks (20yo), and Roxanne Rae (22yo)
Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from New Sensations subscription site


Four vignettes, revolving around sex between step-sisters. As with the other movies in this series, there is at least some story-telling before the sex begins, and it very often feels important to how the scene evolves.

There is one absolutely fantastic scene here, the third. Chloe (Shyla Jennings) has been obsessed with the idea of fucking her step-sister Deena (Casey Calvert) ever since they had "comfort sex" after Deena broke up with her boyfriend. Deena resists Chloe's advances, but she isn't really very convincing, and in the end of course she gets with the program. The sex that follows is passionate and loving, and they even seem to cum together at one point. The scene is beautifully shot, too, with flashbacks to their previous time together helping to evoke Chloe's desperation.

We'll add, too, that the third scene is by far the shortest of the four. It's a perfect example of how less can be more with these.

The second scene, with Karla Kush and Scarlet Red, is also very good. The sex is natural and passionate, and we were really impressed by the tribbing sequences, which don't always seem to work but here are very hot. The fourth scene has maybe the hottest story, with the seemingly prudish Roxanne Rae being caught sniffing her sister Sabrina Banks's panties and masturbating. But the sex ends up feeling a bit more retrained than one would expect. Only the first scene is mildly disappointing, but that is mostly because the sex just doesn't feel very natural. It struck us as just implausible that they'd have sex, the very first time, on a staircase. (And, I guess, sex-on-a-staircase just isn't a big fantasy for us.)

The camera work overall is really terrific. It's amazing how the absence of a cock almost forces more creativity.

Scene 1: August Ames and Ryan Ryans (⚢)

Time: 26:07
Features: 69, Analingus, Orgasm?
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Stephanie (August Ames) and Veronica (Ryan Ryans) spend a lot of time practicing being lingerie models, and now they have both been invited for interviews. Veronica's is a disaster, but Stephanie gets hired, which means that she needs to comfort Stephanie.

They do a great job continuing the story into the sex, and they are fairly convincing as step-sisters having sex for the first time. But the sex is not nearly as passionate as one would expect it to be, given the story, and it isn't terribly varied. We didn't find it all that plausible either that they'd have sex on the stairs the first time, rather than head for somewhere more comfortable. The positions generally just don't feel natural, so neither does the sex.

The camera work is very good, though. There's a nice mix of angles, but there aren't any really terrific shots here. There are also some problems with the audio. It sounds if something keeps bumping the microphones, or the boom.


Stephanie kisses Veronica, who is initially surprised but then starts kissing her back. Stephanie lifts Veronica's dress, then pulls off her own sweater. They keep kissing as Stephanie takes off her bra, then lifts Veronica's shirt and bra over her head. She bends over and sucks Veronica's tits, and Veronica returns the favor. Veronica sits on the stairs as Stephanie strips off her shorts and panties. She leans over and kisses Veronica's tits again, then pulls off her panties and goes down on her.

Stephanie asks Veronica if she wants to try something different, and she lies on the stairs, half upside down, and pulls Veronica over her face. Veronica leans over to lick Stephanie's pussy, as well. This actually doesn't seem to work so well, so Stephanie sits on the stairs, and Veronica kisses her pussy, then rubs her clit while kissing her neck and sucking her tits. She then goes down on her, with Stephanie asking to see her eyes.

They pause to kiss, and Veronica straddles Stephanie's face again as Stephanie reaches down and rubs her clit. They kiss again, and Stephanie sucks Veronica's tits. Veronica then sits on the stairs again, and Stephanie goes down on her again. Veronica may cum at about 19:45.

Veronica sucks Stephanie's tits, then turns her around and kisses her way down her back to her ass. She licks her pussy from behind, and her ass, rubbing her clit with her thumb and fingers. She spreads Stephanie's labia and licks her firmly, then rubs her clit, then eats her pussy. She turns around to get a better angle and really clamps her mouth onto Stephanie's clit.

Veronica stands up, and they kiss again.

Scene 2: Karla Kush and Scarlet Red (⚢)

Time: 26:56
Features: Orgasm, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Karla (Kush)---actually, she's never named—has it bad for her step-sister Charlotte (Scarlet Red), but she has a hard time reading her. One afternoon, though, Charlotte reaches over and touches Karla's thigh, and that leads to their having sex on the couch.

It's a short story, barely two minutes, but it's sexy, and they do a good job continuing it into the sex, which is playful, natural, and convincing. Tribbing sequences often seem awkward, but these ones are really hot. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves quite a bit, and we think both of them cum.

The camera work tends to be close and intimate, but there are also some nice wider shots. There are a few more pornish angles, as well, but they tend not to linger.


They make out on the couch, and Karla reaches over and lifts Charlotte's sweater, kissing her tits above her bra and then taking off her sweater. She undoes Charlotte's bra and sucks her tits, then unbuttons her shorts and puts her hand into them. Charlotte then takes off Karla's top and sucks her tits. Karla asks Charlotte to lie on the couch and takes off her shorts, asking Charlotte if she stole her panties (a really nice touch) before she pulls them off and goes down on her. Charlotte reaches down and rubs her clit, and Karla puts two fingers into her, then offers one to Charlotte's mouth. Karla goes up and kisses her while rubbing her clit, then goes back to eating her pussy.

Karla stands up, and Charlotte removes her panties, then sits up as Karla lies back on the couch. She removes Karla's shorts and kisses and licks her pussy through her boyish panties. She takes off Karla's panties and licks them, then returns her attention to her pussy. Charlotte sits up and strokes Karla's pussy very lightly, then puts a finger into her, and another. She goes back to eating her, and Karla says she is going to cum, and may at about 14:40, but we are not sure.

Charlotte straddles one of Karla's thighs and kisses her, then preses her pussy against Karla's and grinds against her. They switch positions, so Charlotte is on her back again, and Karla kisses her, then gets atop her, scissoring. Karla rolls Charlotte onto all fours and rubs her pussy from behind, licking her a bit as well. They then get back into their tribbing position, with Karla on top again.

They sit up together and kiss, then move into a slightly different tribbing position, with Karla leaning over, away from Charlotte, and between her legs. They fuck each other hard, and Karla grabs one of Charlotte's legs, removes her sweater stocking, and licks her foot. Charlotte returns the favor, then offers Karla the stocking and asks if she wants to tie her. Karla wraps it loosely around Charlotte's hands, which she puts over her head as Karla makes her way down her body and kisses her pussy again, then rubs her extremely sensitive clit with her thumb. Charlotte cums at about 25:40.

They finish with some more kissing.

Scene 3: Casey Calvert and Shyla Jennings (⚢)

Time: 18:53
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Chloe (Shyla Jennings) and Deena (Casey Calvert) had sex after Deena broke up with her boyfriend, and now Chloe is obsessed with doing it again, which Deena isn't so sure about. Chloe gets into the tub with Deena, then leans over and kisses her as Deena tries to tell her she doesn't want to do it again, that she doesn't think they should. But she isn't convincing anyone.

This is a wonderfully conceived scene. It's a really sexy story, and it's very well told, and acted. The flashbacks to their earlier experience are perfect, and the way the scene is shot adds a lot to its eroticism. It's somewhat dark, and there's a terrific intimacy to some of the shots.

The sex is fantastic. It's natural and loving and passionate, and they both have multiple orgasms, including one time when they cum together.


Chloe kisses Deena as she reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy. She kneels up, and Deena sucks her tits, and then she leans over and sucks Deena's tits.

Chloe nudges Deena up onto the edge of tub and goes down on her. Deena is quickly aroused as Chloe clamps her mouth on her clit, moving her head from side to side. They hold hands, and Deena cums at about 8:00.

They kiss, and Chloe leans over the edge of the tub as Deena gets behind her and licks her pussy. They then get back into the tub, lying back and tribbing. Chloe sits up and really grinds against Deena's pussy, and Deena cums again at about 13:35.

Chloe leans over and kisses Deena, and they stand up together, reaching down to rub each other's pussy. They cum together at about 15:15, and Deena keeps fingering Chloe until she cums again at about 16:40.

Chloe lies in the tub, and Deena squats over her and grinds against her pussy, having one last orgasm at about 18:15.

Scene 4: Sabrina Banks and Roxanne Rae (⚢)

Time: 21:30
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Footjob, Orgasm, Tribadism, Vibrator
Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Roxanne has always seemed somewhat prudish, because of how critical she is of Sabrina's "revealing" outfits, but one day Sabrina discovers her maturbating with a vibrator and sniffing her panties. That totally turns Sabrina on, especially the fact of Roxanne's quiet confidence in her sexuality. In the end, Roxanne comes onto her, telling her she saw Sabrina watching her, and knows she liked it.

It's a sexy turn of events, and Roxanne really does exude a sexy sort of confidence. They do a good job continuing the story into the sex, as well, especially Rae, who is extremely convincing.

The sex is not quite as passionate as one might have hoped it would be, though. The story contributes a lot to the sex, but it feels a bit too restrained much of the time. We also thought Roxanne might have talked a bit less. It gets a bit distracting. Still, the scene overall is pretty hot, and they both seem to have a very good time, each cumming at least once.

The camera work is very good. Not as creative as in the third scene, but there is a nice mix of shots, which really allowed us to connect with the performers.


Roxanne kneels down in front of Sabrina and takes off her panties, then licks them and tells Sabrina to sit on the bed. She gets down between Sabrina's legs and licks her pussy, asking her to take off her shirt. Roxanne goes up and sucks Sabrina's tits, taking off her own shirt as she does, then her bra, jeans, and panties.

Roxanne moves Sabrina to a couch and removes her shoes (yeah!), licking them and then licking Sabrina's feet. Sabrina starts to rub her pussy. Roxanne licks up Sabrina's body and kisses her, then gets between her legs and licks her pussy again.

They switch positions, and Roxanne instructs Sabrina on how to eat pussy, which she seems to learn fairly quickly. She eventually clamps down on Roxanne's clit, and Roxanne cums at about 15:30.

They both get onto the couch and start tribbing, both leaning up on their hands and grinding against each other. Roxanne reaches down and rubs Sabrina's clit while sucking her toes, and Sabrina sucks Roxanne's toes, as well. Roxanne uses Sabrina's foot to rub her pussy as Sabrina reaches down and rubs her clit, and Sabrina cums at about 19:10. Roxanne then eats her pussy again, and they finish with kissing and cuddling.

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