October 3, 2015

Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas: Review Updated

A lot of the movies we've rated highly are ones we first saw a few years ago now. We've seen so much more porn since. We've learned so much more about film-making. And many of the best movies we've seen have greatly expanded our sense of what porn can be. So we sometimes find ourselves wondering: Would we still think the movies we liked so much a few years ago were as good as we thought they were then?

We were inspired by a comment from one of our readers to re-watch Love Is a Dangerous Game a couple months ago. And not only did we still like it, but in many ways we may actually have liked it better than the first time. There were aspects of the story we'd missed, and we appreciated the camera work even more since we've had to put up with so much that, how shall we say, wasn't so good.

So we've taken to re-watching more of our old favorites. This time, it's Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas, another title from the New Sensations Romance series. We loved this movie the first time, and we loved it the second time, too. The story, once again from Jacky St James, is engaging, and there are parts of the movie that are very funny. Moreover, as we note in the updated review, although the sorts of problems Richie Calhoun's clients have are fairly stereotypical, they are treated quite cleverly. The way Wolf Hudson's "erectile problems" are resolved, for example, is very unexpected, and quite sweet.

Unfortunately, Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas was almost the last movie in the New Sensations Romance series. There would not be another for two years—The Laws of Love, in April 2014—and the only other release since then was Second Chances, in September 2014.

The movies in this series were groundbreaking. They proved that "romantic porn" doesn't have to be sappy, and it doesn't have to have boring sex, either. You can focus attention on the relationships between the characters and let that inform the sex they have, and still have it all be hot.  We'd love to see some more.

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