January 8, 2016

Housemates 2, from JoyBear


Time: 1:34, Director: Jesse Caracas, Date: 2015

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Cast: Amber Nevada (25yo), Stella Cox (25yo), Alexei Jackson, Samantha Bentley (28yo), Luke Hotrod, Ava Dalush (26yo), Tyler Nixon (28yo), Satine Spark (25yo), and Seth Strong

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Joy Bear website


As with many of the Joy Bear movies, there is a story here, but there is not much to it. Tyler (Nixon) has gone to London, following his ex-girlfriend, Alyssia (Ava Dalush), who has left him after he cheated on her. He finds an apartment with four women, whose sexual exploits keep him totally on edge. He does eventually find Alyssia, or rather she finds him, though only to have sex with him one last time, "for closure".

In the end, though, he finds true love, or at least hot sex, with his roommate Heidi (Samantha Bentley). There's really no explanation at all for why Tyler might fall for Heidi, though. That's probably because hardly any time is spent on the story: only about 15 minutes, in fact. So one might well think of this as more a collection of related vignettes than as a movie.

There are two very good scenes here: the third, with Tyler Nixon and Ava Dalush, and the last, with Tyler Nixon and Samantha Bentley. Nixon and Dalush do a great job playing one-time lovers who are now briefly re-united, and Nixon and Bentley are convincing, too, as new lovers having sex for the first time. What makes both of these scenes so good, though, is the sense of chemistry between the performers, something we sensed especially from how much they talked to each other.

A general problem with all of these scenes, though, is that there is too little attention paid to the build-up, and the genital sex starts much too quickly. This is especially sad in the fourth scene. Tyler's roommate Annabelle (Satine Spark) tells him a story about when she seduced her college professor (Seth Strong). It's a very sexy idea, but hardly any time is spent showing us the seduction. We would much have preferred to see him trying to resist her despite his hardening cock. But just three minutes into the scene they are already fucking.

The camera work is pretty good, but there are the usual sorts of issues once the fucking starts, namely, that the male performer tends to be out of frame too often. Things are much better in this respect, though, in the final three scenes.

Scene 1: Creative Genius (Amber Nevada, Stella Cox, and Alexei Jackson, ⚤)


Time: 15:30

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Mary (Amber Nevada) and Lola (Stella Cox) have been working on their art, critiqued by their landlord Gabriel (Alexie Jackson), so obviously the three of them need to have sex.

The beginning has very much a "music video" feel, with music to match, though the music cuts out once the sex starts to get serious. But the sex still feels much too stylized: not very natural, and not very passionate. It started to feel a bit monotonous after about 10 minutes.

The camera work is pretty good, and we see plenty of all of them, though there may be a bit more focus on the women. We would have preferred fewer closeups, though, and we also would have a liked a few more wider shots, from far enough away that we can see all of them. Many of the edits are also very abrupt.


They all make out on a bed on the floor, and the women unzip his pants and suck him together. He sits up, and they take off his shirt and all kiss. He gets behind Mary and fucks her doggy style while she eats Lola's pussy.

He lies on his back, and Lola gets astride him on her knees while Mary straddles his face. He then stands up, and the women take turns sucking him again. Mary then lies on her back, and he re-enters her as Lola reaches over and rubs her clit while stradding her face.

Lola gets on all fours, and he fucks her from behind while she goes down on Mary, who reaches down and masturbates, too. Mary cums at about 17:35, then scoots down the bed, and he kneels over her and re-enters her. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 2: Jekyll and Heidi (Samantha Bentley and Luke Hotrod, ⚤)


Time: 14:00

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

Heidi (Samantha Bentley) is another of Tyler's roommates, a model. Her boyfriend, Mike (Luke Hotrod), is a photographer of sorts, and he shows up to shoot her in lingerie, which leads to sex.

The sex isn't bad, but it does feel somewhat routine, and even close to performed. The highlight is certainly the second time she sucks him, which is very sexy, but the scene ends badly, with him cumming on her tits in a very unnatural way.

The camera work during the initial fellatio sequence is all right, but not great. We do not see much of him at all. And things do not really improve, in that respect, once they start fucking. It's not bad, by any means, and it does have its moments. As in the first scene, though, there are too many closeups and not enough wider shots. The whole thing feels very "matter of fact", somehow, and not terribly sexy.


She gets on her knees, drops his pants, and sucks him. She then stands on a couch, and he kisses her legs and eats her pussy from behind. She then kneels down on the couch, and he fucks her from behind, and she falls onto her stomach.

He sits on the couch, and she lowers herself onto him and rides his cock. She then gets off him and sucks him again, then lies on the floor, and he lies behind her so they are spooning. She reaches down and rubs her clit a bit, and he pulls out and cums on her tits.

Scene 3: One Last Time (Ava Dalush and Tyler Nixon, ⚤)


Time: 16:00

Features: Analingus, Rough Sex

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Alyssia (Ava Dalush) texts Tyler (Nixon), calling him to her apartment so she can have sex with him one last time.

We really appreciated how much they talk to each other. There is a passion to the sex, and a chemistry between them, that was noticeably missing from the first two scenes. She seems very aroused for much of the time, though she never seems terribly close to orgasm.

The camera work is much better in this scene, as well. We especially liked how the fellatio sequence was shot, much of the time from behind her, so the focus is on his face. But there are, again, a few too many "meat shots" once they start fucking, and we see less of him, then, especially when they are doggy style. Some of the edits are once again a bit abrupt, as well, and it seems like there are some continuity issues.


They make out standing, then fall onto bed. He pulls down her bra and sucks her tits, then carries her to a chair where they continue kissing, and he puts his hand in her panties. He wriggles out of his jeans, and she kisses his cock through his shorts, then drops them and sucks him.

She lies on the couch and continues sucking him as he kneels next to her and reaches over to rub her pussy. He then takes off her panties and goes down on her. She sits up and they kiss as she strokes his cock, and he then carries her back to the bed, lying down with her atop him on her knees. She squats up and bounces on his dick, then falls back onto her knees. He grabs her tits a bit roughly, and she then grabs at his neck, choking him briefly.

He flips her onto all fours and kisses her pussy and ass from behind, then kneels up and re-enters her. She reaches back and rubs her clit, then falls onto her stomach. They roll onto their sides, so they are spooning, and she reaches down and rubs her clit a bit, which he also does.

She turns onto her back, and he kneels over her and re-enters her as she spreads her legs wide. She rubs her clit again, and he pulls out and cums on her stomach and tits as she strokes him.

Scene 4: O'Madly (Satine Spark and Seth Strong, ⚤)


Time: 15:30

Annabelle (Satine Spark) remembers seducing her college professor (Seth Strong)---not because it would lead to anything, but so she could get him out of her system.

The sex is again natural and passionate, and there is good chemistry between them. But the real problem here, to us, is that not nearly enough time is spent on the build-up. The idea of her seducing her professor is really sexy, but only a couple minutes is spent on the seduction. It would have been much hotter to see him getting hot and bothered, trying to resist her, and slowly giving into his desires. Instead, they are already fucking three minutes into the scene. The end is a bit pornish, as well.

The camera work is pretty good, more like in the third scene than in the first two. But once again, many of the edits just don't make much sense, and as a result the scene feels a bit disjointed.


They kiss on the couch, and she undoes his shirt and kisses his chest, then kneels up and takes off her shirt. She gets between his legs as he sits on the couch, pulls down his pants, and sucks his cock. She then gets astride him on her knees and rides his cock, then turns around and squats over him. She lies on the couch, and he goes down on her.

They start fucking spooning, and she reaches down and rubs her clit, which he does a bit as well. She then sucks him again, as he sits on the couch, and she stands up and leans over a chair as he fucks her from behind.

She then lies back on the chair as he goes down on her briefly, and he kneels in front of her and re-enters her. They switch to doggy style, and he pulls out and cums on her tits as she quickly turns around.

Scene 5: Two of a Kind (Samantha Bentley and Tyler Nixon, ⚤)


Time: 18:00

Features: Analingus, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Tyler (Nixon) is painting his roommate Heidi (Samantha Bentley), who is just back from a photoshoot in Rome, but she gets up, walks over to him, and starts kissing him.

The sex is again very natural and passionate, and there is terrific chemistry between them. There is also, again, a lot of talking in this scene, which we really liked.

The camera work is on the good side, as far as the movie is concerned, but there were many of the same problems as in earlier scenes, and there was something close to a POV shot—not balanced by one from her POV—when she was sucking him.


They kiss, standing, with her nude and him still fully clothed. He leans over and sucks her tits, and she pulls him to a chair, where she lies back with him above her. He strokes her thighs, then lies next to her and rubs her pussy as they kiss. He moves between her legs and goes down on her. (She is very wet and swollen.)

She sits up, and they kiss, and he then stands as she undoes his pants and sucks his cock. She strokes him as they kiss, and puts him between her tits.

They start fucking doggy style. They then disengage, and she sucks him again as he stands. He lies on the couch, and she gets astride him on her knees and rides him hard. She gets off him and sucks him yet again, then gets back astride him, reverse and squatting.

He tosses her onto her back and kisses her pussy, then get over her on his knees and re-enters her. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and she cums hard at about 19:45. He slows, then speeds up again, and he pulls out and cums on her torso as she strokes him.

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