January 21, 2016

Restraint 2, from New Sensations Tales from the Edge


Time: 2:26, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

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Cast: Valentina Nappi (25yo), Ryan Driller (33yo), Lucy Tyler, Richie Calhoun, Natalia Starr (22yo), Michael Vegas, Aria Alexander (20yo), and Erik Everhard (39yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


Four vignettes focused on various forms of light bondage.

The first three scenes are all very good. Our favorite is probably the second, with Lucy Tyler and Richie Calhoun. The scene has something of the feeling of the first BDSM scene in Emma Marx. Richie has left Lucy a note at a coffee shop, inviting her his house to "play" with him. They are both terrific in their roles, especially Tyler, who plays the innocent but excited neophyte very well. And the sex is very hot. The third scene, with Natalia Starr and Michael Vegas, is almost as good. They used to date but broke up some time ago, but she occasionally shows up at his house to have sex with him, because the chemistry is so good. We really liked how focused the scene is on their relationship, and the way he teases her at the beginning almost had us writhing in delicious frustration.

The first scene, with Valentina Nappi and Ryan Driller, is quite good, too. Only the last scene, with Aria Alexandra and Erik Everhard, was a bit of a disappointment. It starts out terrific, but the sex becomes a bit routine once they start fucking.

We had two main reservations about this movie. The first is that all of the scenes are too long. They do not feel as long as the timings would suggest, because they begin with a lot of non-genital play and teasing. Nonetheless, they are still quite long, and the fucking sequences in particular tend to get monotonous after a while. Sometimes less is more, and we would really love to see how good these would be if they were edited a bit more.

The second issue is that the camera work is inconsistent. At the beginnings of the scenes, it tends to be terrific, and there are nice shots throughout. Especially once they start fucking, though, as so often, it becomes much more predictable, with too many "meat shots" and too many occasions when her body fills the frame and he is reduced to a disembodied cock.

What's good about this movie, though, is very, very good. The second scene, in particular, is fantastic, despite our complaints, if only because the chemistry between Tyler and Calhoun is so intense.

Scene 1: Valentina Nappi and Ryan Driller (⚤)


Time: 33:43

Features: Blowjob, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Valentina gets off on submitting to men she doesn't know. She finds them online, and this time, she has made a playdate with Ryan, who invites her to his home. The time they spend together, we are told at the end, leads to something more meaningful.

The bondage play at the beginning feels like an introductory sequence, but even though that part lasts a few minutes, this is still a very long scene. And, in the end, we thought it was simply too long. Not that much happens, and not much is really made of the BDSM theme. On the other hand, the scene does have a very natural flow. It almost feels unedited, so the sex feels very natural, too. And there is strong chemistry between them.

The camera work at the beginning is fantastic, with intimate shots of both of them, and it continues to be very good. There is a close-up, for example, when she is sucking him on the couch, but it is shot in such a way that his face is visible most of the time. There are, though, more "meat shots" than we would like, especially once they start fucking, but they are at least balanced by wider shots of both of them, including some great shots of their faces. Still, she is very much more the focus than he is.


He comes up behind her, blindfolds her, collars her, and removes her dress, leaving her in gorgeous red lingerie and her heels. He then puts cuffs on her wrists—it's all rhinestoned red satin—and binds her, standing, in the middle of a doorway. He stands behind her and strokes her body. He then sits down on a couch, leaving her there, and watches her.

He stands up again and kneels next to her, pulling down her panties and lightly stroking her pussy, then fingering her. He gets back up and unties her wrists, and she reaches down and rubs his cock through his pants. She gets on her knees and kisses his cock through his pants, then undoes them and sucks him.

He tells her to take off her blindfold and to turn around and crawl to where he sits on a couch. She does and starts to suck him again, and he tells her to take off his pants. She sits next to him and they kiss, and she then leans over and continues sucking his cock. He slides her bra off her shoulders, then reaches around to rub her pussy.

He says he wants her to ride him, so she gets astride him on her knees, and he holds her hands behind her back as she leans over with her head against the back of the couch. She sits up and kisses him, then falls back over. She sits up again and takes off his tie, at his request, then grinds against him and, she says, cums on his cock.

He tells her to turn around, which she does, and she continues riding him, reverse now. He reaches around and rubs her clit, and she cums again. She leans back on her hands, and he thrusts up into her.

He lifts her off him and lies her on the couch, then goes down on her again, putting two fingers into her. He rolls her onto her side and lies behind her, so they are spooning. He reaches down to rub her clit, then pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 2: Lucy Tyler and Richie Calhoun (⚤)


Time: 39:19

Features: Analingus, Blowjob, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Lucy spends most of her time at coffee shops, reading books and writing poetry, and she doesn't really date or have sex. But one day, she sees Richie staring at her, intently, and he writes her a note on a napkin. "Come play with me", it says, giving her his address. She goes to his house and finds another note, telling her to make her way to the bedroom, where she finds restraints at the edge of the bed. He enters the room, and they introduce themselves. According to the narration, what follows lasts hours, during which he keeps her on the edge of orgasm, but never lets her cum until she has become his "sex slave".

This is, again, a very, very long scene, but it is also could have been an outstanding one. They are both excellent in their roles, but Lucy Tyler is amazing. She plays the innocent neophyte very, very well, and her face is wonderfully expressive, especially, for example, when he is undressing.

Still, some of the first fucking sequence almost seems repetitive. (We don't think shots are actually recycled, though we have seen it done.) The entire scene surely could have been edited a little bit more, though, without real loss. If it had been, it might have been one of the best scenes we've ever watched. As it is, it is just very good.

At times, the camera work is amazing, comparable to that in Emma Marx. But, as so often, once they start fucking, it becomes much more predictable. There are several sequences where her body fills the frame, and he is absent. But, still and all, it is very good.


He turns her around and undoes her dress, dropping it from her body. She turns to him and they kiss as she strokes her chest. He unties her panties and drops to his knees and licks her pussy from behind as she crawls onto the bed. He puts two fingers into her and finger-fucks her, then removes her shoes and pleasures her feet with his mouth.

He flips her onto her back and lies next to her, kissing her and stroking her chest. He holds her arm back and straps her into one of the restraints, then ties her other arm to the bed, as well, and then her legs—not tightly, but securely. He kneels next to her and fingers her pussy again, feeding her his fingers, so she can taste herself. He then gets between her legs and goes down on her, as she begs him to let her cum, but he just keeps teasing her. Every time she is about to cum, he stops what he is doing.

He stands up and removes his pants, then straddles her chest and feeds his cock into her mouth. She sucks him hungrily as he reaches back and continues to manipulate her pussy. He then moves down on the bed again, between her legs, and enters her. He fucks her slowly but firmly, leaning over her and holding her legs apart, then doing a sort of push-up over her, then kneeling up, then lying over her again.

He stops and unties her, then rolls her over onto all fours and reties her legs. He rubs her pussy from behind and licks her ass, then gets behind her, doggy style. He then unties her, except for one leg, and turns her onto her side, getting behind her and spooning her. He rolls onto his back, pulling her on top of him and re-tying her other leg. She thrusts hard onto him, then lies over him as he thrusts into her, and then they switch again. She fucks him hard and says she is going to cum, and she kneels up suddenly, and does cum very hard, falling back over him.

They switch back to doggy style, and he pulls out and cums on her ass, though he shoots as far as her shoulder. He then leans over to kiss her.

Scene 3: Natalia Starr and Michael Vegas (⚤)


Time: 36:10

Features: Analingus, Blowjob, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Natalia and Michael dated for three years but haven't seen each other for a while. She has come to his house, though, as she occasionally does, to have sex with him, because their sexual connection is so intense.

The introductory sequence is barely a minute, so this is in some ways a very long scene. But his stroking and teasing continue for several minutes, and there is hardly any genital contact until almost the 8:00 mark. The teasing is very, very sexy, as she seems to get very into it, and he seems to take much pleasure himself in slowly getting her off. It's a fun, creative sequence.

Once they start fucking, though, things become much more conventional, and we thought this part of the scene went on a bit too long. But the sex is still pretty passionate, and there is excellent chemistry between them—enough, at least, to make the story convincing.

The camera work is fantastic for the first seventeen minutes or so, with some really excellent shots of both their faces as he teases and pleasures her. As usual, though, once they start fucking, it becomes rather less good. For most of the first sequence, her body fills the frame, though there are some more creative shots as well, including a shot of his face that is almost from her point of view. The same sort of thing is true of the other sequences. We did not at all like the way the fellatio sequence was shot.

So, overall, the camera work is quite good, but it could be better.


He blindfolds her with his tie as she stands in the foyer, then runs his hands over her arms. He handcuffs one of her arms over her head, to a staircase, then lifts her dress and strokes her thighs. He pulls her tits out of her dress, then unties it and strokes them while kissing her. He kneels down and kisses her stomach, then unbuttons her dress as he stands up to kiss her. He puts his hand into her panties and strokes her pussy, putting his fingers into her mouth so she can taste herself.

He kisses her torso and kneels down, taking off her dress and kissing her thighs, then her torso again, and sucking her tits. He turns her around so she is facing the stairs and kisses her back, then strokes her ass and spanks her very lightly. He kneels down again and pulls down her panties, then licks her ass from behind. He stands up and rubs her clit from behind, then turns her back around and eats her. She says she is going to cum, and he stands up and tells her, "Not yet you're not". He kisses his way back down her body and starts stroking her clit again. She is quickly on edge again, and he stops again.

He uncuffs her from the stairs and instead cuffs her to him, then leads her to a large ottoman. He cuffs her arms together, in front of her body, and tells her to lie on her back. He pushes her legs back and together and licks her pussy again, then stands next to her and kisses her as he strokes her pussy. He puts talons on his fingers and scratches her legs lightly, then goes down on her again. He tells her to put her hands behind her head, then sucks her tits and runs the talons over her torso, then lightly over her pussy. He slithers out of his shirt and goes back to eating her, then rubs her pussy hard. He puts a couple fingers into her as well, and she says again that she is going to cum, which she does at about 15:50.

He stands at the end of the ottoman near her head, kind of standing over her, and she reaches up and undoes his pants, stroking his cock through his shorts and then taking his cock out of them. She lies her head back, and he teases her again before feeding his cock into her mouth. He goes back to the other side of the ottoman, kneeling in front of her, and enters her, and she reaches down and rubs her clit as they fuck.

He rolls her onto all fours and takes off her blindfold, then kisses her ass before entering her from behind and slapping her ass a few times, lightly. He pulls her to her knees and removes the handcuffs, ordering her to her knees in front of him. He puts his tie around her neck, lightly, holding it like a leash. She sucks his cock and licks his balls, taking him fairly deep into her mouth at his command.

He lies on the ottoman, and she gets astride him on her knees and rides him. He then sits up, carrying her with him, and plops her on her back, kneeling over her and fucking her hard. He pulls out and licks her pussy briefly, then re-enters her, and he finally pulls out and cums on her tits, shooting a couple drops, by accident, onto her face. She grabs his cock and licks him clean.

Scene 4: Aria Alexander and Erik Everhard (⚤)


Time: 35:01

Features: Blowjob, I'm Gonna Cum, Orgasm?, Spanking, Vibrator

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Outside their home, she is a very in-charge sort of person, and a successful real estate agent. Inside their home, however, she is the submissive to his dom. He removes her skirt and blouse the moment she walks through the door and puts velcro cuffs on her arms and legs, then leads her to their bedroom, where he lies her on the bed on her stomach. He attaches her legs to her wrists, hog-tied, and asks her, "Do you want me to play with you?" She says she does.

The introductory sequence lasts about four minutes, so this is again a fairly long scene. But the first several minutes are focused on his pleasuring her, and that part of the scene is varied and creative. Though there are some sparks here and there, however, the sex is much less creative, and it becomes a bit routine once they start fucking. Many of these sequences seemed to us to go too long, especially when he was sitting in the chair. But the main problem we had is that her vocalizations do not always sound very convincing. That made the scene feel a bit staged, and it detracted from our sense of the connection between them.

The camera work is not as good as in the previous three scenes, either. There are some very good sequences, such as a long wide shot when they first start fucking. But her body fills the frame too much of the time, and there are more genital close-ups here than earlier, as well. So the scene overall felt a bit 'pornish'.


He grabs a flogger and strikes her ass fairly hard. "Please will you whip me some more?" she asks him. He then unties her legs and rolls her onto her back, using a vibrator to tease her pussy. He takes off her panties and uses the vibrator on her anus, and she sits up—her arms were apparently getting uncomfortable behind her back—so she can move her hands to the front, then lies back again. He continues using the vibrator on her pussy, and she starts to get very aroused. He feeds the vibrator into her mouth, then goes down on her himself.

He tosses her roughly into an armchair, spreads her legs wide, and continues eating her pussy. He kneels up in front of the chair and teases her with his cock, then enters her and fucks her hard, reaching down to rub his clit with her thumb. He pauses and spreads her legs with some rope around her thighs that he ties to her wrists.

He unties her thighs and turns her over onto all fours, standing behind her and fucking her doggy style. She says she is cumming at about 18:30, and she may, but we were not sure. He then sits in the chair himself, and she squats over his cock, reverse, and bounces on it. He reaches around her and rubs her clit, and she then turns around and rides him on her knees.

She gets off him and gets between his legs to suck his cock. She then gets back on the chair on her knees, and he ties her arms behind her back and fucks her doggy style again. He pulls out and cums on her ass, then leans over to kiss her.

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