September 11, 2016

Coming of Age, from Erotica X


Time: 1:56, Director: Mason, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: IAFD, Erotica X

Cast: Alina West (20yo), Seth Gamble, Piper Perri (20yo), Logan Pierce (24yo), Josie Jagger (20yo), Danny Mountain (31yo), Marley Brinx (21yo), and James Deen (29yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Erotica X subscription site

Pleasure ♀-, Passion ✓, Balance


Four scenes involving "coming of age" fantasies. The third and fourth involve schoolgirl-type outfits.

Unfortunately, none of the three scenes we watched was particularly good. The first scene, with Alina West and Seth Gamble, isn't bad, and there is good chemistry between them. And there are good things about the third scene, too, with Josie Jagger and Danny Mountain. They do both seem to have quite a good time, and she has several orgasms. But the second scene, with Piper Perri and Logan Pierce, is just way too long, so despite the great chemistry between them, we found our minds wandering.

The last scene, with Marley Brinx and James Deen, we didn't watch. We are not particularly into watching James Deen these days.

The real problem here, though, is the camera work, which is mediocre throughout. There are some really great shots, but these are usually confined to the beginnings of the scenes. Once the sex starts, she becomes much more the focus than he is, so that he is very often out of frame. When he isn't, it seems like it's almost an accident.

Scene 1: Coming Of Age (Alina West and Seth Gamble, ♀♂)


Time: 26:24

Features: Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance

She is standing against a wall, in a sleeveless sweater and panties, all white, and he is standing in front of her in just jeans, stroking her lightly while kissing her as she runs her hands over his chest. They then start to kiss more passionately as they sit on the floor together, and...

The sensual foreplay lasts a little over two minutes. It's beautiful, but might have flowed more naturally into what follows. We found it a bit jarring that the next thing that happened was that she put his dick in her mouth (nice dick though it may be). That meant the 'serious' sex lasted over 24 minutes, so it is a fairly long scene. And overall, the sex, sadly, does not feel very natural. It's not that they don't seem to enjoy themselves, but it still feels as if they are not in charge of what they are doing. There is reasonable variety, she at least has one orgasm while they are fucking, and he reaches around and rubs her clit. She may have another masturbating while they fuck earlier. He cums on her stomach.

The camera is way too focused on her when she is sucking him, and while he is part of the shot much of the time, it does sometimes feel as if he is a bit of an afterthought. He is also out of frame in some of the fucking sequences, especially toward the end, and especially when they are doggy style.

Her moaning, however natural it may be, also felt excessive to us, and so distracted from any sense of realism.

Scene 2: Forever Young (Piper Perri and Logan Pierce, ♀♂)


Time: 33:39

Features: Orgasm?

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance

The first few minutes of the video feature them dancing, with her in a sort of soccer outfit, and him in jeans and a t-shirt. He runs his hands over her body, and she grinds her butt against his crotch. They kiss and play, and he puts his hands under her top, then turns her around, and they eventually end up on a bed in the same clothes.

The sex is reasonably natural, and we liked how long he ate her pussy at the beginning. She may cums while they are spooning, and she is rubbing her clit, but we were not sure. He cums on her stomach.

There is very good chemistry between them, including great eye contact. But there are problems with the camera work similar to those in the first scene. He is out of frame far too often. But the basic problem is that the scene is too long. The dancing and so forth lasts about four minutes, so the sex lasts about almost thirty minutes, which makes for a very long scene. And, as in the first vignette, there is no real 'story' here, just an introductory sequence, so it seems even longer.

Scene 3: Teach Me (Josie Jagger and Danny Mountain, ♀♂)


Time: 25:06

Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance

She is reading in bed, in a schoolgirl outfit—a short plaid skirt, short-sleeve sweater, and knee socks—with him behind her in just jeans, stroking her. He kisses her neck, then lifts her skirt and strokes her leg. He takes off her glasses, and they kiss as she rolls onto her back. Thus starts the sex.

The beginning is very 'male gaze', as the camera just pans over her body, but what follows is really terrific. There is a wonderful intimacy before the camera pulls back to a wider shot. He is out of frame, though, when she is sucking him. She is also much more the focus when they are fucking, and when he is in frame it almost seems an accident. The only good thing one can say is that there aren't a lot of genital close-ups.

They both seem to have a pretty good time—she has several orgasms—but the sex never feels very natural or passionate. It's not so bad that they just seem to be going through the motions, but we struggled to sense any genuine desire, and the camera work just didn't help.

Scene 4: Educating Marley (Marley Brinx and James Deen, ♀♂)


Time: 31:13

A quick scan of the scene suggested that our main complaint about the other scenes also applies to it: not very good camera work. We also just aren't into watching James Deen right now.

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