September 8, 2016

Babysitting the Baumgartners, from Adam and Eve


Time: 4:03, Director: Kay Brandt, Date: 2016

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Cast: Sara Luvv (20yo), Anikka Albrite (25yo), Mick Blue (37yo), and A.J. Applegate (24yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Gamelink


Based on the book by Selena Kitt (parts of which, at least, were originally published on Literotica), Babysitting the Baumgartners is Kay Brandt's most ambitious project to date, and the follow-up to her fantastic Safe Landings. It is very, very long, so we find ourselves asking again: Is it worth devoting four hours of your life to it? Absolutely.

The story is mostly about Ronnie (Sara Luvv), who has been babysitting for Dr and Mrs Baumgartner (Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite) for several years now. This summer, they have invited her to join them on vacation in the Keys to help them out with the kids. But when Mrs B comes outside in nearly nothing, drops her top and all but starts masturbating, then offers to help Ronnie shave her pussy, Ronnie starts to wonder just why she was invited.

The rest of the movie is about the way the relationship between the three of them develops. This happens much more slowly than you would expect for porn, with plenty of seduction and more casual encounters that lead to more serious ones. You might worry that it would be a story of older adults exploiting a younger woman, but that is not at all what it is. There are plenty of emotions to go along with the sex, and some of them are really, really powerful. It's obvious that Mrs B, especially, loves Ronnie, and so does Doc. These subtleties are part of the benefit of working from a really well-written story.

There are some really funny moments, too, such as when Doc and Ronnie eat bananas together early in the seduction, and when Doc unbuckles his pants after he has watched Mrs B and Ronnie have sex. It's an ironic commentary on the "power of the penis" in contemporary pornography. And some of the seduction scenes are so over the top that you can only laugh.

There's a way in which most of the story is told in first hour and a half. After that, it's mostly sex. But, again as in Safe Landings, much of the story is told through the sexual interactions that Ronnie and Mrs B and Doc have. If we have a complaint, it is that more might have been made of Ronnie's attraction to Gretchen (A.J. Applegate), who works as a nanny for friends of the Baumgartners, and whom they hire to take care of the kids, so Ronnie will have more time to relax (and have sex). This might have introduced a little dramatic tension, but there is just the one scene between them, and then we hardly see Gretchen again.

The sex scenes are all excellent, and many of them are extraordinary. They are natural, and playful, and there is great communication between the characters, as well as intense emotion. The three-ways are handled especially well. We mentioned in our review of Safe Landings that the second scene in that movie was the best FFM threesome we had ever seen. Now, it is probably the fourth best, as there are several incredible FFM scenes in this movie. And they are not even be the best ones. The first scene in which Ronnie and Mrs B have sex is amazing, maybe the best sex scene we have ever had the pleasure of watching. And some of the early scenes, in which Ronnie masturbates while watching Mrs B and Doc fuck, are so hot, teasing and seductive, that we could hardly stand it.

But if there's one scene that proves how different this movie is, it is a very short sequence after Doc and Ronnie fuck in the kitchen. Back in bed with Mrs B, we see the three of them writhing together, having soft, sleepy sex: Ronnie is between Doc and Mrs B, with him spooning her and Mrs B kissing her and sucking her tits. It is soft and gentle, and powerful, even though it lasts but a minute and a half.

The photography, for the most part, lives up to the promise of the rest of the movie. There were only a very few times when we felt as if Doc had been forgotten. But, even then, it didn't necessarily seem inappropriate. As we mentioned earlier, if this is a love story, then it is first and foremost a story about Mrs B's love for Ronnie and for Doc, though there are obviously feelings between Ronnie and Doc, too. Still, it seems right that the focus should often been on Mrs B and Ronnie, and their interaction.

That said, there are some problems with the sound. The volume was too low in places for us easily to hear what the characters were saying. We don't mean during the sex scenes. That is inevitable, really, though we wouldn't have minded knowing what Doc was saying, softly, to Mrs B as he fucked Ronnie. It's normal dialog that we sometimes couldn't hear—though probably we could just look at the book.

We've tried to be relatively judicious with our ratings and avoid grade inflation. Of the 154 movies we had reviewed before this one, only 14 had earned five-star ratings. But now, to borrow from Spinal Tap, we feel like we need a new rating: 11. This is one of a handful of the very best sexually explicit movies that we have ever seen.

Scene 1: Sara Luvv (♀)


Time: 2:00

Features: Orgasm

Seriously over-stimulated by the way Mrs B was touching her, and talking to her, Ronnie decides to go have a shower and masturbate, fantasizing all the while about Mrs B. It's a quickie, but a hot one.

Scene 2: Anikka Albrite, Mick Blue, and Sara Luvv (♀♂)


Time: 7:15

Features: 69, Cum in Mouth

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Ronnie stumbles across Doc and Mrs B having sex in their bedroom, and talking about her. She stands in the doorway and watches them while playing with her pussy.

The ending is way pornish, as she spins around to take his cum in her mouth, though she does seem to enjoy it, and lingers on his cock for a long time. But the camera work is very good, and the dirty talk between Doc and Mrs B is very sexy indeed.


They are kissing and talking, and Mrs B goes down on Doc. She kneels up, and they kiss, and she then gets astride him on her knees. She spins around for a bit of 69, and then they switch to doggy style. Ronnie cums while watching them and holds her hand over her mouth so as not to make too much noise, but Doc hears her, and sees her. Doc and Mrs B switch to spooning, and he pulls out, she spins around, and he cums in her mouth.

Scene 3: Anikka Albrite, Sara Luvv, and Mick Blue (♀♂)


Time: 9:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

The next morning, Ronnie gets up, and Doc and Mrs B are at it again, with Mrs B riding Doc's face when Ronnie walks by their door. She starts to leave but seems to realize that they want her to see them, so she decides to stay and watch, and masturbate again.

The sex is once again excellent. Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue are very convincing as a married couple who are still hot for each other, and even hotter for their cute babysitter.

The camera work is pretty good. There are some more pornish shots, for example, from behind her when she is on top of him. And he is largely out of frame when she is on her back. But it isn't too bad, and there are other shots that include their faces. We also had the sense that maybe these were supposed to represent the view that Ronnie had.


Mrs B rides Doc's face to an orgasm, then pushes her fingers into his mouth, telling him they were near Ronnie's pussy. She then slides down his body and takes his cock into her mouth, then gets astride him and puts him into her. They turn over, so she is on her back and he is lying over her. She reaches between her legs and rubs her clit until she cums. Ronnie herself cums again while Mrs B tells Doc again to taste Ronnie's pussy on her fingers, and Doc then pulls out and cums on Mrs B's pussy.

Scene 4: Anikka Albrite and Sara Luvv (♀♀)


Time: 5:30

Features: Orgasm

Ronnie has too much pubic hair to wear a micro-bikini, so Mrs B shaves her pussy for her, though she leaves a patch of hair on her mons. This turns Ronnie on, just a bit, and it gets worse when Mrs B helps her wash it off, the water driving Ronnie to a quivering orgasm as she spreads her labia, just to make they get all the shaving cream off.

It's a very hot premise, and both of them play their roles extremely well.

Scene 5: Sara Luvv (♀)


Time: 2:20

Features: Orgasm

Remembering how Mrs B made her cum in the bathtub, after she shaved her, Ronnie has another wank in the shower.

Scene 6: Sara Luvv and Mick Blue (♀+♂)


Time: 4:30

Features: Mutual Masturbation, Orgasm

Doc thinks no one is home, so he decides to watch some porn. Ronnie was asleep, though, and she hears him and walks into the living room, watching him jerk off. She pulls off her shorts and starts masturbating. When he hears her, though, and turns around, she runs to her room, but he follows her, still masturbating, and asks her to continue, to let him watch her cum. She does, and he cums on her pussy.

That last bit—that he cums on her pussy—seems a little off, but the rest of the scene is so hot we'll forgive it.

Scene 7: Sara Luvv and Anikka Albrite (♀♀)


Time: 9:30

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Vibrator

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Ronnie discovers a large vibrating dildo in Mrs B's underwear drawer. (She wasn't snooping, but just putting away bras that Mrs B had been trying on.) So, as the Baumgartners have gone out for the evening, Ronnie decides to lie on their bed and try out the toy. It turns out that the Baumgartners aren't quite gone yet, though, and Mrs B walks back into the room just as Ronnie is approaching orgasm.


Ronnie rubs the dildo over her tits, and then over her shorts, fatasizing about Mrs B touching her. She strips them off and rubs her slit with the head, then pushes it into herself. She fucks herself slowly while rubbing her clit, saying how much she likes the way Mrs B fucks her.

Suddenly, Mrs B has walked back into the room, and she takes hold of the dildo and fucks Ronnie with it, who is begging her to make her cum. Which she does. Mrs B then leans over and licks Ronnie's pussy, then puts two fingers into her. Ronnie is soon near another orgasm and cums hard on Mrs B's fingers.

Mrs B stands up and licks Ronnie's juices off the dildo, then fucks herself with it, asking Ronnie to touch herself for her. Mrs B cums hard and falls onto the bed, then leans over and pushes the dildo into Ronnie's mouth, and kisses her.

Scene 8: Sara Luvv and Anikka Albrite (♀♀)


Time: 22:00

Features: 69, Anal, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Finally, finally, Ronnie has sex with Mrs B. This is the first really extended sex scene in the movie.

The sex here is so natural that is astonishing. There are times when the way that Mrs B looks at Ronnie is so convincing it's hard not to believe she is in love with her. She is so gentle with her, too. It is very touching. In fact, it is beautiful. It may be the best sex scene we have ever had the joy of watching.

The photography is also excellent. There are some shots that are a bit pornish, but for the most part we are given a very good sense for Ronnie and Mrs B as people having sex.


Sitting on an outdoor sofa, they kiss and start getting naked, touching and kissing each other's breasts. Naked now, they move to the hot tub, continuing to kiss and caress. Mrs B picks Ronnie up and sets her on the edge so she can suck her tits, and then they get back into the water and Ronnie grinds on Mrs B's thigh. But Mrs B wants at Ronnie's pussy, so she sets her on the edge again and fingers her, then licks her clit as well until Ronnie cums.

Mrs B suggests they take a bath, which they do, with Mrs B washing Ronnie first, softly, and then shaving her again. This is a prelude to Mrs B's introducing Ronnie to anal play. She touches Ronnie's anus softly, then puts a finger into her, fucking her gently, and then licking her.

They move to Mrs B's bed, where they lie and kiss each other, then suck each other's tits. Mrs B reaches down and masturbates as she suckles, and then Ronnie starts to become more active, sucking Mrs B's tits and kissing her way down her stomach until they are 69. Ronnie strokes and licks Mrs B to an orgasm, then puts a couple fingers into her as well. It is then Ronnie's turn to cum, and she does so, hard, quivering and jerking.

They disengage and kiss, then move into a position, kneeling, so Mrs B can grind her pussy on Ronnie's thigh. Mrs B pushes Ronnie back on the bed and continues humping her until she (Mrs B) cums again.

It turns out that Doc has been watching them...

Scene 9: Sara Luvv, Anikka Albrite, and Mick Blue (♀♀♂)


Time: 23:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Deepthroat, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

After having announced his presence, Doc joins Ronnie and Mrs B on the bed. So this scene immediately follows the previous one, but since it has a very different feel, we thought we should comment upon it separately.

This is another extraordinary scene. It is passionate, and fun, and there is a great sense of love between all three of them. It's a testament to how well the movie has established the characters that it is easy to believe that Ronnie is the novice, and that Mrs B and Doc are introducing her to a whole new world. Which she greatly appreciates.


The two women lie on either side of Doc, their heads resting on his chest as his cock rises between them. Mrs B starts to suck him as he and Ronnie kiss, and Ronnie decides she would like a taste as well, so she and Mrs B take turns sucking his cock. Ronnie bobs on his cock, and tries hard to deepthroat him, but he is too big. She accidentally bites him and apologizes, and he says maybe she needs a little spanking, which he is all too happy to administer, just a few whacks.

Doc asks Ronnie if she wants his cock inside her, which she says she does. He reaches between her legs and fingers her pussy as Mrs B strokes his cock and he teases Ronnie, making her wait as he finger-fucks her until she is almost ready to cum. He then asks Ronnie if she likes licking Mrs B's pussy, and Ronnie says she wants more. So Doc rolls Mrs B onto her back and fingers her, then feeds Ronnie Mrs B's cum from his fingers, over and over.

"Kiss her", he tells Ronnie, moving her over Mrs B, and they reach down and rub each other's pussies as they kiss. He watches and masturbates, then asks Ronnie to get into a 69 with Mrs B. He leans over Ronnie to kiss Mrs B as Ronnie starts to finger her. Doc pulls Ronnie off Mrs B's pussy to suck his cock again as she continues to ride Mrs B's face.

Doc tells Ronnie to spread Mrs B's lips for him, and he pushes her legs back and open, then has Ronnie lick Mrs B's pussy while he fucks her. He pulls out and Ronnie sucks him again, cumming hard on Mrs B's face as she does. She begs Doc to fuck her, and she and Mrs B both spin around. Mrs B holds Ronnie's lips open for Doc, and he enters her, finally, as Mrs B leans up to lick his cock and suck his balls and lick Ronnie's clit. Mrs B then slips out from under Ronnie so Doc can fuck her harder, and Ronnie says she is going to cum, then does, falling onto Mrs B, who is now lying under her. Finally, Doc pulls out and cums on Mrs B's pussy.

Ronnie leans over and licks Doc's cum off Mrs B's pussy, then goes down on her again, and Mrs B has one last orgasm.

Scene 10: Sara Luvv and Mick Blue (♀♂)


Time: 14:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Doc and Ronnie go to the kitchen to get something to eat, but he decides that what he wants to eat is her pussy. Amusingly, though, they keep eating and drinking, milk and water, as they play.

Doc is quite dominant throughout the scene, and there is some rough sex in this scene, too, though it is not that rough, by contemporary porn standards. He thrusts into her mouth on several occasions, which has her close to gagging. She does seem to enjoy that sort of submissiveness, but this kind of rough play really should have been preceded by more discussion, if not negotiation.


He lifts her onto the counter and goes down on her. He then asks her to pour the glass of milk he had been drinking over her torso, and he tries to lap it up as it runs down her body. She cums hard, and he stands up and enters her, slowly. He reaches down and rubs her clit.

He pulls her down off the counter onto her knees, and she sucks his cock, bobbing hard on him, and then holding still as he thrusts into her mouth. He stands her up and turns her around, leaning onto the counter, and he fucks her hard and fast from behind. He reaches around and rubs her clit, and she cums hard again.

He turns her around again and picks her up, holding her by the legs while she rides his cock, and then he drops her onto her knees and fucks her mouth again. He kneels down with her and squeezes a plum, we think, into her mouth, then pushes her back against the counter and fingers her hard until she cums yet again.

He sits down, and she gets astride him, squatting. He thrusts hard into her, and then she rides him. She turns around and squats over him, leaning back onto his chest. He stands up and fucks her mouth again, then asks her if she wants to eat his cum, and she says she does, so he stands up and masturbates until he cums into her mouth.

"Squeeze that last drop out", he says. "You need the protein". One of many funny moments in this movie.

Scene 11: Sara Luvv, Anikka Albrite, and Mick Blue (♀♀♂)


Time: 1:30

Back in bed with Mrs B, the three of them writhe together, having soft, sleepy sex. Ronnie is between Doc and Mrs B, with him spooning her and Mrs B kissing her and sucking her tits.

This is really just a fragment of a scene, but it is amazingly powerful.

Scene 12: Sara Luvv, Anikka Albrite, and Mick Blue (♀♀♂)


Time: 10:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Internal, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

In the morning, it is time for a shower, but first Mrs B nees to shave Ronnie again, as Doc gets behind her and plays with her ass and pussy.

We are fast running out of superlatives to describe these scenes. So we'll just say that this is another amazing one.


With Ronnie freshly shaved, Doc decides it is time to go down on her again. He adds a finger, and then Mrs B insists on having a turn, too. Doc gets behind Mrs B and feeds his cock into her pussy as Mrs B starts fingering Ronnie, who cums hard.

Mrs B sits on the counter, with Ronnie between her legs and leaning back against her. Doc tells her to tell him what she wants: for him to fuck her while Mrs B holds her legs open, wide. She tell him she wants him to cum inside her, which he does.

Scene 13: Sara Luvv and A.J. Applegate (♀♀)


Time: 14:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm, Tribadism, Vibrator

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Gretchen (A.J. Applegate) makes a remark about how hot she finds Doc, and Ronnie lets slip that she's seen his cock. Gretchen, saying she hasn't gotten laid in weeks, demands the details, and Ronnie tells her about seeing Doc and Mrs B have sex. That gets Gretchen all hot and bothered, and Ronnie tells her that she knows where Mrs B's vibrator is, so they go off to find it.

It's a very natural scene, again, with a great pace to the sex. Nothing seems to last longer than it should, and they switch from one activity to the next as they please, it seems.


Ronnie gets Mrs B's vibrator out of the side table, and she and Gretchen get on the bed and start kissing. Gretchen lies back on the bed and pulls up her dress, sucking on the vibe and stroking her pussy through her panties. She pulls them aside and strokes her vulva with the vibe, and Ronnie puts a couple fingers into her as Gretchen uses the vibe on her clit. Ronnie then pulls down Gretchen's top as Gretchen inserts the vibe and fucks herself slowly. Gretchen asks Ronnie to play with herself, so she lies next to her and masturbates as they kiss.

Ronnie says she wants to fuck Gretchen, so she puts the vibrator between their pussies as they trib. Ronnie then kneels up and takes off her top, so she's naked, and Gretchen sits up and sucks her tits. Ronnie then takes hold of the vibe and lies back on the bed, stroking herself with it as Gretchen gets naked. Ronnie puts the vibe into herself as Gretchen masturbates and sucks her tits, and Ronnie rubs her clit with her other hand as they kiss. And so Ronnie has her orgasm.

Ronnie says she wants to make Gretchen cum, so she flips onto her back and pulls Gretchen over her face, masturbating while she licks Gretchen's pussy. Gretchen leans over to rub Ronnie's clit, and then as she approaches orgasm kneels up, and cums, shuddering.

They kneel on the bed together and kiss softly.

Scene 14: Anikka Albrite, Sara Luvv, and Mick Blue (♀♀♂)


Time: 17:00

Features: Anal, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Ronnie has more or less fallen in love with Gretchen and, as Doc puts it, her feet haven't touched the ground all day. She seems almost surprised when Doc invites her into his and Mrs B's bed again.

As in the other scenes with these three, the sex has a really wonderful flow to it. And it is really quite amazing what happens after Doc tries to finger Ronnie's ass, especially the way Mrs B describes how it feels when Doc is fucking her ass. Porn shouldn't have to be sex-ed, but if it does have to be, then it should be more like this.

The photography is not quite as good as in the other scenes: We lose Doc, for the most part, when he is fucking Mrs B's ass. But the focus then is more on the two women and the interaction between them, and at the end on Ronnie and on what she is seeing and experiencing.


Mrs B and Ronnie kiss as Doc reclines behind them and strokes Mrs B's ass. Ronnie then lies on the bed, with Mrs B over her, as they continue to kiss and stroke one another. Mrs B kneels up and takes off her nightgown, then leans over Ronnie, who sucks her tits as Mrs B reaches under her shirt, then takes it off her as Doc watches them and strokes his cock slowly.

Mrs B climbs up onto Ronnie's face as Ronnie reaches into her shorts and masturbates, and Mrs B cums at least once. Doc reaches over and removes Ronnie's panties, then dives between her legs and sucks her clit. Her puts a finger into her, and when Mrs B decides that she has had enough orgasms, she climbs off Ronnie, who opens her legs wide. Doc toys with her anus while licking her, and Mrs B squeezes Ronnie's nipples and breasts as Doc puts a finger into Ronnie's ass.

Ronnie asks him to stop, and Mrs B takes over, comforting Ronnie and explaining that she likes it: How Doc lubes her up and then fingers her to loosen and relax her ass, which he does as she lies over Ronnie. Doc asks Mrs B if she is ready, and she says she is, then describes how it feels as he enters her ass. Mrs B reaches under herself and rubs her clit as she asks Doc to fuck her harder. Mrs B asks Ronnie if she wants to "see it", so she crawls out from under Mrs B and watches Doc fuck Mrs B's ass. Doc leans over to kiss Ronnie, and Mrs B cums, collapsing forward onto the bed. Ronnie reaches underneath her and puts a finger into Mrs B's pussy. And then when Doc is ready to cum, he withdraws, and Ronnie masturbates him until he cums onto Mrs B's ass. Ronnie then licks it all up.

Scene 15: Anikka Albrite, Sara Luvv, and Mick Blue (♀♀♂)


Time: 22:00

Features: Anal, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Double Penetration, Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

It is their last day on the keys, and Doc and Ronnie and Mrs B have spent the day together. They have sex together after arriving home in the evening. It is clear what Doc wants: Ronnie's ass. And she, it is made very clear, wants him inside her, too.

This entire scene would work very well as sex education. It is rare to see anal sex presented so realistically, and so lovingly. The way they talk to one another is sexy and hot and, we'll say it again, loving, and it makes it all the steamier.

It is an incredible scene.


The three of them fool around standing, kissing and touching each other, then make their way toward the bedroom, undressing as they go. Just outside the door, Mrs B squats down and licks Ronnie's pussy as Doc holds her from behind, then Mrs B stands up and Ronnie sucks her tits while Doc kneels behind Ronnie and licks her ass.

The women crawl onto the bed and continue making out as Doc undresses down to his shorts. He joins them and turns Ronnie onto all fours, telling her to eat Mrs B's pussy as she reclines on the bed. Doc gets behind Ronnie and licks her ass again, then lies next to Mrs B and kisses her as Ronnie eats her to orgasm.

Mrs B gets behind Ronnie and licks her ass, and Doc joins her. "You want it?" he asks Ronnie, and she says she does. So he lubes her ass and puts a finger into her. "Easy", she says, and he withdraws and adds more lube, then fucks her slowly with his finger as Mrs B rubs her clit, and she and Doc kiss across Ronnie's back. Mrs B asks Ronnie what she wants again, and she says she wants Doc to fuck her ass. "Are you sure?" Doc asks her, and she says she is.

Enthusastic consent thus established, Doc moves behind Ronnie and lubes himself, as Mrs B lies beside Ronnie and kisses her, and rubs her clit. Doc feeds his cock into Ronnie slowly, then withdraws and puts his thumb into her as Mrs B encourages Ronnie. Doc enters her again, and now Ronnie seems to be ready for him. He fucks Ronnie firmly, slowly and then faster, and Mrs B continues to masturbate Ronnie. Doc leans over and kisses Mrs B. "Thank you", he says, smiling at her, and then he flips Ronnie onto her back. He licks her clit, and Mrs B goes down on her a bit as he plays with her anus.

Doc suggests that Mrs B get her vibrator, and as he re-enters Ronnie's ass, Mrs B feeds the vibe into Ronnie's pussy and tells her to rub her clit. As Doc sucks her toes, Ronnie has a screaming orgasm, and Doc slowly withdraws from her ass. Mrs B pulls the vibe out of her pussy as Doc strokes her clit again, and Ronnie puts her hand over her mouth to silence herself. Doc asks her if she wants to do it again, and she says she does, so Doc and Mrs B fuck her to another orgasm, this one so intense that Ronnie shudders.

Doc removes the vibrator and lies over Ronnie, looking into her eyes and fucking her slowly but firmly as Mrs B kisses her forehead. She then climbs onto Ronnie's face, and she cums quickly as Ronnie fingers herself, and Doc pulls out and cums on Ronnie's pussy. Mrs B leans over and taste's Docs cum, then kisses Ronnie.

The three of them cuddle on the bed, and Ronnie says she wants to it again. "Let's take a nap first", Doc says. "The dildo doesn't need a nap", Ronnie replies.

Scene 16: Anikka Albrite, Sara Luvv, and Mick Blue (♀♀♂)


Time: 17:00

Features: Analingus, Cum in Mouth, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

It is now the day that Ronnie and the Baumgartners are scheduled to leave, so they have sex together one last time.

It's a good scene, and by normal standards we would say it was a great one. But in a way, it feels a bit anti-climactic. There are so many scenes with these three. It kind of felt to us like maybe the last scene should just have been with Mrs B and Ronnie, between whom there seems to be a deep emotional bond, though it is clear that Doc, too, loves Ronnie.


Doc is sleeping on his back, naked and hard, and the women join him on the bed. They kiss over his body as Ronnie strokes his cock, and Mrs B leans over and takes him into her mouth. They trade his cock back and forth, and then Doc pulls Ronnie up to kiss her as Mrs B keeps sucking him. He helps Ronnie out of her dress and asks her to suck him as he pulls Mrs B to him and tries to help her out of her dress, but then she kneels up and strips for him, slowly. Mrs B then climbs onto his face and grinds onto his tounge as he starts to thrust into Ronnie's mouth.

Mrs B says she wants Doc to fuck her, so she gets off his face and astride him on her knees, and Ronnie puts Doc's cock into her. Mrs B rides him as Ronnie holds his balls and then licks Mrs B's asshole. Mrs B says she is going to cum and does, and then they re-arrange so Mrs B is on her back, Ronnie is eating her pussy, and Doc is behind Ronnie, fucking her doggy style. Ronnie puts a couple fingers into Mrs B, and Mrs B cums again. Mrs B sits up and kisses Ronnie as Doc starts fucking her harder, and Ronnie cums, falling with Mrs B onto the bed.

Doc gets behind Mrs B and spoons her, and Ronnie leans over and licks his balls, or tries to. Mrs B says she is going to cum again, and does, and Ronnie leans forward and licks Mrs B's pussy as Doc fucks her slowly. He then rolls onto his back and asks the two women to suck his cock again.

Ronnie gets astride him, reverse, and Mrs B puts Doc's cock into her and rubs Ronnie's clit as Doc fucks her, and Ronnie has at least one orgasm. She then gets off Doc, and the women suck his cock together for a moment before Doc has an idea: He lies Ronnie on her back, stradding her chest so she is sucking his balls while his fucks Mrs B's mouth (though not really deeply). He pulls out and cums onto her tounge, and she shares his cum with Ronnie.

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  1. Thank you so much for this lovely review. Kay did an amazing job bringing Mrs. B, Doc and Ronnie to life. I couldn't be more pleased, and I'm so glad it's being so well-received! :)


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