April 24, 2016

Fauxcest and Millennials

Interesting article at Mic about why "fauxcest" might appeals so much to millennials, which it apparently does. Featuring the wonderful Chauntelle Tibbals.

One thing that doesn't get mentioned there, though, is that "incest" related erotica has been very popular for a long time, way before the recent rise of fauxcest in adult movies. Just have a look at sites like Literotica. There are more stories in the  "Incest/Taboo" category than in any other except the very general "Erotic Couplings". Obviously, that is now, but I've been reading that site for a long time and it's not a new thing.

We've reviewed some fauxcest movies ourselves, though all from the Tabu Tales line. One thing that the article above seems to get wrong, though, is that the films of that kind from Forbidden Fruits Films were hardly new. Sweet Sinner and Sweetheart Video had been producing such films for years. One of the very first movies from Sweet Sinner, in fact, was The Stepmother.

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