May 5, 2016

New Beginnings, from Wicked Passions


Time: 1:44, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2015

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Cast: Cassidy Klein (24yo), Ryan Driller (33yo), Edyn Blair (27yo), Damon Dice, Aaliyah Love (34yo), Marcus London (47yo), Jodi Taylor (22yo), and Brad Armstrong (50yo)

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from Wicked Pictures subscription site


Amy (Cassidy Klein) is a small town girl who is transferring from the local community college to something much fancier so she can become a veterinarian. And she has a full scholarship, too. Of course, that means leaving her boyfriend Justin (Ryan Driller), who is very nervous about the whole thing. Amy ends up rooming with Taylor (Edyn Blair), who is tutoring the somewhat scattered Chloe (Aaliyah Love). Chloe eventually talks Amy into going out to dinner with her, her boyfriend Charles (Marcus London), and his business associate Ian (Brad Armstrong), who falls quite hard for Amy. The rest of the story concerns how Amy and Ian find their way to each other, with a serious crisis along the way. We won't ruin that part for you.

It is really a very good story, and a lot of time is spent developing it: 45 minutes or so. We particularly appreciated how Amy responds to the revelation that sets off the mentioned crisis: how she sticks her her principles, despite the temptations. We also appreciated Ian's humility, and his willingness to ask Amy for her forgiveness. That made the characters much more than the cutouts one often sees in porn. We were a bit disappointed that the movie ended so quickly, though. It would have been nice to have a little closing sequence, even if it was just Amy and Ian walking together down the street.

The acting is generally very good. There are a few less good moments, such as when Amy and Taylor first meet in the dorm. But Aaliyah Love is excellent as the ditzy blonde, a role in which we've seen her before, in The Laws of Love. She has the perfect voice for it. Brad Armstrong is also very good, and Ryan Driller is his usual excellent. But Cassidy Klein steals the show. She is very expressive and is particularly good when she is ribbing Ian about his upper-crust attitudes. "Maybe I'll bring a box of wine for us to share", she quips at one point, tossing her hair to one side.

The sex scenes, by contrast, are a bit mixed. None of them are bad, but the first, with Cassidy Klein and Ryan Driller seemed a bit pornish, and most of the rest were just average. The best scene is the third, with Aaliyah Love and Marcus London. Her enthusiasm for what she is doing is infectious, and the beginning sequence, in the pool, was very sexy. The camera work is also a bit inconsistent. In the later scenes, it is every bit as good as we have started to expect it to be, based on recent movies like Getting Cozy and Perfect Timing. But there do seem to be more times the male character is out of frame, especially in the first two scenes.

One other criticism we'd make is that the music during the sex scenes is a bit intrusive. It's not that it's loud, though it does get a bit loud in the last scene. It's just that it is repetitive, and plain not very good: pornzak, as someone once put it.

Nonetheless, we really did enjoy this movie. If it were just the sex, we'd give it four stars, but we're going to give it four and a half stars, since the story and the acting are both so good.

Scene 1: Cassidy Klein and Ryan Driller (♀♂)


Time: 9:00

Features: Orgasm?

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

FF (Cassidy Klein) has sex with her boyfriend MM (Ryan Driller) on her way out of town.

There is pretty good chemistry between them, but the sex feels a bit pornish. The entire scene feels like it was shot at double speed or something.

The camera work is quite good, though not as good as in some of the recent Wicked Passions movies. There are plenty of wider shots, and we do see a fair bit of both of them. But somehow the angles and views are not as interesting, or arousing, as in, say, Perfect Timing. And there are more times that we lose him than we have come to expect from these movies.

The background music that plays throughout the scene really did not add anything to it for us. It's at least low enough in volume that it doesn't obscure their sounds.


They kiss, and he picks her up and sits her on a bench as they start to undress. He takes off her bra and sucks her tits, then makes her way between her legs and goes down on her. They switch positions, and she lowers his jeans and sucks his cock.

She hops onto his lap and rides his cock as he sits on the bench. They then switch to doggy style, with her standing up and putting one leg over the bench. She says she is going to cum, and she may, though we were not sure. He pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene 2: Edyn Blair and Damon Dice (♀♂)


Time: 10:00

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Taylor (Edyn Blair) and Darren (Damon Dice) have sex in her dorm room on their anniversary.

There's great chemistry between them, with lots of talking and kissing at the beginning, and they are very convincing as a couple. The sex is quite natural, and they spend a lot of time looking at each other. They both seem to enjoy themselves quite a bit, too. Though she never seems to cum, she does seem quite aroused through much of the scene.

As before, we could do without the background music, but the camera work is once again quite good. She is more the focus than he is, and we lose him from time to time. But there are also some more interesting shots, such as a very nice one of their faces as he is fingering her.


They kiss standing, and they take off each other's shirts. She turns her back to him, and he kisses her neck, then takes off her bra. She turns around again, and he leans over and sucks her tits. He then lies on the bed, the rest of his clothes having disappeared, and she sucks his cock, teasingly at first.

They stand up, with her back to him again, and he reaches around and rubs her pussy. She then reclines on the bed, and he goes down on her. He kneels up and fingers her while she rubs her clit, and then they start fucking doggy style. They switch so she is on her back, and she reaches down and rubs her clit. She rolls onto her side a bit, and he starts fucking her more firmly. They switch back to doggy style, and he pulls out and cums on her "big round ass", as she describes it.

Scene 3: Aaliyah Love and Marcus London (♀♂)


Time: 11:30

Features: Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Chloe (Aaliyah Love) has sex with her boyfriend Charles (Marcus London) in his pool.

There is decent chemistry between them, and we appreciated all the kissing at the beginning. The entire scene in the pool is really sexy, and we were a bit disappointed when they headed inside. But the sex continues to be very good, and she in particular is very enthusiastic.

The camera work here is very effective. There is some really beautiful scenery here, and the shots alternate between very close to them and quite far away.


They kiss, naked in the pool. She then sits on the edge as he eats her pussy.

They get out of the pool and head indoors, kissing and touching on their way. He sits down on a couch, and she leans over him from the side and sucks his cock as he reaches around her and gently strokes her pussy.

She then squats over him, reverse, and up on her feet, bouncing on his cock as he rubs her clit. She says she is going to cum and does at about 46:35. They switch positions, so she is on her back and he is kneeling over her. She rubs her clit as he fucks her, and she says she is going to cum again but doesn't seem to get there.

They then switch to spooning, and he rubs her clit a bit. "Give it to me. Make me dirty", she says, as he starts to get close. He pulls out and cums on her pussy.

Scene 4: Jodi Taylor and Ryan Driller (♀♂)


Time: 13:30

Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Justin (Ryan Driller) has sex with his new girlfriend (Jodi Taylor) before he goes to work in the morning.

There's really good chemistry between them, with lots of smiling and kissing. And the sex is fairly convincing. It's perhaps not quite as passionate as we might have expected, given that they are supposed to be new lovers. But there does seem to be genuine attraction between them, and she has two or three orgasms and seems very aroused throughout much of the scene. We especially liked, as we always do, her initiative: It's her idea for him to stay in bed and fuck.

The camera work is excellent until they start fucking doggy style, at which point we lose him for a while. It does get better again, but there is nothing very special about it.


They kiss in bed, with her in a bra and panties and him naked. He takes off her bra and she lies over him, kissing him softly and stroking his cock. She kisses his chest, makes her way to his cock, and sucks him. They then switch positions, and he goes down on her. She seems very close to orgasm, but we aren't sure if she gets there or not.

They start fucking with her on her back, and she says she is going to cum and does. They then switch to doggy style, then to spooning, and she cums again. She says she wants him to cum on her as, so he pulls out and does.

Scene 5: Cassidy Klein and Brad Armstrong (♀♂)


Time: 10:30

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Amy (Cassidy Klein) and Ian (Brad Armstrong) have sex at his apartment.

There is excellent chemistry between them, with lots of kissing, some very quiet talking we can't quite hear, and a nice, slow buildup. She really seems to enjoy his eating her pussy, and they both seem to have a good time, overall. But she never does seem very near orgasm, and the faked cumshot at the end doesn't help matters.

The camera work is similar to that in th last couple scenes: Very good, but with some flaws. The pornzak is back with a vengeance in this scene, too, and is a bit louder than in the other scenes.


They kiss on the couch, with her sitting on his lap. She unbuttons his shirt, then pulls her dress over her head. He pulls down her bra and leans over to suck her tits, then puts his hand between her legs and rubs her pussy through her panties. She then takes of her bra and kisses his cock through his pants as he reclines on the couch. She pulls down his pants and sucks him, and he sits up and kisses her.

He stands up and pushes her back on the couch, taking off her panties and then going down on her. She takes over and fingers herself a bit, then says she wants his cock. They start fucking with him sitting on the couch and her astride him on her knees, bouncing on his dick. They switch to doggy style, with her kneeling on the couch, then she lies on an ottoman as he kneels over her.

He pulls out and seems to cum on her stomach, but it is faked. The "cum" hits her so hard in the stomach that it bounces and hits her face. It isn't the worst we've seen, but we do wonder why one can't just forego the cumshot once in a while. Or just pretend he cums inside her.

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