May 13, 2016

A Lesbian Romance, from New Sensations Tales From the Heart


Time: 1:52, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: New Sensations Catalog, IAFD

Cast: Mia Malkova (24yo), Shyla Jennings (31yo), Penny Pax (26yo), Riley Reid (25yo), Jenna Sativa (24yo), Kenna James (21yo), Kleio Valentien (30yo), and Skin Diamond (29yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


Four vignettes, all "romantic" scenes involving lesbian couples.

The stories are all very sweet, and the sex is romantic and loving. We really appreciated the way the relationships between the women were made the focus, and all the performers did a good job carrying the stories into the sex. But, overall, the sex just wasn't as "hot" as we would have liked. The first scene, with Mia Malkova and Shyla Jennings, is fantastic, and the second, with Penny Pax and Riley Reid, is very good, too, except for the fact that it is just too long. The last scene is also pretty good, though it also may be a bit long. But the third scene feels very restrained. We had the sense that many of the performers were kind of holding themselves back. This is meant to be a "romance" movie, which in practice means that the sex has to be a bit more vanilla than the performers themselves might prefer.

The camera work is overall pretty good, but it too is a bit mixed. There are more pornish angles than we would prefer, and the second scene contains more closeups than we would like, too.

So we thought this movie was promising, but it is not as good as the "lesbian" movies that Jacky St James did in the Tabu Tales line, for example, "A Mother Daughter Thing" and "Sisterly Love".

Scene 1: Mia Malkova and Shyla Jennings (♀♀)


Time: 24:54

Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Shyla and Mia have been together for six years, and now they can be married, legally. But Shyla is struggling with how to ask her, and then one thing and another interrupts her plans. Finally, though, she finds a way to ask her, and of course that leads to passionate lovemaking.

It's a very sweet story. It lasts about three and a half minutes, which leaves about 21 minutes for sex.

They do a bit, but not much, to continue the story into the scene. But there is an excellent sense of connection between them, and they communicate very well. The sex ends up feeling very passionate, and very natural, too.

The photography is very good. The focus is much more on Mia and Shyla as people than on their body parts. The camera moves very nicely between more intimate shots and wider, more voyeuristic ones.


They kiss passionately, and Shyla lies over Mia and starts grinding onto her. They start undressing and flip over, and Mia sucks Shyla's tits and rubs her pussy through her panties. She gets Shyla naked and licks her feet and sucks her toes, then kisses her legs and goes down on her. They pause and kiss as Mia fingers Shyla, then she eats her again while she fucks her, and Shyla cums at about 8:00.

They sit up and kiss again as Shyla reaches under Mia to rub her pussy. She rolls Mia onto her back and kisses her while grinding onto her, and Shyla kisses her way to Mia's pussy. Mia cums at about 11:00.

They move into a tribbing position and get to it. Mia then pushes Shyla onto her back and lies over her, grinding onto her thigh. She then flips onto her back, and Shyla kisses her neck and face before squatting over Mia's face, as asked. Shyla cums again at about 16:30, and they foll onto their sides and kiss passionately.

Mia kneels up, rolls Shyla onto her back, and rubs her clit while kissing her. She adds a couple fingers as Shyla reaches over to rub Mia's pussy, and they then move into a 69 position. Shyla cums yet again at about 20:45, as Mia fucks her, and then again not long after. Shyla scoots out from under Mia, and they lie on their sides, facing each other, and kiss as Mia grinds her pussy against Shyla's leg, and she has another orgasm at about 23:20.

They kiss and cuddle and, we imagine, dream about their future together.

Scene 2: Penny Pax and Riley Reid (♀♀)


Time: 36:28

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Footjob, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

Erin (Penny Pax) is about to leave for Europe, and before she leaves she wants to tell her roommate Kim (Riley Reid) about her true feelings for her. She does finally tell her, and Kim runs off to get a card that she gives to Erin, in which she also confesses her love. So, well, you know what happens next.

The story lasts a little less than four minutes, which leaves 32 minutes for sex. There is a lot of kissing and foreplay, and the sex is quite varied. But in the end, it does feel as if it is a bit too long.

They do a great job carrying the story into the scene, which makes it feel all the more realistic and passionate. And they are very cute together: loving yet sexy, and clearly enjoying themselves.

The camera work is again very good, but there are more closeups here than in the first scene. The camera angles are also a bit more pornish. But there are a lot of wider shots, too.


They kiss passionately on the couch, taking and touching each other. They slowly undress, and Erin leans over to suck Kim's tits, and then Kim sucks Erin's tits, and bites her nipples.

Erin pushes Kim onto her back and kisses her "long legs", then licks her feet and sucks her toes, and Kim massages Erin's tits with her feet. Erin finds her way between Kim's legs and strokes and kisses her pussy through her panties. "You smell like heaven", she says, then pushes her lacy pink panties aside and goes down on her. Kim asks if she can cum, but Erin won't let her, yet.

They sit up and kiss again, and Kim pulls off Erin's panties and kisses her butt and licks her anus as she leans over the back of the couch. She rubs Erin's pussy while licking her ass, and then Erin turns around and sits on the back of the couch as Kim takes off her panties. She suck Erin's tits, then goes down on her. Erin asks Kim to finger her, which she does.

They kiss again, and Kim takes off the rest of her clothes. She then leans over the couch, and Erin kisses her ass and anus, then licks her pussy from behind. She fingers Kim while licking her ass, and Kim cums at about 26:50. Erin then fingers her while rubbing her clit, and Kim cums again at about 28:50.

They kiss again, and Erin says she has "a foot thing". She pleasures Kim's feet again, and they stroke each other's pussy with their feet. Erin then hops up and gets into a tribbing position. They go hard at each other, and one or both of them may cum, but we weren't sure.

Erin falls onto the bed, and Kim lies over her and kisses her.

Scene 3: Jenna Sativa and Kenna James (♀♀)


Time: 21:26

Features: Analingus, Dildo, Orgasm?

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

It started as a one-night stand but became a regular booty call, and now Kenna has expressed interest in a relationship. But Jenna is not "out", and she is worried about how her parents will react. But Kenna says just the right thing, Jenna agrees to go on a "date" with her, and so they have sex again.

The story lasts almost four minutes, so there is about 17 minutes of sex. The sex is reasonably natural, but it isn't terribly passionate. They do both seem to have a good time, though.

The camera work is similar to that in the second scene, though a bit better. It's good, but there are more pornish angles than we'd prefer.


They kiss, and Jenna sucks Kenna's tits. She pulls off Kenna's shorts and panties and goes down on her, adding a couple fingers fairly quickly. She goes up and kisses Kenna, who undoes Jenna's top and sucks her tits. She pulls off the rest of Jenna's clothes and rubs her pussy as they kiss. Kenna leans over and licks Jenna's clit.

Kenna goes and gets a couple glass dildos (from Icicles) and uses one of them to fuck Jenna, who pulls her legs way back. She leans over and licks Jenna's clit again. They sit up and kiss, and Kenna gets on all fours as Jenna fucks her from behind with the other dildo while licking her ass. Kenna probably cums at about 15:50.

Kenna turns around so she is sitting, and Jenna fingers her while kissing her. Jenna asks Kenna to ride her face, so she turns onto her back, and Kenna straddles her mouth as she reaches back and fingers Jenna. Kenna grabs the dildo again and uses it to fuck Jenna, who starts rubbing her clit and cums at about 19:45.

They kiss and cuddle.

Scene 4: Kleio Valentien and Skin Diamond (♀♀)


Time: 29:13

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Vibrator

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Kleio and Skin lived together for three years, but now their relationship has ended, in large part because Skin would never tell Kleio how she felt about her. "If only", she thinks, and then imagines how things might have been different—and, sadly, she seems to know how much it would have meant to Kleio.

The story last about four minutes, so there is about 25 minutes for sex. They really do a great job carrying the story into the sex, but the sex just never felt quite as passionate to us as we wanted. It's not unnatural, but it does feel restrained, as if they'd prefer to be doing something a bit wilder. But it gets hotter toward the end, especially once they get out the Orgasmatron Hitachi.

The camera work is similar to that in the third scene.


They kiss, standing, then sit on the bed together and keep kissing. Kleio sucks Skin's tits and rubs her pussy through her panties, and Skin sucks Kleio's tits. She then goes down on her, and Skin says she wants to taste Kleio. So Kleio lies on her back, and Skin Lies over her and kisses her way to Kleio's pussy, teasing her.

They sit up and finger each other, and then Kleio says she wants to bury her face in Skin's ass, which she does, and fingers her as well. Kleio then rolls onto all fours and Skin licks her ass and fingers her. Skin pulls Kleio up with her and reaches around her to rub her clit until she cums.

They move into a tribbing position and grind hard at each other. Skin then says that she has something they can play with, which turns out to be a Hitachi. She puts it between their pussies, and they both seem to get off.

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