January 1, 2001

I Feel Myself

On the web: Subscription Site

I Feel Myself is a subscription website that launched in 2006. It is produced by Feck, which is the same company that runs Beautiful Agony, Gentleman Handling, and I Shot Myself. On I Feel Myself, they aim to provide "real, natural, and ethical representations of female self-pleasure".

They succeed. The basic idea is to invite a woman to get comfortable on a bed, train a camera or two on her, and let her have fun with herself the way she normally would. In most cases, it appears that there is no one else in the room with the woman, unless it is a friend or partner. But the videos do not, generally speaking, have the feel of "reality porn", either. Although some of the videos are "homemade" and amateurish, most of them have a more artistic sort of feel, with interesting lighting, bedding, and so forth. That said, the cameras seem usually to be fixed in place, with no one actually there to operate them. That probably does make the women more comfortable, and more able to be themselves, but it also gives the videos a somewhat voyeuristic feel, and sometimes the angles aren't very good.

Nonetheless, the videos are, as one would imagine, very arousing, and the best of them are really quite excellent. The two "Tantalize" videos, featuring Cherries are particularly excellent, for example. Her unnamed girlfriend is there with her, watching her and encouraging her, but not permitted to touch her, except to hold her hand, really. The sexual tension between them is extraordinary, and it is obvious that they care very deeply about each other.

Moreover, the site obviously features a lot of genuine female pleasure. And, much as Betty Dodson taught, we are inclined to regard female masturbation as a crucial part of the feminist revolution. In the patriarchal society in which we live, it is through masturbation that women may lay claim to their natural right to sexual pleasure and sexual autonomy. And, we believe, if websites like I Feel Myself can teach men the beauty of female masturbation, and teach them to delight in women's genuine sexual pleasure, then porn can indeed play a positive role in transforming sexual politics.

In brief: The more women cum, the more Babylon fall. I Feel Myself is definitely doing its part. Highly recommended.