Our Mission Statement

Like many people, we here at FemPorn have a love-hate relationship with porn. We love it because we love sex. But we hate it because so much porn is openly and even proudly misogynistic. And even when it isn't that bad, too much porn is completely devoid of genuine female pleasure and totally fails to include or even acknowledge a feminine perspective on sex. But porn doesn't have to be that way, and not all porn is that way. So we love the fact that there is feminist porn that we can love and not hate, and we want to share what we have discovered with you.

So here at FemPorn, we offer feminist porn reviews, in both senses of that phrase.

On the one hand, we offer reviews of feminist porn. We explain in more detail elsewhere on the site what (in our opinion) feminist porn is. But, very roughly, it is porn that expresses and embodies feminist (and often, but not always, feminine) attitudes about sex and sexuality. So we aim here to review, and thereby promote, feminist porn.

On the other hand, we offer reviews of porn that are written from a feminist perspective. Again, we explain our particular feminist perspective on porn elsewhere. But, very roughly, we evalute videos, movies, and vignettes on the extent to which they present women as equal sexual partners with men and as sexual beings with an equal right to sexual pleasure and satisfaction. And we evaluate all porn that way, not just porn that is trying to be feminist.

We hope that these reviews will be useful to everyone who loves sex but is committed to the fundamental equality of men and women, both in and out of bed (and of everyone else both outside and between the usual gender classifications). But we hope they will be especially useful to heterosexual women and the men who love them, that is, as a guide to heterosexual couples who are looking for porn they can enjoy watching together. This group seems to be particularly ill-served by most current porn.

As you can see from the navigation bar to the left, the reviews are organized in a few different ways. First, they are organized by the studio or website that produced the movie, video, or vignette under review. And second, they are indexed by performer, director, and rating. There are also pages that explain our rating system and, as already said, what we mean by feminist porn.

And, by all means, if you have comments, please make them. And if you'd like to contribute reviews, then contact us through the comment form, and we'll talk about it. The more perspectives, the better.