January 1, 2001

Smash Pictures

Smash Pictures is a small, mainstream porn studio whose releases, for the most part, are not at all "feminist" in character. In the last couple years, however, they have started to produce some more couples-oriented, story-driven movies. The first of these was Forever Love Trust, which was released in July 2012. Their "breakout" movie, though, was probably Diary of Love, which was released a month later to wide acclaim. Since then, we have had two more such releases in the "romantic porn" tradition and three releases recently in a new Bound By Desire series, which is obviously attempting to capitalize on the Fifty Shades craze.

Production standards are generally very high here, as one would expect from this sort of film. We'll wait to comment on other aspects of the movies until we have seen more of them.

We'll go ahead and list these in order of release.

  • Forever Love Trust (July 2012)
  • Diary of Love (August 2012)
  • Broken Hearts (May 2013)
  • Bound By Desire, Act I: Leap of Faith (June 2013)
  • Bitter Sweet (July 2013)
  • Bound By Desire, Act II: Collared and Kept Well (July 2013)
  • Bound By Desire, Act III: A Property of Love (October 2013)

Unfortunately, it seems to have been quite a while since Smash Pictures has released this type of film. Jim Powers, who directed these, has since produced a handful of couples-oriented movies for True Love Films, however.


★★★☆☆ Bitter Sweet (Jim Powers)
★★★½☆ Broken Hearts (Jim Powers)
★★★½☆ Diary of Love (Jim Powers)
★★★½☆ Forever Love Trust (Jim Powers)