January 1, 2001

Lesbian Experience

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The "Lesbian Experience" line was launched in May 2016, with the video A Soft Touch, directed by Eddie Powell. Many of the videos in this line, though, we directed by Jacky St James, some of her last work for New Sensations-Digital Sin before she left the company. So far, we have only watched one of these, Sisters Share Everything, and it was very much a mixed bag.

  • 2016
    • A Soft Touch (May, Eddie Powell)
    • Sisters Share Everything (May)
    • Dominance and Submission (June, Eddie Powell)
    • Spicing It Up (July)
    • A Soft Touch 2 (July, Eddie Powell)
    • First Love (August)
    • An Unexpected Encounter (August)
    • Women Loving Girls (September)
    • A Soft Touch 3 (November, Eddie Powell)

Unforuntately, it appears that most of these movies are not being posted to the New Sensations subscription site. A couple of them were, but they seem since to have been removed.


★★★½☆ Sisters Share Everything (Jacky St James)
★★★★☆ Spicing It Up (Jacky St James)

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