January 1, 2001

JoyBear Pictures

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JoyBear is a British company that produces primarily heterosexual porn, though there are some "lesbian" scenes in their movies, as well. Their films include both vignette-based and feature-length movies, though the stories in the latter tend to be fairly minimal, along the lines of what Sweet Sinner offers. Some of their movies (such as the London Sex Project films) are a sort of "reality" porn, meaning that the movie presents itself as documenting the sexual experiences of ordinary people, when in fact the "ordinary" people are being played by actors and actresses. Not there's anything wrong with that.

JoyBear describes itself as producing "high-end erotic films for her and him", and press coverage has often highlighted the female-friendly character of their films. The movie The Pleasure Professionals won a 2013 Feminist Porn Award for Most Sensual Softcore Movie. We find the title of the award a bit odd, and we did not like the movie nearly as much as the judges apparently did, but the award is nonetheless testament to what the folks at JoyBear are trying to do.

Our main complaint about these movies usually concerns the camera work. It's not that it's bad. There are definitely fewer genital closeups (so-called "meat shots" or "medical shots") than you would typically find in mainstream porn. But there is nonetheless a strong male gaze. As so often, once the fucking starts, the men tend largely to be out of frame, with the camera tightly focused on the woman's body. We want to be able to see the men's arousal on their faces. Is that too much to ask?

All of JoyBear's movies are available in high and low resolution formats from their subscription website, and movies can be streamed from there as well. Many of the movies also available from Lust Cinema.


★★★★½ Housemates
★★★★☆ Housemates 2 (Jesse Caracas)
★★★★☆ The Invitation (Justine Mii)
★★★★☆ The Pleasure Professionals (Justine Mii)
★★★★☆ Tease: The Power of Lingerie (Jessie Black)

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