January 1, 2001


On the web: Subscription Site

JoyMii, whose motto is "The Art of Porn", is a subscription website that launched in 2010. As befits an "artsy" studio, JoyMii's videos are extremely well shot, with beautiful scenery and even more beautiful people. All of them are available in full HD (1920×1080).

JoyMii's focus is primarily on masturbation and lesbian videos, with only about a fifth of their videos featuring heterosexual sex. From a feminist point of view, they are a mixed bag. A common problem is that the scenes can feel much too performed, and that is often exacerbated by jerky editing, which disrupts the flow of the scene and detracts from its realism. The female performers orgasm in probably in less than half the hetero scenes we have watched. But from time to time, JoyMii produces truly wonderful material, such as the hetero scene "By My Side".

The "lesbian" scenes we have viewed have been better. Some of them feel performed, but most of them have been at least acceptable. A handful are especially good, including "Morning Lovers", with Ariel Piperfawn and Lily Carter, and "The Special Gift", with Shyla Jennings and Victora Rae Black.

The masturbation scenes are generally quite good. They are not faked at all, and the women are obviously enjoying themselves. Celeste Star's "Pure Passion" is particularly good.

Overall, though, we can't really recommend JoyMii for those looking for female-friendly porn. There's good stuff, and if you're a fan of certain performers, it might be worth checking out. That said, we should emphasize that we have not seen anything from JoyMii since November 2012, and our sense has long been that many of these studios have gotten better over time. So it might be that they have improved. We'll have a peek again later.

(Description last updated 2013.)

One of the challenges of exploring a site like JoyMii is the sheer number of videos that are available. It's great that there are are so many, but how do you find the ones that are actually good? Well, we've watched a lot of them, and we've rated them along several measures. How hot is the sex? How genuine is it? Does there seem to be a real connection between the performers? Does she, in particular, seem to enjoy herself? Is there good 'balance' in the camera work? Is she always the focus? Do we also see his body and face? Or is he just a disembodied cock?

We also list several 'features' that the different videos have, since some of us really like certain sorts of things---or, perhaps, don't like others. If (unlike us), for example, you don't want to see anal sex, then you'll know right away whether a particular video features it.

For particularly good videos (at least ★★★★☆), we've provided comments that indicate why that video is so good. We also provide a brief synopsis of the scene, so you can have some idea what kind of sex the performers are having.


★★★☆☆ Adele Sunshine (Sunny) and Axel D: Hard Core
★★★☆☆ Adele Sunshine (Sunny) and Denis D: Here and Now
★★★½☆ Alyssa Branch (Alysa) and Ben: Lust in Paradise
★★★★½ Alyssa Branch (Alysa) and Richard L: Joyride
★★½☆☆ Brittany Banxxx and Tommy: Wake Me Up
★★☆☆☆ Connie Carter (Josephine) and Denson Carter: Before Sunset
★★☆☆☆ Connie Carter (Josephine) and Denson Carter: Cum Inside
★★☆☆☆ Defrancesca Gallardo: Pure
★★☆☆☆ Denisa Heaven (Denisa) and Matt E: Just Fuck Me
★★★☆☆ Evilyn Fierce (Evilyn) and Giovanni T: Boy Meets Girl
★★½☆☆ Gina Devine and Ben: Sensual Sex
★★½☆☆ Giselle Leon (Giselle) and Jesse: Perfect Lovers
★★½☆☆ Heather Starlet and Seth Gamble: Sweet Cream
★★★★☆ Iwia (Ivy) and Ben: First Sex
★★★½☆ Iwia (Ivy) and Ben: Wet Dreams
★★★★★ Lily Carter (Lily B) and Richard L: By My Side
★★½☆☆ Marry Queen (Miela) and Tom: True Love
★★★☆☆ Niky S and Angelo Godshack: Multiple Orgasms
★★☆☆☆ Reena Sky (Reena) and Jesse: Fuck Me Hard
★★★☆☆ Silvie Delux and James: Deep Inside
★★☆☆☆ Victoria Rae Black (Victoria R) and Angelo Godshack: Afternoon Sex
★★☆☆☆ Victoria Rae Black (Victoria R) and Giovanni T: Take Me
★★★☆☆ Zoe Voss (Zoe) and Jesse: Stay Inside


★★★☆☆ Abigaile Johnson (Abigail) and Denisa Heaven (Denisa): Touch Me and Lick Me
★★★★½ Ariel Piperfawn and Lily Carter (Lily B): Morning Lovers
★★½☆☆ Brittany Banxxx and Marie McCray (Maria C): Pleasure for Two
★★★★½ Celeste Star (Celeste) and Lena Nicole (Lena): Sweet Afternoon
★★★½☆ Celeste Star (Celeste) and Natalie Nice: Relax Me
★★★☆☆ Dani Daniels and Hayden Winters: Couch Surfing
★★☆☆☆ Dido Angel (Lara) and Suzie Carina (Suzie): Girls' Love (aka Sex and Lies)
★★½☆☆ Faye Reagan and Lexi Swallow: Games
★★☆☆☆ Ferrara Gomez (Ferrera) and Michaela Fichtnerova (Miette): Girls Sex
★★½☆☆ Heather Starlet and Nikki Daniels: Midnight Experience
★★★½☆ Jennifer White and Shyla Jennings (Shyla): Soft Playground
★★★★☆ Karlie Montana and Riley Jensen: Together
★★½☆☆ Kiara Diane (Kiara) and Allie Jordan: Carpet Ride
★★★½☆ Reena Sky (Reena) and Zoe Voss (Zoe): Bathroom Stories
★★★★½ Shyla Jennings (Shyla) and Victoria Rae Black (Victoria R): The Special Gift

Solo Female

★★★☆☆ Celeste Star (Celeste): Hallway
★★½☆☆ Celeste Star (Celeste): Heat
★★★★★ Celeste Star (Celeste): Pure Passion
★★★★☆ Celeste Star (Celeste): Sensual
★★★★☆ Jayden Cole (Jayden C): My Story
★★★★☆ Jayden Cole (Jayden C): Super Toy
★★★★☆ Lena Nicole (Lena): Sweet Beauty


Adele Sunshine (Sunny, 24yo) and Axel D: Hard Core

Time: 11:54, Date: 2011

Focus is too much on her early, but becomes more balanced later. Pretty passionate, but not really great.

Adele Sunshine (Sunny, 24yo) and Denis D: Here and Now

Time: 8:02, Date: 2011

Passionate, at least somewhat, but the editing is too disjointed, and we don't see enough of him.

Alyssa Branch (Alysa, 19yo) and Ben: Lust in Paradise

Time: 12:57, Date: 2012
Features: Orgasm

Lots of kissing, and pretty passionate, but it's too rushed at the beginning, and it loses steam as it goes. They never seem to find a rhythm. But it is good at the end.

Alyssa Branch (Alysa, 19yo) and Richard L: Joyride

Time: 16:23, Date: 2012
Features: Cum in Mouth, Orgasm

There's good balance early, but less so as it goes on. But her orgasm is great, and his cumming in her mouth is presented in a very loving way (and not, say, as submissive or degrading), which is quite unusual, to say the least.

Brittany Banxxx (22yo) and Tommy: Wake Me Up

Time: 10:58, Date: 2012
Features: 69

The basic problem here is that we just don't see enough of him.

Connie Carter (Josephine, 23yo) and Denson Carter: Before Sunset

Time: 12:26, Date: 2011
Features: Internal

OK, but not passionate, and not enough is shown of him.

Connie Carter (Josephine, 24yo) and Denson Carter: Cum Inside

Time: 12:08, Date: 2012
Features: Internal

Too many closeups, and we see way too little of him, and really too little of her face. Too staged, and not very passionate, either.

Defrancesca Gallardo (23yo): Pure

Time: 12:05, Date: 2011
Features: Internal

We see way too little of him here, though some. But there are too many close-ups, and it feels very 'directed' and performed. Not much passion at all.

Denisa Heaven (Denisa, 23yo) and Matt E: Just Fuck Me

Time: 11:53, Date: 2011
Features: Orgasm?

Feels too staged. Dumb music, as well, and we see little of him.

Evilyn Fierce (Evilyn, 21yo) and Giovanni T: Boy Meets Girl

Time: 12:49, Date: 2011
Features: Internal

We don't see much of his face here, though the sex is sweet and romantic.

Gina Devine (25yo) and Ben: Sensual Sex

Time: 13:12, Date: 2012
Features: Internal, Orgasm?

He's mostly absent, especially while she's on top of him. The whole thing feels a bit too slow and sensual as well, and lacks for passion.

Giselle Leon (Giselle, 22yo) and Jesse: Perfect Lovers

Time: 14:09, Date: 2012

Good kissing and balance, mostly, though we basically lose him toward the end, so much so that we're basically just watching her get fucked. She doesn't seem all that into it, either.

Heather Starlet (22yo) and Seth Gamble: Sweet Cream

Time: 13:17, Date: 2011
Features: 69, Deepthroat

They do enjoy themselves, but they don't seem that into it. The position changes seems a bit programmed. Great kissing and decent balance, though we lose him at times.

Iwia (Ivy, 22yo) and Ben: First Sex

Time: 13:46, Date: 2012
Features: Orgasm

Great balance, and some real passion, too, with lots of kissing. And she really seems to enjoy herself.

Iwia (Ivy, 22yo) and Ben: Wet Dreams

Time: 11:04, Date: 2012
Features: Orgasm

This one is pretty good, but not as natural as the other one with this couple.

Lily Carter (Lily B, 22yo) and Richard L: By My Side

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓
Time: 13:02, Date: 2012
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

There's a really playful attitude to this whole scene, with a lot of communication between them. Just a great video.

Marry Queen (Miela, 20yo) and Tom: True Love

Time: 15:23, Date: 2011

There isn't enough setup here, and we don't see his face very much at all after the start. The music is also too loud.

Niky S and Angelo Godshack (23yo): Multiple Orgasms

Time: 16:43, Date: 2011
Features: Orgasm

There are parts of this that are really good and sweet, but overall it doesn't quite get there for some reason.

Reena Sky (Reena, 29yo) and Jesse: Fuck Me Hard

Time: 13:19, Date: 2012

There is some kissing, and the sex is passionate, but the photography is too porn-ish. Her "Oh my God" comments aren't that convincing, nor are many of her other vocalizations. The whole thing is just too filled with porn clichés.

Silvie Delux (23yo) and James: Deep Inside

Time: 12:02, Date: 2011
Features: 69, Internal

Balance is good, but not great, and the sex is loving, with lots of kissing, but not terribly passionate. She seems to enjoy it, but never to get anywhere near orgasm.

Victoria Rae Black (Victoria R, 24yo) and Angelo Godshack (24yo): Afternoon Sex

Time: 13:31, Date: 2012
Features: Cum in Mouth

Just very generic porn, basically, though it's nicely shot.

Victoria Rae Black (Victoria R, 23yo) and Giovanni T: Take Me

Time: 12:34, Date: 2011

There's just not much passion here. Much too performed.

Zoe Voss (Zoe, 22yo) and Jesse: Stay Inside

Time: 13:46, Date: 2012

We see little of him, and it's not that passionate. Her moaning isn't all that convincing, either.


Abigaile Johnson (Abigail, 22yo) and Denisa Heaven (Denisa, 23yo): Touch Me and Lick Me

Time: 9:53, Date: 2011
Features: Orgasm?

Much of the photography here is very "male-gaze" and voyueristic, and the sex feels performed overall, though they do seem to enjoy themselves a bit, at least. Not much in the way of passion or excitement.

Ariel Piperfawn (28yo) and Lily Carter (Lily B, 22yo): Morning Lovers

Time: 9:43, Date: 2012
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms, Vibrator

There's great communication between these two, and the sex is absolutely authentic. They really seem to enjoy fucking each other. The photography here is interesting, too, especially at the beginning, as the perspective keeps shifting.

Brittany Banxxx (22yo) and Marie McCray (Maria C, 26yo): Pleasure for Two

Time: 9:50, Date: 2012

There is a lot of moaning here—more than there seems to be excitement. So it all feels a bit performed, as does Marie's "orgasm".

Celeste Star (Celeste, 27yo) and Lena Nicole (Lena, 26yo): Sweet Afternoon

Time: 15:39, Date: 2012
Features: 69, Multiple Female Orgasms

Passionate and almost desperate, they really get into fucking each other. Soem of the talking is a bit pornish, but they seem to have a very good time, especially Celeste. It feels a little over the top on occasion, though, as if they are trying too hard, but that's just why it isn't a 10.

Celeste Star (Celeste, 26yo) and Natalie Nice (25yo): Relax Me

Time: 10:57, Date: 2011
Features: Orgasm, Orgasm?

Romantic, sexy, and fun, but it's not clear that Natalie's orgasms are real. She certainly seems to be overstating them, at least. But the sex is fairly passionate.

Dani Daniels (23yo) and Hayden Winters (21yo): Couch Surfing

Time: 12:12, Date: 2012
Features: Orgasm?

Very soft and sensual, there is some interesting camera work here. There is also some good kissing, but the sex itself is just too soft and slow, without much passion or excitement.

Dido Angel (Lara, 22yo) and Suzie Carina (Suzie, 27yo): Girls' Love (aka Sex and Lies)

Time: 7:20, Date: 2010

Really much too stylized, and unrealistic.

Faye Reagan (23yo) and Lexi Swallow (25yo): Games

Time: 11:38, Date: 2011

The premise here is silly, but there is something playful about the scene that is appealing. Unfortunately, too much of the sex ends up seeming performed, and the orgaasms are faked.

Ferrara Gomez (Ferrera, 20yo) and Michaela Fichtnerova (Miette, 25yo): Girls Sex

Time: 14:39, Date: 2011
Features: Orgasm?

A lot of this just feels very performed, and Michaela does not seem that into it. It's also noticeable that there is no tongue when they kiss. Some of the shots are a bit male-gaze, as well.

Heather Starlet (23yo) and Nikki Daniels (30yo): Midnight Experience

Time: 12:11, Date: 2012
Features: Tribadism

This very much has the feel that it was done for show. The position switches are unnatural, but seem "on cue". They also seem to get too aroused too fast, which feels faked or at least exaggerated.

Jennifer White (24yo) and Shyla Jennings (Shyla, 27yo): Soft Playground

Time: 11:44, Date: 2012

The sex seems reasonably authentic, but it lacks passion and gets a bit monotonous at times. But there is nice communication between them.

Karlie Montana (25yo) and Riley Jensen (20yo): Together

Time: 15:19, Date: 2011
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

The shots are generally pretty wide, and the scene is a bit voyeuristic. It isn't terribly passionate, either, and Riley's talking is a bit overdone. But it has a very authentic feel, and it is very different from a lot of what one sees. It's very natural how Karlie puts her top back on, and it's great to see them ease into mutual masturbation.

Kiara Diane (Kiara, 25yo) and Allie Jordan (21yo): Carpet Ride

Time: 13:51, Date: 2012
Features: 69, Orgasm, Vibrator

This feels very routine and performed, and their vocalizations do not not seem authentic, even though Kiara's orgasm does seem real.

Reena Sky (Reena, 29yo) and Zoe Voss (Zoe, 22yo): Bathroom Stories

Time: 13:11, Date: 2012
Features: Orgasm?

Sexy, passionate, and romantic, they seem to enjoy what they are doing quite a bit, though it is not clear that either of them every cums. Some of the sex feels a bit directed and unrealistic, as well. But this is much better than most of JoyMii's lesbian scenes.

Shyla Jennings (Shyla, 27yo) and Victoria Rae Black (Victoria R, 24yo): The Special Gift

Time: 16:27, Date: 2012
Features: Dildo, Orgasm

Very authentic feeling scene, perhaps because these two do a lot of lesbian porn. Very passionate and sexy. Just excellent.

Solo Female

Celeste Star (Celeste, 26yo): Hallway

Time: 9:34, Date: 2011
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

This feels a lot like strip show. Too much so. Though she does have four orgasms.

Celeste Star (Celeste, 26yo): Heat

Time: 9:36, Date: 2011
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

This one seems very performed, unfortunately, though the orgasms seem real.

Celeste Star (Celeste, 27yo): Pure Passion

Time: 8:33, Date: 2012
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

This is a good one. Really hot, passionate masturbation. She gets off at least three times.

Celeste Star (Celeste, 27yo): Sensual

Time: 9:18, Date: 2012
Features: Dildo, Multiple Female Orgasms

Some very serious masturbation here. Some of the positions at the start feel artificial, but she gets very into it after that, and cums three times.

Jayden Cole (Jayden C, 26yo): My Story

Time: 7:46, Date: 2011
Features: Orgasm

Interesting combination, and pretty hot.

Jayden Cole (Jayden C, 25yo): Super Toy

Time: 9:51, Date: 2010
Features: Orgasm, Vibrator

This is enjoyable, partly because Jayden seems to have a good time, and partly because it is fun to watch her try to figure out how to use the Delight.

Lena Nicole (Lena, 26yo): Sweet Beauty

Time: 9:32, Date: 2012
Features: Multiple Female Orgasms

A nice sort of fantasy, of a woman enjoying herself in the bathroom.