January 1, 2001

Adam and Eve

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According to Wikipedia, Adam and Eve was founded in Chapel Hill NC in 1970, selling condoms and lubricants from a small store at a time when that may well have been illegal. They expanded into mail order shortly thereafter, which was definitely illegal, then into sex toys, and later started producing their own line of adult movies. Some of these films have been much awarded, particularly The 8th Day, which won several of the 2010 AVN Awards and was the "People's Choice" for Feature Movie of the Year at the 2010 XBiz Awards. More recently Safe Landings was nominated for several awards, and if Babysitting the Baumgartners does not win a whole boatload of awards, then we will be shocked.

Many, but certainly not all, of Adam and Eve's movies are intended to appeal to "couples". The ones we review here are of that genre.

One of the challenges of exploring a site like Adam And Eve is the sheer number of videos that are available. It's great that there are are so many, but how do you find the ones that are actually good? Well, we've watched a lot of them, and we've rated them along several measures. How hot is the sex? How genuine is it? Does there seem to be a real connection between the performers? Does she, in particular, seem to enjoy herself? Is there good 'balance' in the camera work? Is she always the focus? Do we also see his body and face? Or is he just a disembodied cock?

We also list several 'features' that the different videos have, since some of us really like certain sorts of things---or, perhaps, don't like others. If (unlike us), for example, you don't want to see anal sex, then you'll know right away whether a particular video features it.

Heterosexual and Lesbian

★★★★☆ Adventures With the Baumgartners (Kay Brandt)
★★★★★ Babysitting the Baumgartners (Kay Brandt)
★★★★★ Safe Landings (Kay Brandt)


★★★½☆ Cafe Amore (Lee Roy Myers)
★★★★½ Love, Anonymous (Skye Blue)
★★★★☆ Luck of the Draw (Mickey Mod)
★★½☆☆ Untamed Heart (Barrett Blade)

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