January 1, 2001

Wicked Passions

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Wicked Passions is the female-friendly imprint of Wicked Pictures, which is one of the top mainstream porn studios. They are in some ways a fairly progressive studio, and they were the first major studio to mandate the use of condoms in all their movies. Most of their offerings are pretty inoffensive, as mainstream porn goes, though there is a strong male gaze in the camera work.

Wicked Passions was founded in 2010, originally, it would seem, as a vehicle for the "couples-friendly" films of director Skye Blue, who had previously directed several such films for Jill Kelly Productions and for Playgirl Video, which was distributed by Wicked. The first four releases in the series were all collections of vignettes directed by Blue.

For what it's worth, we generally find Blue's work to be typical of the worst of what "couples porn" has to offer. The scenes we have viewed have been full of the usual sorts of porn clich├ęs and simply toned down in the most obvious ways so as not to offend women gratuitously. There is no more genuine female pleasure in Blue's work than in most mainstream porn.

After the first four films, however, the series undergoes a bit of a transformation, as the films become (with one exception) story-oriented. Several of Wicked's usual directors start to participate, as well, including Brad Armstrong, Barrett Blade, and Francois Clousot. Since 2012, though, almost all of the movies in the Wicked Passions series have been directed by Stormy Daniels.

Some of these movies have been more successful than others, but many of them, especially recently, have been really good. Love Blossoms, directed by Barrett Blade, was an early favorite of ours. We'd also especially recommend Love and Loss, Getting Cozy, and Perfect Timing, all directed by Stormy Daniels.

It seems worth listing all of the movies in this series, ordered by date of release:

The usual table of contents follows.


★★★½☆ At First Sight (Stormy Daniels)
★★½☆☆ BFFs (Francois Clousot)
★★★★☆ The Fate of Love (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★½ Getting Cozy (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ Haunted Hearts (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★½ Heart Strings (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ If Only You Knew (Stormy Daniels)
★★★☆☆ Immortal Love (Stormy Daniels)
★★★☆☆ Indiscretions (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ It's Complicated (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ Just Friends? (Bishop)
★★★★½ Love Blossoms (Barrett Blade)
★★★½☆ A Love Story (Brad Armstrong)
★★★★½ Love and Loss (Stormy Daniels)
★★★½☆ Meant To Be (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★½ New Beginnings (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★½ Off Limits (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★½ Perfect Timing (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ Rebound (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ She's the One (Bishop)
★★★☆☆ Summer Lovin' (Barrett Blade)
★★★★☆ Waiting On Love (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ When It Comes To You (Stormy Daniels)
★★★★☆ Win a Date With Sofia Blake (Stormy Daniels)


★★★½☆ Girlfriends (Stormy Daniels)