January 1, 2001

Juicy Pink Box

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Juicy Pink Box was founded by the activist, sex educator, author, and attorney Jincey Lumpkin. The brand's motto is "Lesbian Sex with Cinematic Luster", and they aim to produce exactly that: authentic lesbian porn that has high production values. They certainly succeed in the latter. As is revealed in the "extras" on the DVDs, many of the people Lumpkin recruits to work on the films she produces are from the world of "legitimate" film and did not really see themselves working in porn. Similarly, many of the women who appear in her films are not porn stars, and some of them have not appeared in other films. The casts tend to be fairly diverse, too, with people of different races, body types, and gender identifications.

The sex itself is interesting, varied, and hot, and the women, all of whom are lesbian or bisexual "in real life", clearly enjoy what they are doing. The amount of story varies from movie to movie, but there is always some kind of frame for what is happening. Highly recommended.


★★★★½ Hotel (Jincey Lumpkin)

Female Masturbation

★★★★½ Therapy (Jincey Lumpkin)