January 1, 2001

Sweet Sinner

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Sweet Sinner was founded in 2009 by porn star Nica Noelle. A companion brand to Sweetheart Video, which is focused on lesbian sex, Sweet Sinner is focused on heterosexual sex (though there are lesbian scenes in some of the films). Noelle wrote and directed all of Sweet Sinner's movies until she left in 2011 to found Hard Candy Films and related lines. James Avalon, who previously directed some of the best movies in the New Sensations Romance series, then took over the directing duties. In Fall 2016, Jacky St James joined the studio, her first release being Interracial Family Needs. This seems to have coincided with Avalon's assuming directorial duties at EroticaX.

The studio's motto is "Real Lovemaking, Real Orgasms", and they strive to present sex as authentically as possible, with the camera basically staying out of the way. The movies do usually have plots, but the plot generally just provides a very basic frame for the sex scenes. For example, in Nica Noelle's Don Juan's Therapist, only 18 minutes, out of almost two hours, is devoted to the story. Even Jacky St James's The Darker Side of Desire spends only 15 minutes on the story, out of two hours and thirty-seven mintues. Still, the framing is welcome and can be important.

Sweet Sinner's films tend to feature a more diverse cast, age-wise, than most other studios. Indeed, many of their films revolve around older women with younger men or, less often, younger women with older men. (These tend to have titles like My Daughter's Boyfriend or My Girlfriend's Mother.) As it happens, that is not our particular thing, though we certainly do not mind watching people with a few years on their bodies have sex.

Finally, one really refreshing thing about the sex scenes in these movies is that the performers are usually naked. If there's one silly porn cliché we really hate, it's forcing the female performers to keep their porn-star heels on while they're fucking. Who does that? Sure, sometimes when people have sex they keep some clothing on. (In our case, it's usually our socks!) But, for the most part, people have sex naked, and it detracts from the realism of a scene for the performers not to be naked.


★★★★☆ The Darker Side of Desire (Jacky St James)
★★★☆☆ The Deviant (Nica Noelle)
★★★★½ Don Juan's Therapist (Nica Noelle)
★★★★½ The Exchange Student 1 (Nica Noelle)
★★★★☆ The Exchange Student 2 (Nica Noelle)
★★★★☆ The Exchange Student 3 (James Avalon)
★★★★☆ Hotel Sin (Nica Noelle)
★★★★☆ Inter-racial Family Needs (Jacky St James)
★★★★☆ The MILF Pact (Jacky St James)
★★★☆☆ Masseuse 10 (James Avalon)
★★★★☆ Naughty Neighbors 1 (Nica Noelle)
★★★★☆ The Neighbors (James Avalon)