January 1, 2001

Nica Noelle

On the web: Girl Candy on AEBN, TransRomantic on AEBN, Hot Candy on AEBN, Rock Candy on AEBN, TransSensual Subscription Site

After she ended her association with Mile High Media, Nica Noelle founded four new studios: Hot Candy Films (originally Hard Candy Films), which releases "straight" videos; Girl Candy Films, which releases lesbian videos; Rock Candy Films, which releases gay male videos; and TransRomantic, which releases films featuring transexual women. All of these studios have some sort of contract with the Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN), which makes most of the films avaialble for download, often in HD quality. Sometimes only certain scenes are available, however.

Most of these releases are sets of vignettes, though they usually have stories that frame them at least a little bit. There are also a few movies that have stories that run through them, such as Strap On Desires.

Generally speaking, the sex in Noelle's movies is quite realistic. As she did with the Sweet Sinner movies, Noelle mostly lets the performers do what they want, and then she films the result. What we have seen so far from Hot Candy, though, has been mixed. Some of the scenes are terrific, but some just seem to lack for genuine passion and feel a bit routine.

The cinematography in Noelle's movies always does a good job presenting the people having sex as people, not just as body parts, and it almost always avoids the worst aspects of how sex is usually shot in porn. On the other hand, Noelle does not seem to us to have a great eye, and there are rarely any shots in her movies that are really striking. The overall feel is a bit amateurish, in the sense that it all feels very "real", as if one is just watching people have sex.

The two movies from TransRomantic have widely been hailed as groundbreaking. Most transexual porn treats transexual women as little but fetish objects. Noelle's movies, by contrast, treat transexual women as women or, even more fundamentally, as people. They focus on romantic and sexual relationships that these women have with men and often address the sorts of personal and emotional issues transexual women might face in such relationships. Noelle has released several more movies in the TransSensual series, which has its own subscription website. The one of these that we have seen, TS Beauties, was not nearly as good as the two from TransRomantic, though.

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