September 21, 2016

TS Beauties, from Nica Noelle's Transsensual


Time: 1:44, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: IAFD

Cast: Aubrey Kate (25yo), Connor Maguire, Gina Hart, David Chase, Nina Lawless, Nick Capra, Riley Quinn (28yo), and Brock Avery

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Gamelink


This movie is in some ways similar to Secret Desires and Forbidden Lovers, the two movies Nica Noelle made under the "TransRomantic" label. This one is instead made under the "TransSensual" label. We're not sure what the reason was for the change.

In any event, the way in which the movie is similar to the earlier ones is that it quite consciously strives to present transwomen as women and as people, not as fetish objects. Each of the vignettes is introduced by a short (sometimes very short) story, focused upon romantic themes. We do greatly appreciate that aspect of these movies, but the problem is that the sex just isn't very good. Except in the last scene, none of transwomen ever have orgasms or even seem to get very close to doing so. It really did not feel to us as if much attention was really paid to their pleasure.

The men who perform in this movie almost all work primarily in gay male porn. It honestly did not feel to us as if they were terribly used to having sex with women, be those cis- or transwomen. And that made it feel to us as if the women weren't necessarily being treated as women, sexually speaking, as opposed to being treated as women in the stories.

While the movie avoids the worst stereotypes associated with transsexual porn, then, it really does not live up to the standard set by the earlier movies. So we were quite disappointed by it.

(We'll mention in passing that the subscription website also does not manage to avoid terms that many transwomen find offensive.)

September 11, 2016

Coming of Age, from Erotica X


Time: 1:56, Director: Mason, Date: 2015

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On the web: IAFD, Erotica X

Cast: Alina West (20yo), Seth Gamble, Piper Perri (20yo), Logan Pierce (24yo), Josie Jagger (20yo), Danny Mountain (31yo), Marley Brinx (21yo), and James Deen (29yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Erotica X subscription site


Four scenes involving "coming of age" fantasies. The third and fourth involve schoolgirl-type outfits.

Unfortunately, none of the three scenes we watched was particularly good. The first scene, with Alina West and Seth Gamble, isn't bad, and there is good chemistry between them. And there are good things about the third scene, too, with Josie Jagger and Danny Mountain. They do both seem to have quite a good time, and she has several orgasms. But the second scene, with Piper Perri and Logan Pierce, is just way too long, so despite the great chemistry between them, we found our minds wandering.

The last scene, with Marley Brinx and James Deen, we didn't watch. We are not particularly into watching James Deen these days.

The real problem here, though, is the camera work, which is mediocre throughout. There are some really great shots, but these are usually confined to the beginnings of the scenes. Once the sex starts, she becomes much more the focus than he is, so that he is very often out of frame. When he isn't, it seems like it's almost an accident.

September 8, 2016

Babysitting the Baumgartners, from Adam and Eve


Time: 4:03, Director: Kay Brandt, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr here and here and here and here

On the web: IAFD

Cast: Sara Luvv (20yo), Anikka Albrite (25yo), Mick Blue (37yo), and A.J. Applegate (24yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Gamelink


Based on the book by Selena Kitt (parts of which, at least, were originally published on Literotica), Babysitting the Baumgartners is Kay Brandt's most ambitious project to date, and the follow-up to her fantastic Safe Landings. It is very, very long, so we find ourselves asking again: Is it worth devoting four hours of your life to it? Absolutely.

The story is mostly about Ronnie (Sara Luvv), who has been babysitting for Dr and Mrs Baumgartner (Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite) for several years now. This summer, they have invited her to join them on vacation in the Keys to help them out with the kids. But when Mrs B comes outside in nearly nothing, drops her top and all but starts masturbating, then offers to help Ronnie shave her pussy, Ronnie starts to wonder just why she was invited.

The rest of the movie is about the way the relationship between the three of them develops. This happens much more slowly than you would expect for porn, with plenty of seduction and more casual encounters that lead to more serious ones. You might worry that it would be a story of older adults exploiting a younger woman, but that is not at all what it is. There are plenty of emotions to go along with the sex, and some of them are really, really powerful. It's obvious that Mrs B, especially, loves Ronnie, and so does Doc. These subtleties are part of the benefit of working from a really well-written story.

There are some really funny moments, too, such as when Doc and Ronnie eat bananas together early in the seduction, and when Doc unbuckles his pants after he has watched Mrs B and Ronnie have sex. It's an ironic commentary on the "power of the penis" in contemporary pornography. And some of the seduction scenes are so over the top that you can only laugh.

There's a way in which most of the story is told in first hour and a half. After that, it's mostly sex. But, again as in Safe Landings, much of the story is told through the sexual interactions that Ronnie and Mrs B and Doc have. If we have a complaint, it is that more might have been made of Ronnie's attraction to Gretchen (A.J. Applegate), who works as a nanny for friends of the Baumgartners, and whom they hire to take care of the kids, so Ronnie will have more time to relax (and have sex). This might have introduced a little dramatic tension, but there is just the one scene between them, and then we hardly see Gretchen again.

The sex scenes are all excellent, and many of them are extraordinary. They are natural, and playful, and there is great communication between the characters, as well as intense emotion. The three-ways are handled especially well. We mentioned in our review of Safe Landings that the second scene in that movie was the best FFM threesome we had ever seen. Now, it is probably the fourth best, as there are several incredible FFM scenes in this movie. And they are not even be the best ones. The first scene in which Ronnie and Mrs B have sex is amazing, maybe the best sex scene we have ever had the pleasure of watching. And some of the early scenes, in which Ronnie masturbates while watching Mrs B and Doc fuck, are so hot, teasing and seductive, that we could hardly stand it.

But if there's one scene that proves how different this movie is, it is a very short sequence after Doc and Ronnie fuck in the kitchen. Back in bed with Mrs B, we see the three of them writhing together, having soft, sleepy sex: Ronnie is between Doc and Mrs B, with him spooning her and Mrs B kissing her and sucking her tits. It is soft and gentle, and powerful, even though it lasts but a minute and a half.

The photography, for the most part, lives up to the promise of the rest of the movie. There were only a very few times when we felt as if Doc had been forgotten. But, even then, it didn't necessarily seem inappropriate. As we mentioned earlier, if this is a love story, then it is first and foremost a story about Mrs B's love for Ronnie and for Doc, though there are obviously feelings between Ronnie and Doc, too. Still, it seems right that the focus should often been on Mrs B and Ronnie, and their interaction.

That said, there are some problems with the sound. The volume was too low in places for us easily to hear what the characters were saying. We don't mean during the sex scenes. That is inevitable, really, though we wouldn't have minded knowing what Doc was saying, softly, to Mrs B as he fucked Ronnie. It's normal dialog that we sometimes couldn't hear—though probably we could just look at the book.

We've tried to be relatively judicious with our ratings and avoid grade inflation. Of the 154 movies we had reviewed before this one, only 14 had earned five-star ratings. But now, to borrow from Spinal Tap, we feel like we need a new rating: 11. This is one of a handful of the very best sexually explicit movies that we have ever seen.

September 2, 2016

Trying New Things, from New Sensations Tales from the Heart


Time: 2:00, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: New Sensations Catalog, IAFD

Cast: Sara Luvv (23yo), Donnie Rock, Casey Calvert (26yo), Anthony Rosano (39yo), Kasey Warner (21yo), Richie Calhoun, Alison Rey (21yo), and Robby Echo (30yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


Four vignettes, focused on couples who are experimenting with their sexuality. The "new things" are: watching porn, anal sex, female dominance, and having sex at all.

There is one really fantastic scene here: the first, with Sara Luvv and Donnie Rock. She catches him watching porn and gets angry, but then gets into it herself (wouldn't you know it) by watching Awakening to Love. The sex is passionate and convincing, and they are very into each other. Luvv is as wonderful (and cute) as she usually is, and the photography is well balanced and creative. The scene is also a good length, with the sex lasting about 22 minutes: long enough for it not to feel overly edited, but not so long that we start to get bored.

That's the main problem with the second scene, featuring Casey Calvert and Anthony Rosano. Otherwise, it's excellent, but the sex lasts over 32 minutes. There's quite a lot of foreplay, so that helps, and they are very convincing as a couple "trying something new", which also helps, but it's still just too long. We did really appreciate, though, how this scene presented anal sex as something that can be, and should be, pleasurable for women, and that can be loving as well as hot. Jacky St James didn't miss the opportunity to do a little, very subtle, sex education, either. But we think it might have been even hotter had Casey and Anthony worked up to actual butt fucking over a series of sessions, getting a little closer each time until they can hardly stand it.

The other two scenes are a bit less satisfying.

In the third, Kasey Warner playfully dominates Richie Calhoun, which he has been asking her to do for a while. The length here is not a problem. But the sex doesn't seem all that natural; she doesn't seem all that comfortable in her role; and the camera work is a bit pornish.

The fourth scene features Alison Rey and Robby Echo. Alison wants to wait until they are married, not for any religious reason but just because it seems right to her. So this is a virgin fantasy. It's quite an ambitious idea, and they do a decent job in their roles. The sex is also loving and passionate. But they could have done a bit more to carry the story into the scene, and the scene felt way too long to us. The sex just isn't varied enough, or interesting enough, to hold our attention for thirty minutes.

There was one feature of the movie we found very striking. There are several places in which the women ask forthrightly for what they do and don't want, requests to which their partners smoothly and naturally respond. At one point, for example, Sara Luvv quietly says, "Don't bite me", as Donnie Rock is eating her. Similarly, Casey Calvery tells Anthony Rosario to be gentle with his finger in her ass. They might have edited out those sorts of comments, but they didn't, and we think that's terrific. Porn shouldn't be sex education, but for all too many people it's the only sex education they get.

Overall, then, we enjoyed this movie a great deal, and we recommend it highly. The first scene alone is worth the price of admission.

August 23, 2016

Off Limits, from Wicked Passions and Stormy Daniels


Time: 1:35, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Wicked B2B, IAFD

Cast: Krissy Lynn (31yo), Small Hands, Keira Nicole, Seth Gamble, Cassidy Klein (24yo), Ryan Driller (33yo), Dahlia Sky (26yo), and Brendon Miller

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from Wicked Pictures subscription site


As the lead singer for a popular local band, Jessie (Small Hands) has the oportunity to sleep with a lot of different women, and he makes the most of it. But there are signs that he's missing something, and when he meets Katelyn (Keira Nicole), he falls desperately in love with her. The only problem is that she has just moved to LA with his best friend Matt (Seth Gamble), who has just returned from college in Connecticutt for his first job. Everyone from Matt to Jessie's bandmates is worried about what is about to happen, and it doesn't help that Matt and Katelyn are staying with Jessie while they look for a place to live.

If you're thinking, "Well, this is porn, so it's obvious what happens", then you have not watched enough of Stormy Daniels's movies. It's become almost a trademark for Daniels to set up these seemingly predictable stories and then to develop them in ways that are anything but predictable but somehow still seem absolutely right. This is one of those movies, and, as far as the story is concerned, it's probably the best of Daniels's movies we've seen. Ultimately, the story isn't just about Jessie's struggle with temptation but about the price he now has to pay for his past—and the price his past exacts from his friends.

A lot of time is spent developing the story, too, about 45 minutes, which is about half the movie, though some of that is devoted to two songs Jessie's band plays. (Let's just say that there isn't a piano on the stage but there is one in the music.) And a big part of what makes it all work is how incredibly good the acting is, by everyone. The two leads, Small Hands and Keira Nicole, are especially good, but Seth Gamble and Brendon Miller are also terrific in supporting roles, too. There is a wonderful comedic cameo from Stormy Daniels.

The only thing that holds this movie back is that the sex scenes are a bit mixed. There is only one really good scene here, the third, with Cassidy Klein and Ryan Driller. But that one feels almost gratuitous: Klein plays Katelyn's sister, whose only role in the movie is to receive a phone call she doesn't have time to take because she's about to have some sexy time with her partner. The fifth scene, with Dahlia Sky and Brendon Miller, also has no real role in the story.

All five of the sex scenes are also very brief: All of them are eleven minutes or less, and three of them are less than ten minutes. As regular readers of our reviews know, we often complain about scenes that are too long, especially in movies with stories, where they have a tendency to break up the flow. But scenes that are too short make it difficult to connect with the lovers and can feel choppy and unrealistic. For example, in the first two scenes, there's an almost symbolic bit of cunnilingus that lasts maybe five seconds. What is the point of that? We think it might have been better to have fewer scenes but have them be just a little bit longer. And relevant to the story.

Another issue is that the camera work in the sex scenes is also mixed. In some of the scenes, it is very good, and in all of the scenes there are interesting and creative shots that help keep it visually interesting. But there are a lot of pornish angles in the second scene, with Keira Nicole and Seth Gamble (that is otherwise a very good scene), and the men are too often out of frame.

As we said, though, those are just the reasons we find ourselves unable to give this movie our highest rating. We nonetheless recommend it very highly, especially for people who like plot-based porn. You'd be hard pressed to find a better story in porn than the one told here (maybe Le Baiser [The Kiss], maybe Marriage 2.0, review still to come). And the acting really is fantastic.

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