August 10, 2017

Gone, from Angie Rowntree and


Time: 33:23, Director: Angie Rowntree, Date: 2015

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Cast: Madeline Blue and Gee Richards

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Todd, Rebecca's husband, is "gone", and she is in deep mourning. We do not find out what has happened until the end—and no, we will not tell you.

The film begins with romantic scenes of them together, going about their daily lives. Rebecca then recounts the beginning of their relationship—and how there came to be a dungeon in their basement. We watch them share New Year's Eve in bed together—once, and then again, through the years, the sex being relatively conventional. Todd then reappears, down in their dungeon, which she is unsuccessfully trying to make herself pack. It has been her dream to see him one more time, to make love to him one more time, and so she does. What happens at the end is extremely powerful and moving, and it allows her finally to move on.

The story is perhaps a bit on the corny side, but no more so than a lot of "romantic porn". And it is a deeply touching tribute to...well, make sure you watch through all the credits if you want to know to whom.

The sex scenes are wonderful, and the camera work is fantastic. The sex is shot intimately, but without the usual medical shots. We see plenty of both of them, too, and we are offered a real sense of the love they share, and how it is expressed through their love-making. But it is not a perfect film. The music is sometimes too loud, obscuring their own sounds. And there are places in which the acting is wooden, and just not very good.

Nonetheless, this movie pushes the boundaries of what porn can be, and even with its flaws it is a work of genius. Watch it.

July 19, 2017

It's Complicated, from Wicked Passions


Time: 1:28, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2016

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Cast: Gracie Glam (26yo), Ryan Driller (34yo), Brooke Banner (33yo), Eric Masterson (46yo), Yhivi (22yo), Michael Vegas, Olivia Austin (30yo), Steven St Croix (48yo), and Small Hands

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from Wicked Pictures subscription site

Pleasure ✓+, Passion ✓+, Balance


Shauna (Gracie Glam) has a wicked crush on her old friend Brandon (Small Hands), though she has been biding her time with her fuck-buddy Will (Ryan Driller)---though he may not see it that way. When she gets an invitation to a cousin's wedding back in her home town, that gives her the opportunity to 'wow' Brandon. She enlists her friend Carrie (Brooke Banner) to help her, which of course means shopping and nails and the like, and in the end she invites Carrie to come with her to the wedding. We won't tell how it all works out. But there's something very, very sad that happens, as well as something very happy.

It's a pretty good story, and as usual with these movies a fair bit of time is devoted to it: almost half an hour, so about a third of the movie. There were a few things about it, though, that were a bit implausible, such as how the family of the bride could fail to know Shauna would be at the wedding. But the acting is generally very good. Steven St Croix is great in a small role as Shauna's crazy uncle—though we have grown tired of watching him have sex, the very same way, almost every single time.

And it is the sex scenes that bring the movie down. The first scene, with Gracie Glam and Ryan Driller, starts off great but fades toward the end. The second, in which Carrie has sex with her boss (Eric Masterson), feels gratuitous and too much like 'couples porn'. The third scene, with Yhivi and Michael Vegas, is at least amusing—the bride and groom fuck in the bathroom right before the wedding—but it isn't nearly as passionate, or hurried, as you'd expect given the story, and he tries too hard to stay out of the way of the camera. We won't even talk about the fourth scene.

The saving grace is the last scene, with Brooke Banner and Small Hands. It's as if all the passion that was missing from the earlier scenes somehow found its way into this one. It really is terrific.

The photography is a mixed bag. We loved how the first scene was shot, very simple and quiet. There are some really nice shots, too, for example, of their hands, tightly clasped, while he is eating her pussy. But there is also a long sequence where the camera is too tight on her and we hardly see him at all. And that's pretty typical for the whole movie. There are plenty of wider shots, but there are also more 'medical' shots, and more shots tight on the women, than we are used to seeing from Wicked Passions.

July 14, 2017

Lefty, from Sweetheart Video and Dana Vespoli


Time: 2:02, Director: Dana Vespoli, Date: 2016

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Cast: Alexis Texas (31yo), Dana Vespoli (44yo), Bree Daniels (25yo), Julia Ann (47yo), A.J. Applegate (27yo), and Dani Daniels (27yo)

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from the Mile High subscription site

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀-


Linda "Lefty" Lumaban (Dana Vespoli) is a successful boxer, so far undefeated, and Alexis Texas, playing herself, is her girlfriend. Now she has agreed to do another fight very soon after her last one, which does not necessarily make her coach, and father figure, Sully, happy. The day of that fight, though, he has a heart attack and dies—and she, very suddenly, retires, and vanishes.

Intrepid reporter Erin (Bree Daniels) decides to try to find Lefty and uncover her story. She gets an interview with Alexis Texas, after a stripshow, but has trouble finding Lefty herself until she gets a call from one of Lefty's old assistants. Erin eventually is able to talk to Lefty, and even tries to talk her into coming out of retirement, but she has no luck...or so she thinks. And she ends up with a great story when Lefty tells her some secrets from her past, and really opens up to her.

It is a really good story, as porn stories go, with more nuance than you might expect. And a good bit of time is spent on the story, nearly forty minutes. The acting is spotty. Alexis Texas should probably stick to fucking. But Bree Daniels and Julia Ann are both very good, as are some of the non-sex actors, for example, James Avalon, who makes a great boxing coach. The interview scene is especially good. And Dana Vespoli's performance is fantastic, with her award for Best Actress in an All-Girl release at the 2017 XBiz Awards being richly deserved. (The film itself was also nominated for All-Girl Release of the Year.)

As for the sex, the last scene, with Dana Vespoli and Bree Daniels, is excellent. It's intense, and yet it happens at a relaxed pace. The second scene, with Daniels and Julia Ann, is almost as good. It's really gentle at first, and they are very convincing as a couple. The first scene, with Vespoli and Alexis Texas, is also pretty good, but the third scene, with Texas, AJ Applegate, and Dani Daniels wasn't, and it felt a bit gratuitous in the context of the movie.

The camera work was very good throughout, and the sound problems we have often noted with Sweetheart Video, and Sweet Sinner, we largely absent.

July 11, 2017

The Proposal, from New Sensations Tales from the Heart


Time: 1:47, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

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Cast: Adria Rae (20yo), Tyler Nixon (29yo), Gia Paige (26yo), Logan Pierce (25yo), Abella Danger (21yo), Ryan McLane, Stevie Foxx, and Derrick Pierce (42yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site

Pleasure ♀-, Passion ♀, Balance


This was Jacky St James's last movie for New Sensations: She has since she left for Sweet Sinner. As with many of her other movies, The Proposal is a collection of four vignettes. These ones, obviously, are organized around marriage proposals—not all of them, surprisingly, successful. We enjoyed all of the stories, even if the last one was a bit too short.

The sex is reasonably natural and passionate, but there is not much variety. The best scene is probably the last one, with Stevie Foxx (a relative newcomer, in one of her first ten films, according to IAFD) and Derrick Pierce. There is just a great sense of connection between them, and Foxx really seems into the sex, without over-doing it, if you know what we mean.

The first scene, with Adria Rae and Tyler Nixon, is also very good. Some of the sequences go on a bit long, but there is a great sense of connection between them, again. And the third, with Abella Danger and Ryan McLane, is almost as good. They both act their parts very well, and there is some great eye-contact while they are making love. The second scene, however, with Gia Paige and Logan Pierce, is a bit of a disappointment. It's the least conventional of the stories, which we appreciated, but the sex is marred by her over-emphasizing her pleasure, so to speak.

The photography is reasonably well balanced, though we do lose the men a bit at times, especially, as usual, once they start fucking. And the choices of angles and shots are pretty conventional, though there are some nice close-ups of faces, especially in the third and fourth scenes. But there aren't any really great shots here.

June 23, 2017

My Wife's First Girlfriend, from New Sensations Tales From the Edge


Time: 1:54, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

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On the web: New Sensations Catalog, IAFD

Cast: Jenna Sativa (24yo), Leah Gotti (19yo), Mia Malkova (24yo), Katy Kiss (23yo), Ryan McLane, Karlie Montana (30yo), Abigail Mac (28yo), Dana Vespoli (44yo), Melissa Moore (20yo), and Ryan Ryder (23yo)

Source: 1920×1080 downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site

Pleasure ♀-, Passion ♀-, Balance


After a number of "hotwife" movies, featuring married women who have sex with men other than their husbands, Jacky St James brings up a movie in a similar vein, but in which the women have sex with other women. We greatly appreciated that most of the stories are driven by the desire of the women, as opposed to their husbands, who are nonetheless encouraging. That isn't always the case with the "hotwife" movies.

Unfortunately, however, the four scenes are a mixed bag. The first, with Jenna Sativa and Leah Gotti, has an excellent story. But the sex starts much too quickly, and it all feels a bit scripted. Something similar is true of the second scene, with Mia Malkova and Katy Kiss. It just isn't plausible that they'd be engaging in cunnilingus within a minute.

The other two scenes, though, are very good, and the third is terrific. Karlie Montana and Abigail Mac are best friends, and Abigail's husband has always wondered why they never had sex. So, well, they do. It would have been great if these themes had been explored a bit more, but the sex is fantastic, even though it is an extremely long scene. And, unlike in the first two scenes, the lovemaking starts with lots of kissing and caressing. It's almost ten minutes until there is any genital contact.

The last scene, with Dana Vespoli and Melissa Moore, isn't quite that good, but it has its moments. It's an amusing story: Melissa has lost her job, so her neighbor Dana has gotten her a part-time job selling sex toys at parties; how that leads to sex we'll never understand. It heats up more quickly than in the third scene, but the sex is very natural, and playful.

So, well, as we said, it's a mixed bag. But the last two scenes really are excellent.

June 8, 2017

XConfessions 5


Time: 1:55, Director: Erika Lust, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr here and here and here

On the web: Erika Lust's Website

Cast: Eris Maximo, Lana Sue, Julia Roca (25yo), Mickey Mod, Alexa Tomás (30yo), Joel Tomás, Bel Gris, Amarna Miller (25yo), Carolina Abril (23yo), Gabe Tonic, Maria Riot, Marc Morato, and Luke Hotrod

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from Lust Cinema

Pleasure ♀-, Passion ♀, Balance


Erika Lust created the XConfessions series in 2013. She solicits stories and fantasies from her fans and chooses two each month to make into short films. It's a tremendous idea: to give cinematic vision to the sexual imaginings of ordinary people. And it has been extremely successful. It is utterly different from stereotypical porn imagery.

Each DVD in the series features ten of these short films. There is great variation in the themes of the various scenes.

As we said have about the earlier collections, many of these scenes are as interesting intellectually and visually as they are erotic. Lust is extremely tender with the fantasies that have been shared with her, and she tries very hard to bring out what is special about them.

This collection, the fifth, is by far the most successful so far. There are five truly outstanding scenes and two more really excellent ones. The first scene is an unusual, for XConfessions, masturbation scene. Lana Sue discovers her roommate's vibrator...and a fantasy she didn't know she had. The fifth is Lust's attempt to portray BDSM realistically, and she, together with Mickey Mod and Amarna Miller, succeeds wonderfully. The other three great scenes are the second, eighth, and tenth. These are more typical boy-girl scenes, but there is something special about each one.

In some ways, though, our favorite scene here is the fourth, "Dear Brother in Law". The way Lust builds sexual tension is astonishing. Though somehow the scene doesn't quite live up to that promise, it's still wonderful.

As usual, the photography is excellent. Just check out the beginning of "La Reine des Culottes" and the way Lust captures the sensuality of a woman washing her lingerie by hand. Or the beauty of the beach scene in "El Chico de la Playa Nudista".

June 2, 2017

Five Hot Stories for Her



Time: 1:51, Director: Erika Lust, Date: 2007

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On the web: Official Site, Erika Lust's Website, IAFD

Cast: Sandra G, Lady Mai (23yo), Bobbi Eden (27yo), Sonia Baby, Eduardo Romo, Rafa Garcia, Nacho Coralini, Karnya, Julia Taylor (29yo), Ramon Nomar (33yo), Claudia Claire (30yo), Lucas Foz, Anthony Martinez, and Daniel Royter

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Lust Cinema

Pleasure ♀-, Passion ♀-, Balance


This is a collection of some of Erika Lust's earliest films. It seems almost unfair to review this now. There's a lot more promise here than there is achievement, and of course we know now that this promise would be realized before long. Lust has since, of course, become a feminist porn legend.

The dialog is dubbed in the first, second, and fifth scenes, with all the problems that brings, especially during the sex. And, as the more detailed reviews below will explain, we found the first and second scenes a bit unsatisfying. But the third, "Married with Children", with Julia Taylor and Ramon Nomar, is a wonderful little story of a couple who, once a week, escape from their domestic life together to have wild, kinky sex at a hotel. And the fourth, "To Be Or Not To Be a Good Girl", is even better. This is an extended version of Lust's first sexually explicit film, "The Good Girl", which was released for free on the web (under a Creative Commons licence) in 2004. The story parts are pretty much the same, but there is more sex here, and it's just excellent. The moment where Alex drops her towel, then waits for her soon-to-be lover's reaction, is amazing.

So, well, it's a mixed bag. But if you have never seen "The Good Girl", you really must.