January 1, 2001

Sweetheart Video

Sweetheart Video was founded in 2008 by porn star Nica Noelle, who had both appeared in and directed several movies for Girlfriends Films, which prides itself as presenting "the most realistic lesbian sex in adult video". Noelle directed all of Sweetheart's movies until she left the company in 2011 to found Girl Candy Films. Since then, direction has been taken over by Dana Vespoli and Melissa Monet, who have been regulars in Sweetheart's movies, and the accomplished director James Avalon, among others.

Sweetheart Video's motto is "Real Passion, Real Orgasms". They strive to present sex as authentically as possible, casting only women who are lesbian or bisexual and avoiding "gay for pay" performers. Noelle's cinematic style, especially, tends to be fairly simple, with the camera staying out of the way, and the performers seemingly given a great deal of freedom.

Most of Sweetheart's movies are organized around a theme, rather than a story, though they are not usually "all sex" but frame the sex somehow, even if that only involves the performers talking about what they are going to be doing. There are some movies that have stories, but these tend to be insubstantial and only to provide a bit more framing for the sex.


★★★★☆ Girls Kissing Girls 8 (Nica Noelle)
★★★★☆ Lesbian Analingus 1 (Dana Vespoli)
★★★★☆ Lesbian Confessions 1 (Nica Noelle)
★★★★½ Lesbian Truth or Dare 4 (Nica Noelle)