April 18, 2016

Safe Landings, from Adam and Eve


Time: 3:05, Director: Kay Brandt, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: IAFD

Cast: Brenda James (45yo), Marcus London (47yo), Alison Rey (20yo), Ryan McLane, August Ames (21yo), and Xander Corvus (27yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Gamelink


Here's the basic question we had before we watched this movie: Is it really worth our devoting three hours to watching a single porno? This is not the only one that long. Many of the "blockbusters" that attract attention from the award shows tend to be that long, even longer. But look: Ghandi is three hours long, and it often seems too long. But this movie was nominated for a number of awards, including Best Director, Best Drama, and Best Screenplay at the 2016 AVN Awards, and for Feature Movie of the Year, Director of the Year, Screenplay of the Year, and Best Cinemtography at the XBiz Awards. We figured it had to be worth a look.

Kay Brandt was not a director whose work we knew before we watched this movie. According to IAFD, this is only the eighth movie she has made, and the other seven have all been lesbian films. But what a track record it turns out she has. In 2012, her second film, Cherry, was nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Feature Director, and Best Screenplay at the AVN awards, and it won for All Girl-Release of the Year at the XBiz Awards, while Brandt was nominated for Director of the Year. The sequel, Cherry 2, won for Best All-Girl Release at the AVN awards. And in 2013, her films Against Her Will and Against Her Will 2 were both noimated for All-Girl Release of the Year at the XBiz Awards. Several of the performers in these movies were nominated for individual awards, as well.

This, then, is Brandt's first movie to focus on heterosexual relationsihps. Based upon her novel of the same name, it revolves around two women, Elaine (Brenda James) and Jessica (August Ames). Elaine is a flight attendant and is married to Ryan (Marcus London), whom she much loves, but she also has a penchant for affairs, most recenly with Michael (Ryan McLane), who is a pilot, and Tessa (Alison Rey), another flight attendant. Jessica is a jewelry rep who lives with her boyfriend Steven (Xander Corvus). Elaine and Jessica didn't know each other before, but they are thrown together by a plane crash they both survive but that kills most of the other passengers, including Michael and Tessa. The rest of the story concerns their struggles to come to terms with what has happened, enough at least to resume their lives.

So it is not a story about sex, and yet sex is an important part of the story, because of what it means to the characters.

And it is a very good story, and a lot of time is spent developing it: nearly an hour. The anger, sadness, and depression one might expect from Elaine and Jessica after such an event are on full display, as is the anxious concern, frustration, and desperate desire somehow to help experienced by their partners. "We will get through this", Steven tells Jess at a particularly dark moment—and, indeed, they do, but only because of his willingness to let her get through it how she needs to get through it. For Elaine, the crisis sparks a re-evalation of herself, and of her inability truly to commit to her relationship with Ryan. Our only criticism, as far as the story goes, is that the group therapy sessions Elaine and Jessica attend, though they are meant to be presented as a pointless waste of time, are nearly parodic.

What really makes this movie special, though, are the sex scenes. It is difficult to convey how powerful they are. The sex is so natural, and so carefully edited, that one has the sense of just being a fly on the wall. And the performers do an amazingly good job staying in role during the scenes, talking and laughing and crying, just as you would expect their characters to do. As a result, the sex scenes do not just fit the story, they are actually integral to the development of the story.

Almost the whole of the first fifty minutes is devoted to two sex scenes, one between Elaine and her husband, Ryan, and then another with Elaine and her two lovers, Michael and Tessa. In other cases (for example, here and here), we have complained about this sort of thing, as it can seem to delay the beginning of the story, however hot the scenes may be. And these two scenes are smoking hot, but they are more than that. They are character development. They tell us a great deal about who Elaine is and what her life is like. The only exception here is the last scene, which is not bad, but it does have a more pornish feel than the others. On the other hand, since it is meant to be Elaine's fantasy of Ryan having sex with Jessica and Steven, one might expect it to be a bit more out there. But, coming at the very end of the movie, it was a bit of a disappointment.

We'll add that, although this movie is not unique in this respect, we really appreciated how comfortable it is with the sexuality of middle-aged people. Two of the main characters are in their mid- or late-forties, and yet nothing special is made of that fact. Nor are differences in age fetishized when they become relevant.

As for the camera work, it is amazing, as good as we have ever seen. It is not better than that of Erika Lust or Ovidie, or that of Jacky St James at her best, but it is different. For the most part, the scenes tend to be shot from a fairly stationary camera that feels as if it is across the room from where love is being made. That relatively stable shot is augmented by closer shots of faces and bodies and, from time to time, genitals. The overall feel is that of an intimate observer, and it is amazing how involved it is possible to feel when the director does not try to insert you into the scene.

Was it worth spending three hours with this movie, then? Absolultely. It is one of the best pornos we have ever had the pleasure of watching. And in some ways, it is the best. The way sex is handled here is undoubtedly as good as we have ever seen, and the camera work is a revelation.

Scene 1: Brenda James and Marcus London (⚤)


Time: 24:00

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Elaine (Brenda James) wakes her husband Ryan (Marcus London) with a blow job.

We often complain about long scenes, and this is a fairly long scene, but we have no complaints here. The sex is completely natural. It has an almost dance-like flow to it, as they move from position to position, completely atuned to each other.

They do an excellent job portraying a couple who love each other, and who are very comfortable together sexually. She talks to him quite a lot, just expressing her enjoyment and love for him. He talks a bit less to her at first, but he gets more into it later, and his words are equally well chosen.

All in all, it's just very, very hot, and we were dripping wet half way through it. As jaded as we are, that's saying something.

The photography in this scene is fantastic. It is mostly shot from a wider angle, as if we were watching them from across the room. But there are well-placed close-ups, too, both of their faces and, occasionally, of their genitals.


With him naked and her in panties and a cami, she leans over and sucks his cock as he lies on the bed. She kneels up and takes off her cami, and he lies her on the bed and rubs her pussy through, and then under, her panties as he sucks her tits and kisses her. He takes off her panties and goes down on her, and she has at least one orgasm, maybe two.

He kneels over her and enters her, and she reaches down and rubs her clit hard. They switch to spooning, and she again rubs her clit---"My clit is so hot", she says—and she cums again, harder this time. He starts rubbing her clit for her, then pulls out and fingers her, then goes down on her again.

He gets up and kneels over her as she lies on her side, entering her half from behind. They then roll over, and she sucks his cock again, then gets astride him on her knees and grinds against him. She cums yet again, with him encouraging her, and she falls onto him. She goes at him again, then squats up and bounces on his cock.

They roll back over, and she says she wants him to cum for her. He lies over her and thrusts hard into her, holding her tight. He puls out, and she wanks him as he cums onto her stomach.

Scene 2: Alison Rey, Brenda James, and Ryan McLane (♀♀♂)


Time: 25:30

Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Handjob, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Wow. Wow! This is without question the best FFM threesome we have ever seen, and it is also one of the hottest scenes we have ever watched, period.

Elaine (Brenda James) has sex with her lover Michael (Ryan McLane), a pilot with whom she is having an affair. She says she has a surprise for him waiting in the guest room, which turns out to be Tessa (Alison Rey), who is a crewmate of Michael's.

It is so amazing how this scene begins: slowly, with them all getting comfortable with each other. The way they talk to each other is totally convincing, too. They are friends fucking, and it all just seems so natural, playful, and fun. It's nine minutes before they start fucking, but once they do, everything heats up very fast. It is obvious that they are all really enjoying fucking each other—and that makes it eminently believable that the characters are having just as much fun.

The camera work is once again outstanding. There seems to be one main camera that stays in about the same position throughout. There are closer shots, too, but they are clearly meant to augment the overall feel we get from the main shot. In a way, the sex is just allowed to speak for itself. There's no attempt to make it seem hotter by showing a lot of closeups and the like. And there's no need, either.


As Tessa lies on the bed in lingerie, Elaine gets on the bed with her and kisses her legs, then massages her feet, as Michael starts to undress. He sits on the bed, and all of them kiss. Elaine takes off her bra, then drops Tessa's top and sucks her tits. Tessa lies on the bed, and Michael kisses her while Elaine rubs her pussy through her panties. Michael kneels her up and takes off her baby doll, and Elaine lies down, saying she wants Tessa's "boobies".

Michael takes off Elaine's panties and goes down on her as Tessa kisses her. Michael puts Tessa's hand on Elaine's pussy, then gets behind her himself. He fingers Elaine while Tessa rubs her clit, then kneels down behind Elaine and licks her pussy. Tessa lies over Elaine, and Michael rubs her pussy, then fingers her, while Elaine sucks her tits.

Michael finally takes his pants off, and Elaine says she wants Michael inside, but that she also wants to taste Tessa's pussy—so they arrange themselves appropriately and do it. Elaine puts a finger into Tessa, saying, "Soon his cock is going to be right in there". Tessa starts moaning loudly, and she cums hard as Elaine rubs her clit. Elaine asks her to fuck herself and says that, when she cums, she wants Tessa's fingers in her mouth with her juice on them—a request Tessa obliges.

Michael pulls out of Elaine and pulls Tessa toward him on the bed. He fucks her slowly as Elaine leans over to kiss her. Elaine kneels up, and she and Tessa rub her pussy together. She leans over again and kisses Tessa as Michael starts fucking her very hard. They slow down, and Tessa asks Elaine to straddle her face. Elaine reaches over and rubs Tessa's pussy.

Michael gets on his back, and Elaine rides him as Tessa straddles his face. Elaine then gets off him and sucks his cock again as he continues to eat Tessa. Elaine then hands Michael's cock over to Tessa, who sucks him in a 69 before Elaine gets back atop him, reverse this time.

Tessa says she wants a turn, so she and Elaine switch positions. Tessa reaches down and rubs her clit, and she cums hard again.

The women then take turns sucking Michael's cock. Elaine does the bulk of the work, but then turns his cock over to Tessa when he gets close, and then they jerk him together until he cums. The three of them then cuddle together on the bed.

Scene 3: August Ames and Brenda James (⚢)


Time: 25:00

Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Jess (August Ames) and Elaine (Brenda James) have sex after having a particularly intense conversation during which Elaine reveals that it was she who saved Jess's life.

The beginning of this scene is just amazing, once again. There is little but kissing for the first five minutes, and not even a bra comes off for seven minutes. And yet it is all smoking hot. There is an incredible sense of caged passion, heating up as Jess accustoms herself to what is happening. It is hard to express how well Ames, especially, acts her part. Both of them are totally convincing, but we have to think Ames has the more difficult role. Even her body language conveys her uncertainty and nervousness.

The sex that follows is natural, convincing, and hot. They each have several orgasms, and not because that's the point. It just happens.

And could the camera work be better? Maybe, but we don't know how. It has all the virtues of the earlier scenes, but has an intimacy that is truly astonishing.


Elaine starts kissing Jess, who seems surprised and unsure. Elaine eases Jess back on the couch, then lies over her, kissing her. Jess says she is confused, and Elaine tells her not to think about anything. They hug tightly, then kiss passionately, and Elaine pulls down Jess's top and kisses her breasts.

Elaine kneels up and pushes Jess's dress up as she undoes a belt. They kneel up together and kiss again, and Elaine pulls off Jess's dress and kisses the tops of her tits over her bra. Jess pulls off Elaine's shirt, and then Elaine pushes down Jess's bra and sucks her tits. "I'm so nervous", Jess says.

Elaine sits on the couch, pulling Jess onto her lap, facing her. She slides underneath her, eating her pussy through her panties as Jess straddles her face. Elaine slips out from under her and tosses Jess onto a large ottoman, pulling off her panties and taking off her own jeans. "I've waited so long to taste you", she says, and she leans over and licks Jess's pussy. Kneeling next to her, she rubs Jess's pussy hard, and Jess says she is going to cum and does. Elaine then takes off her bra, gets between Jess's legs, and goes down on her. She puts two fingers into her and rubs her clit with her other hand.

They kneel up, and Jess kisses Elaine's tits briefly before Elaine tells her to turn around and get on her hands and knees. She licks Jess's pussy from behind, then kisses her way up her back. She lies over her, pressing her front against Jess's back, then gets back behind her and fingers her again. Jess reaches back and rubs her clit, and she cums again.

They switch positions, and Elaine lies on her back, taking her panties off. Jess gets between her legs and goes down on her. Elaine rubs her clit as Jess licks her entrance, and she cums on Jess's face.

Jess says there is something she has been wanting to try, which is apparently a 69, so she climbs atop Elaine, and they eat each other. Jess kneels up and rubs Elaine's pussy as Elaine fingers her, and Elaine asks her to wait for her. Jess tries, but she cums first, followed quickly by Elaine.

They sit up and kiss, giggling about how wet the ottoman has become. Elaine then lies Jess on her back on the ottoman, and Jess masturbates while Elaine fingers her. Jess cums yet again, shaking. "You're so beautiful when you cum", Elaine tells her, lying over her to kiss her. Elaine then straddles her face, and Jess eats her again as Elaine reaches back to rub her pussy. Elaine cums once more herself, and Jess may do so, as well.

"I may have saved your life", Elaine tells Jess, "but you're saving my soul".

Scene 4: August Ames and Xander Corvus (⚤)


Time: 27:00

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Multiple Male Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Jess and Steven have a talk in bed together, and she tells him that Elaine is who saved her. He understands what that must mean and holds her tight, which leads to their kissing...and then more. It's the first time they've had sex since the crash.

There is a bittersweetness to this scene that is completely appropriate to the story. They seem almost in tears at the beginning, filled with a sort of joyful release, and we think she may actually start to cry. She definitely cries later. There is also a deep sense of their love for one another, conveyed partly through their words, but also through the way they interact. He told her earlier they would get through it all together, and now it seems that might be true. Besides all that, the sex is very hot, and so intense they pull the sheets off the bed. Unusually, he cums twice. She cums several times.

We did think, though, that maybe this scene was a bit longer than it needed to be. We'd actually have been happy enough had it ended when he came the first time. The point had been made, so to speak, and it maybe even seemed as if a quickie would have been right for the story.

The camera work is once again fantastic. When the camera pulled back and re-centered when they started fucking doggy style, we found ourselves asking, "How hard is that?" The answer, of course, is that it isn't hard. You just have to care enough to do it. And Brandt clearly does.


They kiss, and he rolls her onto her back and strokes her body. He lifts up and kisses her softly, then starts to pull off her bra. They kneel up together, and he takes the bra off and strokes her tits, asking her if it is all right. They keep kissing, and he sucks her tits. He lies her back on the bed and gets between her legs, but she leans up to kiss him, and then he leans over her and kisses her. "I love you so much", he says. "I love you, too", she responds, and he pulls her panties aside and goes down on her. She cums, her legs quivering.

He kisses her as he wriggles out of his pants, and he then leans over her and enters her, but then pulls out again and leans over to kiss her. They then start fucking properly, and he pulls out and cums on her stomach and tits.

He falls onto his back, and she sucks his cock clean, giving him a long, slow blowjob during which she pauses to kiss him. He motions for her to get on top of him, and she does, her panties still just pulled aside. She rides his cock and grinds onto him, then leans over as he thrusts into her. They slow, and she holds both his hands, pressing them onto the bed, then sits up and bounces on him again, then grinds onto him, and she cums hard, at least once, maybe more.

He gets up, moving her onto all fours and takes off her panties, finally. He licks her ass and gets up behind her so they can fuck doggy style. They switch to spooning, and she rubs her clit. She stops and closes her legs, then cums again as he fucks her, and starts crying...with joy, or excitement, or something. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 5: August Ames, Xander Corvus, and Marcus London (♀♂♂)


Time: 22:00

Features: Analingus, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Elaine has a fantasy about her husband, Ryan (Marcus London), having sex with Jess (August Ames) and her boyfriend Steven (Xander Corvus).

The sex here is fairly steamy, but it doesn't feel as natural as in the other scenes. Everything seems like it happens at double speed, especially towards the end. It feels a bit pornish, largely because of how Ryan has sex with Jess. We'll admit, though, that FMM threesomes are a tough sell with us. It almost always ends up seeming as if the woman is being called upon to service two men, as opposed to being pleasured by two men.

It's striking, too, what a difference the lack of emotional content makes for us. It would have helped, we think, if there had been cuts during the scene to Elaine masturbating, perhaps with her talking out loud about her own feelings about her fantasy.

But the camera work is once again excellent.


The men are both naked, and Ryan takes off Jess's bra and sucks her tits. She leans over and sucks his cock, and Steven pulls down her panties and licks her pussy from behind. He puts two fingers into her, then kneels up and enters her, and she kneels up and kisses Ryan, then goes back to sucking him.

Ryan then lies on his back, and Jess gets atop him, turning to the side to suck Steven as she rides Ryan's cock. They then switch positions, so she is riding Steven and sucking Ryan. She then squats up on Steven and bounces on his cock.

Jess lies on her side, and Ryan fucks her while she sucks Steven, who lies on his back. Ryan pulls out of her and eats her, then kneels back up and fucks her again. He pulls out and fingers her hard, then re-enters her. She gets onto all fours, and Ryan licks her ass while Steven sucks her tits. Ryan then starts fucking her doggy style, and Steven kneels up so she can suck him again. Ryan pulls out and reaches around Jess to rub her pussy, and she screams out that she is cumming.

Steven kneels over Jess as she lies on her back, and he enters her as Ryan kisses her. Ryan kneels up, and she strokes his cock, then sucks him. Steven pulls out and rubs his cock on her clit, then re-enters her, and she cums again. Steven then pulls out and Ryan fingers her hard before moving around and fucking her again as Steven takes Ryan's position. Ryan then pulls out again, fingers Jess and eats her, then lies across her legs and fucks her again, then kneels back up. Steven pulls out of her mouth and cums on her tits, and just as Ryan starts to cum on her stomach, we return to Elaine masturbating in her bed.

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  1. Thank you for the review! I'm thrilled you loved it this much! Looking forward to you seeing my upcoming film from Adam&Eve "Babysitting the Baumgartners." Oh--and just so you know, I've directed 40+ movies since 2008. Because Girlfriends Films wasn't in the business of giving credits at the end of their films, much of what I directed for them went unrecognized. I've also written 15 movies for Digital Background (2010-2011) that Robby D directed -- all BG films. But, yes, this was my first BG film that I actually got to direct. It was an amazing experience, for sure!


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