December 25, 2016

Sisters Share Everything, from New Sensations Lesbian Experience


Time: 1:53, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: New Sensations Catalog, IAFD

Cast: Elsa Jean (20yo), Trillium (22yo), Cassidy Klein (25yo), Gia Paige (26yo), Adriana Chechik (24yo), Kimber Woods (23yo), Karmen Karma (25yo), and Rachel Midori

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


Much in the tradition of Sisterly Love 2, which appeared in the Tabu Tales series, Sisters Share Everything is a series of vignettes focused on lesbian fauxcest. Unfortunately, it is very much a mixed bag.

The second scene, with Cassidy Klein and Gia Paige, is very good. The story tells of an approach-avoidance dynamic between the sisters, which comes to a head when Gia walks in on Cassidy masturbating. Cassidy is a bit over-expressive, if you know what we mean, but there are some great bits, and the photography is very good.

The third scene, with Adriana Chechik and Kimber Woods, is also very good. The sex is very passionate and convincing, and they both have several orgasms. But it does not really fit the story. It heats up much too quickly, unless they are both much more experienced, and much kinkier, than the story lets on.

Sadly, though, the first scene, with Elsa Jean and Trillium, is terrible. The story is all right, if a bit silly, but the sex is everything bad "lesbian" porn sex too often is. And the last scene just didn't do it for us, since we just can't get into the "bad girl" fantasy.

Overall, then, this is the most disappointing movie we have seen from Jacky St James.

Scene 1: Elsa Jean and Trillium (♀♀)


Time: 30:45 (Sex: 26:00)

Features: 69, Analingus, Tribadism

Pleasure ❌, Passion ❌

Elsa likes to snoop in her step-sister Trillium's room, including looking through her vibrators. She asks Trillium why she has them, so Trillium gives her one to try, which soon becomes an obsession. When it breaks, though, Elsa decides it is time for her to have sex with a person: Trillium.

The story lasts about four and a half minutes. The acting is not great, and it's a bit of a silly story, but it is at least amusing. Unfortunately, the sex is just about everything that bad "lesbian" porn sex too often is. Elsa is going down on Trillium in less than two minutes, and at that point they both start moaning in that generic porno way that we all know and hate. There is very little sexy or convincing about it.

Scene 2: Cassidy Klein and Gia Paige (♀♀)


Time: 27:29 (Sex: 24:00)

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓

Cassidy and Gia are step-sisters who are deeply attracted to each other. Cassidy did kiss her once, but Gia pushed her away, worried about what it would mean. But the attraction remains, and it is interfering with their relationship. But after Gia walks in on Cassidy masturbating, they do finally have sex.

It's a hot fantasy, though Cassidy is a bit pushy. But the sex, especially at the beginning, is every bit as passionate, even desperate, as you would expect it to be, and they do a good job carrying the story into the sex. And it is much, much better than in the first scene, though Cassidy has a tendency to over-emphasize what she is feeling. So to speak. We really liked the sequence where Gia leans back against Cassidy as she reaches around and masturbates her.

The photography is quite good. There's a good mix of wider and closer, and what really close genital shots there are tend not to linger too longer.


Cassidy, already naked, jumps on top of Gia on the bed and starts kissing her, then quickly strips her out of her clothes while holding her from behind. She lies her on the bed, pulls off her panties, and kisses her legs and stomach, then goes down on her briefly. Cassidy kneels up and kisses Gia, then goes back to eating her pussy, then kisses her again.

They switch positions, and Gia dives between Cassidy's legs. She starts rubbing Gia's pussy hard, and she says she is going to cum, which we think she does: The way she quivers when Gia starts kissing her clit again suggests the sort of over-sensitivity that one might expect.

Gia goes up to kiss Cassidy and starts grinding on her thigh, and Cassidy encourages her to "use" her to get herself off. She may have, but we were not sure. Cassidy then says she wants to taste Gia again, so she lies Gia back on the bed and goes down on her from the side. Gia then asks Cassidy to sit on her face, which she does, and Gia reaches down to masturbate as well.

Cassidy gets off Gia's face and lies next to her to kiss her, then puts a finger into her, then another, and fucks her to an apparent orgasm. She then turns Gia onto all fours and licks and rubs her pussy from behind. They then switch positions, and Gia fingers Cassidy to another orgasm.

They start tribbing, sitting face to face. They get a pretty good rhythm going, and Cassidy grabs hold of Gia's leg and starts fucking her, trying to get her off, but she doesn't quite get there. Cassidy then sits on the bed and pulls Gia back against her so she can reach around and masturbate her. "Just relax and cum in my arms", she says, and she holds Gia tight and rubs her hard until she does indeed cum.

Scene 3: Adriana Chechik and Kimber Woods (♀♀)


Time: 26:10 (Sex: 22:00)

Features: 69, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Spanking

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Adriana apparently tells a lot of tall tales, this time that her great-grandmother's house is haunted, which she thinks Kimber will believe since she is "obsessed with the paranormal". It turns out the whole thing is a plot Adriana has hatched to get Kimber alone. Kimber is a bit resistant, insisting they shouldn't be doing what they are doing, but her horniness gets the best of her, surprisingly enough.

Once again, the genital sex starts too quickly for our tastes. Adriana's long pent-up passion might explain some of that, but we still would have appreciated more kissing. It helps that they carry the story into the scene, and Adriana is very expressive about what she wants, as well as a bit dominant. The good news, though, is that the sex is very passionate and convincing, and they both have several orgasms. But the sex does not really fit the story, unless they are both far more experienced, and kinky, than the story suggests.

The photography is again pretty good, but not as good as in the second scene.


Adriana pulls Kimber onto the bed and starts kissing her. She unbuttons Kimber's shorts and pulls them off her, then takes off her tennis shoes and starts rubbing and then licking her pussy through her panties. Those come off quickly, and Adriana goes down on Kimber briefly. Kimber kneels up, and they kiss, and she pulls off Adriana's top, pushes down her shorts, and licks Adriana's pussy from behind as she falls onto all fours.

Adriana turns onto her back, and Kimber goes down on her. Adriana asks her to put a finger into her and seems as if she might cum, but she doesn't quite get there. Kimber kneels up, and they kiss again, and Adriana then tosses Kimber onto all fours and licks her asshole while rubbing her clit. She fucks Kimber with three fingers, which has her squealing.

Adriana scoots underneath Kimber so they are 69, and Kimber finger-fucks her hard, which does seem to get Adriana off this time. Adriana scoots out a bit and spanks Kimber a few times, at her request, then starts fingering her again, which drives Kimber to a quivering orgasm.

Adriana pulls Kimber up and asks her to sit on her face, and Kimber reaches down and fingers Adriana again, and Kimber has another orgasm. Kimber then says she wants Adriana to sit on her face, which she does as Kimber masturbates. Adriana tells Kimber just to stick her tounge out, and she bucks on her face. Kimber then finger-fucks her while rubbing he clit with the other hand, and Adriana may cum again.

Kimber tosses Adriana onto her back and goes down on her again as Adriana pulls her legs back and apart. Kimber then gets astride Adriana to trib, and she grinds onto her hard. One or both of them may cum again, but they both seem so aroused at this point that it is hard to tell. They then kneel up, rubbing each other's pussies and kissing, until Adriana stuffs Kimber's panties into her mouth. Kimber cums hard, and Adriana may cum with her.

They slow and kiss, and Adriana says she'd like to have one more taste of Kimber. So she lies her back on the bed and goes down on her again so Kimber can have one more orgasm.

Scene 4: Karmen Karma and Rachel Midori (♀♀)


Time: 24:54 (Sex: 21:00)

Karmen is apparently on house arrest, and her step-sister Rachel is sleeping with her ex-girlfriend Kayla, which makes everything perfect, especially since she's gone six months without sex. So is Rachel an option? Karmen tells Rachel that she isn't satisfying Kayla because she doesn't know how to do her special trick, so Rachel decides that Karmen needs to show it to her,

It's a bit of a dumb story, actually, and as a result the first contact there is between them is oral-genital. It also doesn't give us any sense for a positive relationship between them, and the two characters are just standard-issue "bad girls", and not very sympathetic ones at that.

The sex is passionate, but very pornish. It may appeal to some, but it didn't really do it for us, so we skipped through most of it.

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