April 5, 2013

Warm Embrace, from Daring Sex


Time: 1:36, Director: Lisa Loves, Date: 2012

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Daring Media

Cast: Hannah Shaw (29yo), Peter Oh Tool, Megan Coxxx (23yo), Jamie Barry, Lucy Love, Andy Mann, Kai Taylor, Lou Charmelle (29yo), Cathy Heaven (32yo), and Pascal White

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from subscription site


A series of vignettes, but with no common theme, so far as we can see. Most of them are divided into scenes of a sort: Kissing, cunnilingus, fellatio, etc. Generally, the men are in suits, and the women are in lingerie.

It may sound weird to say, but, despite how explicit this movie obviously is, in many ways it is more sensual than it is sexual, though it is probably fair to say that it starts more sensual and ends more sexual.

The camera work is also varied and interesting, with odd flashbacks and forward, which seem to represent the thoughts of the characters, remembering what they have done and anticipating what they will do. There are a lot of full body shots and relatively few genital closeups. It's almost as if a lot is left just to be suggested. The sex too tends to be varied, without any common script to the different scenes (do this, then do that, then that), which is a flaw in too many other movies.

Unfortunately, the big flaw here, as in most of the movies from Daring Sex, is that there just isn't enough visible female pleasure: So far as I can tell, there is not a single female orgasm in the entire movie. That is not to say that the women do not seem to enjoy themselves. They often do. But there is a serious orgasm deficit.

Scene 1: Hannah Shaw and Peter Oh Tool (♀♂)


Time: 18:50

Cumshot: Ass

They kiss, and he strokes her tits from behind. She lies on her stomach, and he kisses her neck and back. She then lies on her back, and he eats her pussy and rubs her clit. She sucks his cock, stroking him with long gloves on. She wraps her panties around his cock and rubs him with them, then goes back to sucking him. They start fucking with her on her back, and him beside her. (She is still in lingerie, and he is still wearing his suit.) She then gets on her stomach, and he fucks her from behind, with her getting up on her knees a bit. He cums on her butt and back.

This scene is very nicely shot, with good gender balance. But her vocalizations often seem a bit overdone, and there isn't much passion between them. So it ends up seeming too performed, and she never really gets that aroused.

Scene 2: Megan Coxxx and Jamie Barry (♀♂)


Time: 18:39

Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Vibrator

He kisses and strokes her body, and they kiss. She undoes his pants and sucks him. He then sucks her tits as she rubs herself under her panties, and he kisses his way to her pussy, then licks her as she rubs her clit. She then uses a vibrator inside herself while he rubs her clit and kisses her. They fuck spooning, and she rubs herself a bit. He cums on her pussy and ass.

Nicely shot, as usual, and with great gender balance. But it just isn't that passionate, and it gets a bit monotonous in the middle. Still, it is a bit more varied than most of what one sees: It isn't that common to see a woman use a vibrator while playing with a male lover.

She never seems very aroused, though.

Scene 3: Lucy Love and Andy Mann (♀♂)


Time: 19:04

Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Mutual Masturbation

They sort of watch each other, then kiss standing. She kneels in front of him and sucks his cock as he sits on the edge of a couch. They then sit on the couch, facing each other, and watch each other masturbate. She sucks him again then lies back, and he rubs her pussy, pulling her panties aside, as she jerks his dick and they kiss. She gets up on her knees and he strokes her ass, then fingers her pussy from behind. She then lies on the back of the couch, and he eats her pussy, and he moves in front of her and fucks her. He then sits on the couch, and she sucks him before getting atop him on her knees, and then squatting as he thrusts up into her. They switch to spooning, and he keeps fucking her hard. He then fucks her on her side, with one of her legs up over his shoulder, which we see from behind her, unusually. He cums on her pussy.

This scene is beautifully shot, with excellent gender balance, and it is quite different, in terms of what they do, from what one usually sees. It's really nice to see a couple masturbate together.

Ultimately, though, the scene just isn't as passionate as I'd like, and she never gets very aroused.

Scene 4: Kai Taylor and Lou Charmelle (♀♂)


Time: 19:47

Cumshot: Tits

Features: Rough Sex

He kisses her and strokes her body as they lie on a bed, her in lingerie and him in a suit. He then kisses her torso, and she takes his cock out of his pants and caresses him. She then sucks his (thick) cock as he kneels over her, reaching down to rub, then lick, her pussy. She lies on her back, and they kiss, and he rubs her clit, then puts his cock into her. She flips her leg over so they are spooning, and they fuck hard while holding hands. He then gets above her, with their legs crossing. She spreads herself very wide, and he kneels in front of her. They switch to doggy, and the sex gets a bit rougher, with him holding her chin and pulling her hair. She pulls up to a kneeling position, and then he gets on his back and she gets atop him. Finally, he fucks her hard on her back, and he cums on her chest.

This one is very artsy, with a lot of "flashes" forward and backwards, and much is left to the imagination. The way they look at each other at the beginning is quite beautiful, and the sex is varied and playful. Unfortunately, the "flashes" are a bit distracting, especially because they are just of her, a lot of the time. Perhaps this is meant to suggest that this is her fantasy, but if so it does not work well enough to justify the break in the flow.

Still, this scene is quite good, overall. It would be much better if she ever seemed very aroused.

There is just a hint of roughness, with him pulling her hair as he fucks her from behind.

Scene 5: Cathy Heaven and Pascal White (♀♂)


Time: 18:18

Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Anal, Deepthroat

They gaze into each other's eyes and kiss as he takes off her bra. She lies back, and he sucks her tits, then pulls off her panties and goes down her, licking her quite lovingly. She then sucks him as he stands, and just casually takes him all the way into her mouth, repeatedly, without making a big deal out of it, which is quite sexy. He fucks her mouth a bit as she gets on all fours in front of him, and he reaches over her to rub her pussy and finger her. They start fucking doggy style. She then gets on her back and loosens her ass with her fingers, ane he puts himself into her butt as she looks at him sweetly. She fingers herself a bit, then rubs her clit as he fucks her ass. He cums on her stomach.

As usual, there is great camera work and wonderful gender balance, and there is nice chemistry between these two. The anal part of the scene is amazingly romantic and even loving, which is so different from how it is usually presented in porn. Unfortunately, though, she never really seems all that aroused, though she does seem to enjoy herself.