February 28, 2014

After Midnight, from Daring Pure

Time: 1:42, Director: Dawn, Date: 2013
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
On the web: Daring Pure, IAFD
Cast: Denisa Heaven (25yo), Wein Lewis (31yo), Jessica Rox (25yo), Will, Sindy Vega (22yo), Jay Dee, Victoria Puppy (23yo), Angelo Godshack (25yo), Rita Peach (28yo), and Pavel Matous (28yo)


One of the first titles in the "Daring Pure" line, this is a collection of vignettes without any common theme. Overall, they are not terribly passionate, and the sex feels pre-planned, if not quite performed. So we found this video somewhat disappointing.

The second and fourth scenes are shot in the same attic space, with white beams and so forth, that many of the DaneJones videos are shot. Rita Peach, who is in the firth scene, is also often in DaneJones videos. But these are not nearly as natural or convincing as those are.

Scene 1: Denisa Heaven and Wein Lewis

Time: 22:21
Features: Handjob, Orgasm?
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ✓

The camera work here is pretty good, overall, and reasonably varied, though she is much more the focus than he is. It would be nice to see his face a bit, for example, while she sucks him. She does seem to cum at about 20:20, squatting over him, reverse cowgirl, but the ending—her stroking him until he cums on her tits—is pretty pornish.


They kiss standing, and he turns her around and runs his hands over her tits as he kisses her neck. He unbuttons her blouse, and she takes off his shirt, then he turns her around and sucks her tits. He takes off her bottoms and lies her back, then licks her pussy through and around her panties, which he takes off. He adds a finger for a bit, and they stand up and kiss again as she rubs his cock through his pants. She undoes them, then kneels down and sucks him. She stands, and they start to fuck as he leans against the wall and she lifts one leg. He picks her up and sets her on a stool, then stands in front of her and enters her. He reaches down and rubs her clit a bit, and they switch to doggy style. He pulls out and licks her pussy briefly before re-entering her. He then lies on the floor, and she squats over him, reverse, and he reaches around and rubs her pussy. She may cum about 20:20. He then stands up, and she sucks him again, then strokes him until he cums on her tits.

Scene 2: Jessica Rox and Will

Time: 18:25
Features: Handjob
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ✓

There is some nice teasing at the beginning, and the sex here is a bit more creative than usual. There is a good bit of smiling between them, too. But the sex is not terribly passionate, though by no means is it bad.

Gender balance is quite good, and we do see a fair bit of his face. But we lose sight of him in the usual places, and toward the end the focus is almost entirely on her. The ending is again pretty pornish, as well: She masturbates him until he cums on her tits.


She is in a short dress, reclining in a chair and teasing him. She gets on her knees and lifts her dress, showing him her ass, then calls him over to her. He appears, in just boxers, and kisses her back. He sits on the chair, and they kiss as he strokes her body. She lowers her dress, and he sucks her tits a bit, and she then stands up so he can unzip her dress and remove it. He rubs and kisses her ass, and she sits down on his lap. He rubs her tits and then her pussy through and then under her panties. She stands up and removes those, rubbing them on his cock as she removes his shorts. She then stands over him and sucks his cock a bit before getting astride him on her knees. She gets off him and sucks him again, and then they swtich to doggy style. They hold hands a bit, and she seems to get reasonably aroused. She turns around and sucks him again, and she then lies on her side with her legs together, as he kneels behind her. She reaches down and rubs her clit, and he then lies back on the chair so she can suck him yet again. She jerks him until he cums on her tits.

Scene 3: Sindy Vega and Jay Dee

Time: 20:49

Similar to the previous scenes in terms of gender balance and camera work. But, though the beginning is promising, it is ultimately very lacking in passion, and the sex is fairly routine. She never seems all that aroused. He, of course, does get to cum, on her ass.


She is sitting, in just panties, on some pillows on the floor. He sits behind her in just shorts and strokes her body, then turns her around and kisses her. He reaches down into her panties and rubs her pussy as she strokes his cock through his shorts. She then takes off his shorts and sucks him. He sits up and kisses her, and she lies back so he can lick her pussy around her panties. He puts a finger into her, then kneels over her and enters her as she pulls her legs back. They switch to spooning, and then she gets astride him on her knees. She gets up to a squatting position, leaning over to kiss him, and then they switch to doggy style. He cums on her ass.

Scene 4: Victoria Puppy and Angelo Godshack

Time: 19:27
Features: Handjob, Orgasm?

The beginning, which features extended kissing and petting, is excellent, but the sex ultimately lacks for passion. It gets better as it proceeds, though, and the end is actually very sexy as she masturbates him as they lie next to each other. She also seems to have an orgasm, at about 17:20, masturbating herself as she lies on her back and he fucks her.

The gender balance is similar to the other scenes.


They are making out on a couch, both clothed, and she strokes his cock through his pants, then reaches under his shirt as he rubs her ass. They take off her shirt, and he rubs her tits, then takes off her bra and sucks her tits as she reaches into her shorts. She takes off his shirt, and he kisses her chest, then puts his hand into her shorts. He takes off her shorts, which leaves her naked except for her heels, and goes down on her, putting a finger into her, as well. They kiss, and she takes off his jeans and sucks him. They start fucking in a spooning position, and she then gets astride him on her knees. She gets off him and takes off her shoes, then gets back on him reverse, up on her feet and leaning back on her hands. She then lies on the couch as he kneels in front of her, and she reaches down to rub her clit. She may cum at about 17:20. He then lies back on the couch as she lies next to him and strokes his cock until he cums, on his stomach and hers.

Scene 5: Rita Peach and Pavel Matous

Time: 21:26
Features: Handjob, Orgasm

Much like the previous scenes, there is much promise here at the beginning, with a lot of kissing and caressing before things become more sexual. But the scene ends up lacking for passion. She does cum at about 18:05, though, bouncing on his cock. She then sucks his cock until he cums on her tits.


She is sitting on a chair, and he leans over to kiss her, just wearing a towel. She undoes the towel and sucks his cock as he stands, and he then moves behind her, strokes her shoulders, and rubs her tits through her nightdress. He sits on the chair, and they kiss, and he removes her nightdress and rubs and sucks her tits. She stands up, and he removes her panties, then sits her on the chair and goes down on her. He then kneels in front of her and enters her. She turns onto her side a bit, and he leans over to kiss her, then sits on the chair so she can get atop him on her knees. She then turns around, bouncing on his cock, and she cums at about 18:05. He then stands, and she sucks him again, stroking him as she holds his glans in her mouth. He cums on her tits.

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