November 19, 2014

Chauntelle Tibbals: The 10 Best Films You’ve Probably Missed Since 2010…

Regular readers will already know that we are big fans of Chauntelle Tibbals's work. So we would highly recommend that all our readers follow her personal blog and her porn-oriented blog Porn Valley Vantage. The former often mentions articles that Chauntelle has written for other sites, including, recently, a two-part series for Uproxx (originals here and here) on the top-ten porn films since 2010.
Her top 10:
  • Elegant Angel, Dani Daniels: DARE
  • Elegant Angel, Wasteland
  • Evil Angel, Voracious (series)
  • Girlfriends Films, Truth Be Told
  • New Sensations, The Submission of Emma Marx
  • POPPORN, Man vs. Pussy
  • Tom Byron Pictures, A Wet Dream on Elm Street
  • Vivid, The New Behind the Green Door
  • Vivid, Pee-Wee’s XXX Adventure
  • Wicked Pictures, Divorcees
She ranks Wasteland as number one.
We've only seen four of these. We certainly agree that Wasteland (review on the way) and Submission of Emma Marx (review here) belong on this list. We were less impressed with Truth Be Told (review here) and Divorcees (review on the way). But, of course, disagreements are only to be expected.
What did surprise us, though was that Chauntelle did not include The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee, since she wrote such a glowing review of it. She does say that it and Torn were fighting it out with Emma Marx for one spot. But, well, as much as we agree with Chauntelle about how Emma Marx presents BDSM, we couldn't have left Anna Lee off the list. It's joint number one for us, with Wasteland, as the best porn film we've ever seen.

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