January 26, 2015

Heart Strings, from Wicked Passions

Time: 1:28, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2011
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: India Summer (36yo), Michael Vegas, Carolyn Reese (37yo), Bill Bailey (31yo), Gracie Glam (21yo), Rocco Reed (29yo), and Brooklyn Lee (22yo)


This was the first of the Wicked Passions movies with a story. The previous movies in the series were all sets of vignettes, directed by Skye Blue.

Emma (Brooklyn Lee) and Casey (Seth Gamble) have been high school sweethearts, but he is about to be a senior in college, so he breaks up with her, leaving her devastated.

Tommy Tucker (Michael Vegas) is a country music star who is burning out. His agent and girlfriend Lisa (India Summer) wants him to keep touring, and keep making money. He blows her off, borrows a truck, and takes off for a drive, but the truck breaks down, and he gets picked up by Emma's sister Clare (Gracie Glam) and has to stay with them at the farm for a week or so and starts working as a farm hand.

Tommy and Emma spend a lot of time together and quickly become close, which gets complicated when Lisa shows up. But all works out in the end, of course.

Two of the sex scenes, the first and the last, are quite good, and the third is all right. They are very nicely shot, as well. Our only criticism would be that there aren't many female orgasms here. Brooklyn Lee may cum in the last scene, but we are not even sure of that.

The sex scenes are all quite short, with the longest being 12 minutes. That leaves almost 40 mintues for the story. The story feels a little disjointed at the beginning, however, because there is very little time between the first two sex scenes.

But it's not a bad story at all, and it's a lot less clichéd than one might expect. As Chauntelle Tibbals remarks, it is every bit as good as B-grade Hollywood movie. In fact, the end, when Emma shows up at his concert and he sings his new song, about her, is as sweet and romantic as one could want.

The acting is not bad, but it is not uniformly great, either, and there are some places that it feels a bit forced. There are also some problems with the audio, including a very bad overdub of Vegas's voice during one of the songs.

Overall, then, we were pleasantly surprised by this movie, which turns out to be one of the best of the Wicked Passions films we had seen by the end of 2014.

This movie was nominated for Couples-Themed Release of the Year at the 2012 XBiz Awards, and Stormy Daniels was nominated for Best Director for a Feature, at the 2012 AVN Awards.

Scene 1: India Summer and Michael Vegas

Time: 9:30
Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Tommy Tucker (Michael Vegas) has just won Artist of the Year at the Country Music Awards. He and his manager (India Summer) have sex afterwards back at the hotel.

The sex is reasonably passionate, and there's genuine chemistry between them. She really seems to enjoy him eating her pussy.

This is shot quite well, with a nice mix of wider and closer angles, and the balance is terrific. But there is also a "slow motion" trope that Daniels uses, and it is not that effective, so it ends up being kind of annoying.


She is lying on the bed in lingerie, and he sits down with her, wearing a suit, and kisses her. He kisses her chest as she undoes his tie and takes off his shirt. He removes her bra and sucks her tits, then kisses her legs. She pushes him back on the bed and takes off his pants, then rubs his cock through his briefs. She kisses his torso, then pulls them off his cock and sucks him.

They switch positions, and he rubs her pussy through her panties, then takes them off and goes down on her. He then kneels up in front of her and enters her, leaning over to kiss her, as well, and to suck her tits. They flip over, and she kneels atop him and rides his cock. She asks him to cum with her, but she doesn't seem to do so. She then jumps off him and strokes his cock until he cums on his stomach.

Scene 2: Carolyn Reese and Bill Bailey

Time: 9:00
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Another couple have sex after the after-party.

There are some nice expressions of affection here, but the sex is not particularly passionate. She never seems terribly aroused, either, though she does seem to enjoy herself a bit.

This is again shot pretty well, with a nice mix of angles, but not quite as well as the first scene. We lose him a bit when they are fucking, mostly because he is too often behind her.


They make out on the couch, her in a short black dress, and him in a shirt and tie. He lifts her leg across his face and kisses it, then lifts her dress over her head and kisses her stomach. He unsnaps her bra and pulls it off, then sucks her tits. She unbuttons his shirt, then lies back on the couch as he kisses her thighs and takes off her panties. He sucks her tits again, then makes his way to her pussy and goes down on her.

They switch positions, and she takes off his pants and sucks him. She then gets astride him on her knees and rides him. They switch to spooning, and he reaches around to rub her clit. She then lies on the couch, and he kneels in front of it, re-entering her. He pulls out and cums on her stomach.

Scene 3: Gracie Glam and Rocco Reed

Time: 11:30
Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance ♀

Robby (Rocco Reed) and Clare (Gracie Glam) have sex on a couch after she has made a wonderful dinner.

They are very convincing as a couple, and there is some great communcation between them. But the sex feels a bit pre-planned and stylized, and it is not very passionate. She does seem to enjoy him eating her pussy, though, and she does at least seem to be somewhat aroused, though she never seems very near orgasm.

This scene is really nicely shot, with a great mix of angles.


They kiss, and she strokes his chest while he strokes her legs. He takes off her shirt, then sits her on his lap and kisses her back, then takes off her bra. He lies her on the couch again and sucks her tits, then kisses her stomach and takes off her shorts and panties. She takes off his shirt and kisses his chest.

She lies on the couch again, and he goes down on her. They then switch positions, and she sucks him.

She gets astride him on her knees, kissing him as she rides him. She then kneels on the couch, and he kisses her back before entering her from behind. He pulls out and cums on her butt.

Scene 4: Brooklyn Lee and Michael Vegas

Time: 3:00

Emma and Tommy have sex, or at least start to do so, in the paddock.

The sex here feels appropriately passionate, and even desperate, as the story requires.


They start kissing, then immediately take off their shirts. He leans her back onto a bale of hay and pulls off her pants, then goes down on her. She is about to go down on him as well, but he stops her, saying she deserves something better than sex in a barn.

Scene 5: Brooklyn Lee and Michael Vegas

Time: 12:00
Features: Orgasm?
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

At long last, Emma and Tommy have sex properly.

There is wonderful chemistry between them, and communication that is very appropriate to the story. She really seems to enjoy herself and to get quite aroused.

The camera work is similar to that in the other scenes, i.e., very, very good, with an excellent mix of shots. There is a great closeup of their faces pressed together that almost makes the scene for us.


They kiss as she sits on the bed and he stands in front of her. He kneels down and undoes her belt, opens her dress, and kisses her stomach. He lies her on the bed and lies over her, kissing her again as he strokes her legs. He finishes taking off her dress, then kisses her legs. He stands up and removes his shirt, then sucks her tits and makes his way to her pussy.

He takes off her panties and goes down on her, then stands up, removes his pants, and enters her. They then roll over, and she kisses his chest and stomach, making her way slowly to his cock. She licks his balls and sucks him.

They spoon, and she seems to cum at about 1:25:05. He pulls out and cums on her butt.

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