January 5, 2015

Secret Desires, from Nica Noelle's TransRomantic


Time: 2:13, Director: Nica Noelle, Date: 2013

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: AEBN, IAFD, Porn Valley Vantage

Cast: Eva Lin (28yo), Wolf Hudson (29yo), Natalie Foxx, Christian XXX (39yo), Amy Daly, Robert Christian, Doll (52yo), and Jane Marie (21yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from AEBN

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓+, Balance


Four vignettes, all featuring transexual women with men.

The first scene is by far the best. Eva Lin returns to her hometown to meet with her best friend from high school, Wolf Hudson, who knew her as Evan, a male. He is somewhat surprised by her transition, but they eventually settle into being friends again and, after an evening out together, have sex in her hotel room. It's a very touching story, and the scene would be even better if they stayed more in character during the sex. These are long-time friends having sex for the first time, but the passion one would expect is just lacking.

The next two scenes are all right, but there is nothing particularly special about them, except, of course, for the fact that the transexual women in the scenes are treated as actual people with actual feelings and actual lives, rather than simply as fetish objects. The last scene, by contrast, is disappointing, and it almost seems to stereotype the two women who pick Christian XXX up in a bar.

Overall, then, we did not think this quite as good as Forbidden Lovers, but the first scene is absolutely worth watching.

The movie was nominated for Best Transexual Release at the 2014 AVN Awards.

Scene 1: Eva Lin and Wolf Hudson (⚧♀)


Time: 29:17

Cumshot: Tits

Features: Anal, Deepthroat, Mutual Masturbation, Penis Masturbation

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance

Evan was James's best friend from high school. But now Evan is Eva, and James is a little surprised. But he adjusts, and they have dinner together and go out for a drink, then end up back at her room. After a heart to heart, they end up, of course, in bed.

The story is touching and is very well done. Since it consumes about seven minutes, the sex lasts about 22:00.

There is really a great connection between them, and they are wonderfully natural together. But the sex, though pretty good, is not as passionate as it should be, and they do not really stay in character during it. They are supposed to be best friends who are having sex for the first time, and yet they do not talk to each other at all. But the scene overall is so good. She does cum, on her stomach, as they masturbate together. He cums on her tits afterwards.

The camera work is generally very good, though there are more "medical" shots than we would prefer.

Scene 2: Natalie Foxx and Christian XXX (⚧♀)


Time: 41:44

Cumshot: Hip

Features: Anal, Penis Masturbation

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance

Christian is a lawyer, and Natalie is his secretary. But when he decides to relax by hiring an escort, he finds that she has another job, though she realizes who he is before he knows who she is. The back story and massage consume about 14 minutes, so the sex itself lasts about 28:00.

The acting here is not great, but it is not terrible, and the massage sequence is very sexy, as is the kissing that follows it. She does a good job carrying the story into the scene, as well. But it seems a bit unrealistic that absolutely nothing is made of the fact that she has a penis. We can understand why that might be, but it doesn't feel right. Had there been any preparation for that at all, it would have been fine, but it is hard not to wonder why he is not at all surprised that his secretary has a cock. Are we in some post-trans paradise here?

The sex is reasonably passionate at the begining, but, strangely, it becomes less so once they start fucking. There might have been more editing, too. The fellatio sequences both become a bit monotonous, as there just isn't that much variation in what they are doing. The same goes, but even more so, for the fucking sequences. The main problem, really, is that she just never seems very aroused, though she does seem to enjoy herself.

The camera work is excellent, as usual with Noelle's movies.

Scene 3: Amy Daly and Robert Christian (⚧♀)


Time: 33:27

Cumshot: Ass

Features: Anal

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance

Laura (Amy Daly) is babysitting for Robert (Christian) and his wife, who have a very little baby. She makes him dinner, since his wife is out of town, as he "admires her from afar". They share the meal and talk a bit, and he confesses a lack of intimacy with his wife. She gets up to leave, but then he kisses her, and....

The story is wonderful, and well acted. It lasts about nine and a half minutes, which leaves about 24 minutes for sex. Daly is amazing, holding the sexual tension as long as she can.

It's a little surprising that absolutely nothing is made of the fact that she is trans. That is great, in a way, but it doesn't feel particularly realistic. It could be if he already knew, though there is no indication of that, either.

The sex is somewhat passionate, but not passionate enough. It feels a bit monotonous through the middle, and there is not enough communication between them. And, while she does seem to enjoy herself and to be fairly aroused, she never seems anywhere near orgasm.

The camera work is very good, as usual with Noelle's movies, though there are a few more 'medical' shots than we would prefer.

Scene 4: Doll, Jane Marie, and Christian XXX (⚧♀)


Time: 24:02

Features: Anal, Analingus

Christian is drowning his sorrows at a bar, his relationship having ended. But two women who are there overhear him and decide to take pity upon him. So they all end up back in someone's room.

The story, such as it is, takes about three minutes, so the sex lasts about 21:00. The acting is pretty terrible, especially from the women. But a good job is done here presenting his reaction to their bodies, which is accepting, if surprised. And the sex is pretty good, too, not nearly as pornish as one might expect it would be. But it is not that convincing, or passionate. One of the women always seems a bit of an extra, and neither of them ever seems very aroused. It ends up being a bit boring.

The camera work is very good, but there are more "medical" shots here than we would prefer.

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