March 5, 2015

Sisterly Love, from Tabu Tales

Time: 1:50, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2014
Screenshots: On our Tumblr
Cast: Ashlyn Molloy (20yo), Bree Daniels (23yo), Abigail Mac (26yo), Allie Haze (27yo), Jessa Rhodes (21yo), Staci Carr (22yo), Aubrey Star (19yo), and Sabrina Star (26yo)


A series of four vignettes, all involving sex between step-sisters.

The stories are all quite short, about three minutes, but most of them are very good and add a lot to the sex. We found the whole "sisters have sex" trope really hot, as well, and we were dripping wet throughout most of the movie, which is not common for us when we are reviewing porn.

And the sex is mostly excellent. The first scene is by far the best, but the third is almost as good. There are lots and lots of orgasms in all the scenes except the last, which mostly suffers from being just a bit too long. But the sex in all the scenes is much more varied and interesting than most porn sex.

We found ourselves wondering, as we watched this: Why can't women have such hot, varied, interesting sex on-screen with men? Are there just too many expectations about what sex between men and women has to be like? Or too many assumptions about what porn consumers expect it to be like? Worth thinking about....

The camera work here is terrific, too, especially in the first and third scenes, again.

Scene 1: Ashlyn Molloy and Bree Daniels

Time: 28:41
Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Ashlynn and Bree are extremely close, and they have been lovers for some time. When Ashlynn leaves for college, Bree is devastated. And the only thing Ashlynn can think about when she is away is fucking her sister again. So, when Ashlynn visits, they do.

The story lasts about three and a half minutes, so there is about 25 minutes for sex. And, as short as the story is, it's very sweet, and they do a nice job of carrying it into the scene, with some nice expressions of longing and an appropriate feeling of quiet passion. It's a great scene. Not as constantly orgasmic as the first two scenes in Mother Daughter Thing, but there is better chemistry.

The camera work is terrific, with a great mix of shots, though the feeling overall is very intimate. There are some fantastic shots here, too. There are wonderful closeups of each of their faces as they're being eaten, and we thought it was a great touch as the camera followed Ashlynn's panties down her legs.


They kiss on the bed, and Ashlynn climbs atop Bree as Bree takes off Ashlynn's shirt. Ashlynn lifts Bree's dress adn rubs her pussy through her panties, and Bree unsnaps and removes Ashlynn's bra. Ashlynn then sucks Bree's tits. They sit up together and Ashlynn pulls off Bree's dress, then lies Bree on the bed and goes down on her. She adds a couple fingers, and Bree starts to get quite aroused, grabbing at her own tits. Bree announces she is close and asks Ashlynn not to stop, and Bree cums at about 10:10.

They kiss again, and Ashlynn then kneels up so Bree can remove her pants. Ashlynn then lies on the bed, and Bree leans over her from the side and kisses her stomach, then takes off her panties. Bree lies over Ashlynn and kisses her, sucks her tits, and makes her way to her pussy. Bree then gets between Ashlynn's legs and eats her, gently at first, teasing her. She adds a finger after a bit, and Ashlynn starts to moan as Bree clamps her mouth on her clit. Ashlynn says she is going to cum, but she takes a while to get there, finally cumming at about 18:35 as Bree fucks her hard with two fingers.

Bree gets atop Ashlynn in a scissors position and grinds their pussies together. (Bree's mascara is running at this point, which looks very sexy.) Ashlynn cums again at about 20:50, and Bree falls atop her on the bed as they cuddle.

Ashlynn asks Bree if she wants to sit on her face, so she does, with her back to the headboard as Ashlynn tilts her head back to lick her. They move down on the bed a bit, and Bree reaches over and starts fingering Ashlynn's pussy, then falls over her in a 69, mostly rubbing Ashlynn's pussy but occasionally licking her. Bree cums hard at about 25:45 after being on the edge for a while. Ashlynn keeps eating her, and Bree cums again at about 26:25 then starts fingering Ashlynn hard. Ashlynn has her third orgasm at about 27:35.

They kiss and cuddle.

Scene 2: Abigail Mac and Allie Haze

Time: 26:29
Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Abigail has long had serious problems with boys, and now she has been dating the same guy for three months but hasn't had sex with him. So Allie decides to show her how to seduce him. While Allie is sitting her Abigail's lap, though, Abigail reaches forward and kisses her, saying she needs to continue the role play. But it is clear Abigail really wants to have sex with Allie, and she talks Allie into it.

The story lasts about three and a half minutes, so there is about 23 mintues of sex. They do quite a good job carrying the story into the scene, too, talking about the "seduction" and how this has to be their secret.

There's fairly good chemistry between them, and they communicate very well, too. But the sex feels just a little bit pornish, though not performed or planned. It's more that it just seems too "extreme" for these two characters. But the sex is fairly hot, and they both have at least two or three orgasms.

The camera work is again very good, but not as good as in the first scene. The camera tends to linger in one place more, with fewer changes of angle. This gives the whole scene a bit of an "amateur" feel, which may be intentional. But in the end, the shots are just not as varied as we'd prefer.


They kiss as Allie sits on Abigail's lap. Abigail reaches under Allie's dress and rubs her pussy through her panties, and they pull down each other's tops. They switch positions, so Allie is sitting in the chair and Abigail is astride her thigh, and Allie starts grinding. She then gets on her knees and sucks Allie's tits, then kisses her pussy through her panties. She pulls them off and sniffs them, then goes down on Allie. We think Allie cums at about 8:15.

Abigail kneels up, and they kiss as Allie takes off Abigail's shirt. She pushes Abigail onto the floor, pulls down her shorts and panties, and starts eating her pussy from behind. Abigail asks Allie to spank her pussy, which she does, and she then starts rubbing her clit hard as she leans over her. Allie gets behind Abigail again and puts a finger into her, then another, reaching underneath to rub Abigail's clit, as well. Allie asks Abigail if she wants to cum, then starts rubbing her clit hard, slapping her pussy again, and Abigail cums around 12:30.

Abigail takes off Allie's shirt and leans her over a table, then gets behind her and licks her anus as she puts a finger into Allie. Abigail rubs Allie's pussy hard while tounguing her asshole, and Allie at least gets close to cumming again.

Abigail stands up, Allie turns around, and they kiss again. Allie then lies Abigail on the floor and gets on top of her, kissing her. She sucks Abigail's tits, then gets between her legs and eats her, teasing her at first. Allie asks Abigail again if she wants to cum, and Allie gets more serious. Abigail starts quivering, and she cums again at about 19:05.

Allie then lies on the floor, and Abigail gets above her, grinding on her hip while reaching back to finger Allie's pussy. Allie sits up and pulls Abigail onto her lap, and Abigail starts bucking her hips against Allie's stomach. Abigail may cum again around 23:00.

They sit and kiss, and Allie then guides Abigail back between her legs. Abigail eats her to another orgasm at about 25:05.

Scene 3: Jessa Rhodes and Staci Carr

Time: 21:24
Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Dildo, Multiple Female Orgasms, Vibrator
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Some girl apparently wants to fight Staci, so Jessa helps show her how to fight. But when Staci throws her on the bed, Staci kisses her, then starts tickling her, and Jessa rolls them over. Staci then kisses her again. "I thought you said we should stop doing that", Jessa says. But Staci doesn't really want to stop.

There obviously isn't much to this story, which lasts a bit less then three minutes. It doesn't add much to the sex, either, which lasts about 18 minutes. They actually do a good job of continuing the idea that they haven't had sex for a while, but we do wish they'd found a better way to introduce that theme.

The beginning of the sex is very playful, as they kiss, giggle, and undress, and there are some later moments like that, too. The use of the toys gives the whole scene a very playful, fun feel, in fact, which is great. They both seem to have a terrific time, too. Staci, in particular, cums several times and seems to be extremely orgasmic.

The camera work is again very good.


Jessa lies over Staci on the bed, kissing her and reaching into her pants. She pulls Staci up with her and pulls down her top, then lies her back on the bed and kisses her neck and sucks her tits. Jessa sits her up and pulls off her top again, then takes ff her Chucks. Staci pulls down Jessa's top and sucks her tits, and Jessa stands up and takes off her top. She turns Staci onto all fours and pulls off her shorts, then lies over her and kisses her as Staci reaches into her pants.

Jessa kneels up again and they takes off her pantes and socks so she's naked. Staci then pushes her onto her back and goes down on her. Jessa then says she has a new toy, asking Staci if she wants to try it. So Staci lies on her back, Jessa pulls of her panties, and uses the new toy—which is a small vibrating wand—on her vulva, which are dripping wet and swollen. Jessa leans over and licks her a bit, then puts the wand back on Staci's clit. "I'm gonna cum already", Staci says, and she does at about 9:30.

Jessa pulls out another toy, a glass dildo, and the girls lie pussy-to-pussy. Staci holds the vibrator on her own clit as she fucks Jessa with the dildo. Jessa reaches down and rubs her own clit, and Staci says she wants Jessa to cum with her. Staci cums again at about 11:55, then gives the vibrator to Jessa as she keeps fucking her. Jessa turns up the vibe and asks Staci to fuck her harder, and she explodes herself at about 12:50.

Jessa sits up, and they kiss. She says she wants to taste Staci's pussy, so Staci lies back again, and Jessa goes down on her. Staci gets off very quickly, at about 14:30, and Jessa remarks that she loves how easy it is to make her cum. Jessa then gets on all fours, and Staci licks her from behind as Jessa uses the vibrator again. She then kneels up, leaning back against Staci, who reaches under her from behind to finger her as Jessa keeps buzzing her clit. They then sit on the bed together, with Jenna between Staci's legs, and Staci uses the vibe on her as Jessa turns back to kiss her. Jessa cums again at about 18:45.

Staci then lies on the bed as Jessa puts the dildo into her, telling her to fuck herself as she uses the vibrator on her again. Jessa puts two fingers into herself, as well, and Staci cums again at about 19:55.

Scene 4: Aubrey Star and Sabrina Star

Time: 29:48
Features: Anal, Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Orgasm, Tribadism
Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀

Sabrina has taken some erotic photographs of women, and Aubrey thinks she must be a lesbian. So Sabrina tells her she should let her kiss her and see what happens. The kiss goes pretty well.

The story, which lasts about three minutes, nicely serves to reveal Aubrey's pent-up desire for sex with women. They do a nice job carrying it through the sex, as well, with Aubrey playing dumb and Sabrina leading her. And Aubrey does a really does an amazingly good job being naïve.

The sex lasts almost 27 minutes, so it is a long scene, which means it needs to be really good. And it is quite good. The kissing and tit-sucking at the beginning is very erotic, and it goes on a good long while: over seven minutes. And we are ten minutes into the sex before there is any genital contact. So the sexual tension is very nicely held. But a couple sequences seemed to us to last a bit too long. A little more editing would have made it a truly excellent scene.

The camera work here is quite good, but not as varied as in the best scenes in this movie.


They kiss on the couch, and Aubrey starts stroking Sabrina's thigh. Sabrina takes off Aubrey's top, then slides her bra straps off her shoulders and starts to massage her tits. She takes Aubrey's bra off, then leans over and sucks her tits. Sabrina reaches between Aubrey's legs and rubs her pussy through her panties, then sits up and takes off her top, and Aubrey leans over and sucks Sabrina's tits.

Aubrey stands up, and Sabrina takes off her skirt, revealing a cute pair of lace panties. She kneels behind Aubrey and kisses her butt, then slides her panties down her legs. She asks Aubrey to lie on the couch, and Sabrina asks her to masturbate for her while she stands up and takes off the rest of her clothes. She then gets between Aubrey's legs and eats her, adding two fingers in her pussy and fucking her. Aubrey cums at about 15:45, and Sabrina feeds her some pussy juice from her fingers.

Aubrey sits up, and they kiss. Aubrey then gets on all fours on the couch, and Sabrina kisses and licks her ass. Sabrina then finger-fucks her again as Aubrey reaches back and rubs her asshole. Sabrina asks her if she wants to put a finger into her ass, and she wets her finger for her so she can do so.

Aubrey says it is time for Sabrina to teach her again, so Sabrina sits on the back of the couch and Aubrey goes down on her, tentatively at first and then with more enthusiasm, reaching back to rub her own clit, as well. Sabrina cums at about 25:00

Sabrina says she wants Aubrey to ride her and that she will show her how. So they lie together on the couch and get into a scissors position and grind against each other. One or both of them may cum again, but we do not think they quite get there.

They sit up and kiss.

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