July 4, 2015

Sensual Moments 1, from Erotica X


Time: 1:44, Director: Mason, Date: 2013

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Erotica X, IAFD

Cast: Jenna Ross (25yo), Xander Corvus (25yo), Ella Milano (24yo), James Deen (27yo), Adriana Chechik (21yo), Seth Gamble, Teal Conrad (20yo), and Ryan Driller (31yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the Erotica X subscription site

Pleasure ✓+, Passion ✓+, Balance


This is one of the earliest DVDs from Erotica X and so features some of the first videos Mason did for this new line. Like all the Erotica X DVDs (as of this writing), it features four unrelated scenes.

There is one really terrific scene here, the second, with Ella Milano and James Deen. In other videos, Deen makes it clear he can be into very rough sex, but videos like this one make it clear, as well, that he can also get into sex that is tender and yet still passionate. What's most impressive, here, is how much pleasure he seems to take in getting his partner off. And get off Milano does, three or four times.

The third scene, with Adriana Chechik and Seth Gamble, and the fourth, with Teal Conrad and Ryan Driller, are less good, but still enjoyable. For much of these scenes, the sex just feels too restrained, though it becomes a great deal more passionate toward the end. The first scene, with Jenna Ross and Xander Corvus, we just found disapointing, since both of them can be so good. But, in this case, the sex felt routine, if not pre-planned.

The camera work, overall, is very good. The women are more of the focus, and the men are often out of frame in the usual sorts of places. But they are not just disembodied cocks, and there are some really terrific shots from time to time, as well. There's a certain intimacy to the way Mason shoots sex that we find very appealing.

The introductory segments are a mixed bag. For the most part, we didn't think that they did much to establish the relationship between the characters or to provide any other context for the sex. The worst is the first, in which Jenna Ross dances naked for four and a half minutes, and then all of a sudden she is in bed with Xander Corvus. The second is a bit better—Milano wakes up in bed with Deen, goes off to exercise, and then comes back to bed—but the exercise sequence is very male-gaze and won't appeal at all to many female viewers. We found ourselves just skipping ahead in both these cases.

The third scene is by far the best in this respect—Chechik is the first into the tub, but she is soon joined by Gamble—and the fourth, which features Driller spying on Conrad through a telescope, after which she appears on the balcony with him—is at least thought-provoking, though some may find it a bit creepy.

Overall, then, this is not a particularly strong effort—many of the other DVDs from Erotica X are a lot better, and we'll get post reviews of them shortly—though there is much here to enjoy. But if you are going to download these scenes from the website (which is the best and cheapest way to see them, by far), then we'd suggest you watch the scene with Milano and Deen, and maybe also the one with Conrad and Driller, and maybe skip the others.

Scene 1: A Delicate Dance (Jenna Ross and Xander Corvus, ♀♂)


Time: 26:23

Cumshot: Stomach

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance

She is in very white room, wearing dance shoes and a sheer teddy. She stands and sort of dances, removing the teddy, then stretching and dancing. She lies on the floor and continues to exercise, then stands and dances again. She then appears in bed with her lover.

The initial sequence here is quite voyeuristic, though it be thought "artsy" as well. Either way, it doesn't do a lot for us, and it adds nothing to what follows.

The sex isn't that great either, feeling a bit constrained (or perhaps planned), though they do seem to have a reasonable time together.

The camera work is quite good, but we lose him when she is on her back.

Scene 2: Work It Out (Ella Milano and James Deen, ♀♂)


Time: 30:48

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

The alarm clock wakes them in their bed, naked and cuddling, and Ella gets up and puts on a leotard to exercise. Hot and sweaty, she pours water over herself, making everything transparent. James comes to find her and takes her back to their room to make love.

This part of the video is not the sort of thing that will appeal to most female viewers. The music to which she is working out is obnoxious and annoying, too. So we fast-forwarded through that bit (to about 5:00).

Once they start having sex, it gets a whole lot better. There is very good chemisty between them, and the sex is both tender and passionate. James Deen absolutely knows how to make love to a woman, and, at least in this sort of video, he always seems to take a great deal of pleasure in getting his partner off. And Ella does get off, three or four times.

Except for the beginning, and the fact that the video goes on perhaps a little long, we'd have given it five stars.

Scene 3: Morning Tenderness (Adriana Chechik and Seth Gamble, ♀♂)


Time: 20:48

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Tits

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance

They are asleep, spooning, and he awakes and pulls her to him, kissing her cheek and stroking her shoulder. She gets up and runs a bath, getting into the water and washing her body, then relaxing in the water. He comes into the bathroom in a robe with a cup of coffee and sits on the edge, then kneels behind her and kisses her as he strokes her body. He gets into the water with her, sitting behind her, and she turns around, sort of squatting over his lap. He picks her up and carries her back to bed.

It's a very sweet and romantic scene at the beginning, but the sex ends up feeling a bit routine. There's no sense of real passion between them until the end, though things definitely do heat up then, and she cums twice.

The camera work is pretty good, about average for these.

Scene 4: Through the Looking Glass (Teal Conrad and Ryan Driller, ♀♂)


Time: 26:15

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance

Wearing a white bikini and wedges, she strolls by a pool and then lies down to sunbathe. He is spying on her through a telescope as she oils her body and pulls her top aside. She undoes her bottoms as well, then takes off her top, and continues to rub oil onto her body, squeezing her tits and pussy. All of a sudden, she is gone from his view, but then she is with him on his balcony, and they kiss.

This is very voyeuristic, and some people might well find his spying on her through a telescope a bit creepy. To be honest, we're not entirely sure how we feel about it. Is it her fantasy or his? And yes, that does matter.

There is a decent but not great connection between them. The sex is pretty good, but not terribly passionate. She does cum twice, though.

The camera work is about as usual for these, meaning: very, very good.

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