October 17, 2015

The Exes and Ohhhs, from New Sensations Tales From the Heart


Time: 1:52, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2015

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Cast: Alli Rae (20yo), Tyler Nixon (28yo), Jade Nile (23yo), Michael Vegas, Casey Calvert (25yo), Richie Calhoun, Aria Alexander (20yo), and Ryan McLane

Source: 1920×1080 downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ✓+


As with the other Tales From the Heart movies, this one has a very romantic feel. The four scenes are focused on reunions of exes, and not just sexual reunions. In all of the stories, the ex-partners have come to realize that they still care for each other and want to get back together, which they celebrate by making love. The first two stories are pretty corny, and there is something cartoonish about the last, as well. But the third is really quite good, even as short as it is.

There is one truly amazing scene here: the second, with Michael Vegas and Jade Nile. It is, to put it in a nutshell, one of the best sex scenes we have ever had the pleasure of watching. We've seen a lot of porn (to put it mildly), so we don't usually find ourselves getting seriously aroused by porn. But this scene had us on the verge of hitting the pause button and heading for the bedroom. What makes it so amazing is the chemistry between Nile and Vegas, and we learn in the Behind the Scenes segment why that is. Nile and Vegas were themselves once a couple, and they still live together, as friends. They also still sometimes have sex together, as friends. But it has been a while, and so, in a way, the story is true to their own lives. And wow does that show. It is completely obvious how into each other they are, and the sex is hot, passionate, and realistic.

Not much is going to live up to that, but the first scene, with Alli Rae and Tyler Nixon, and the last, with Aria Alexander and Ryan McLane, are also very good. The sex has a very natural feel in both scenes, and all of the participants seem to enjoy themselves a great deal. But the camera work in these scenes was inconsistent. As so often, it is very good at the beginning, but once they start fucking it deteriorates. It's never bad, and there are always shots along the way that are interesting and even creative. It's just that there are a lot more "male gaze" and standard-issue porno shots as we proceed: shots where her body fills the frame, or from close below the genital action. (Has no one noticed that dicks and pussies fucking look pretty much the same no matter whose dicks and pussies are involved and no matter how they are doing it?)

We found the second scene, with Richie Calhoun and Casey Calvert, mildly disappointing, but only because he is usually so good. There's nothing bad about it. It's just that the sex feels a bit routine, and there's not much by way of passion. Even here, though, we really liked the end. He talks a lot about how bad he wants to cum, which is, for porn, a pretty rare expression of male need and so of vulnerability. Unfortunately, though, the camera remains tightly focused on her throughout, so we miss the opportunity to see that need on his face, and the joy of his eventual release.

We also highly recommend the Behind the Scenes segment. As we said, it gave us some really great insight into what made that second scene so hot. But it was also nice just to get to see the performers as real people, and as different from their characters. Who knew Tyler Nixon was so thoughtful? (That said, we found his comments about Caitlyn Jenner a bit dicey. Not offensive, but insensitive.)

Overall, then, we really enjoyed this movie. The stories were not the highpoint, but they added a lot to the scenes, by providing a nice context for the sex.

Scene 1: Alli Rae and Tyler Nixon (♀♂)


Time: 25:53

Female Orgasm: Maybe, Cumshot: Ass

Features: Analingus, Deepthroat

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Tyler and Alli have always fought, and they are still fighting, even though they are no longer a couple. Now she is asking him for advice about what underwear she should wear on a date. Somewhere along the way, they realize they are still hot for each other, so they have sex on the couch.

It's totally corny, and there's no indication at all why they are even in the same place until the very end. But there is very good chemistry between them, with a lot of talking and even a bit of giggling. The sex isn't as passionate as one would expect it to be from the story, though, and at times it feels a bit routine. More variety would have been welcome. Still, there is something very sexy about this scene.

The camera work is very good at the beginning, and we see a fair bit of his face as she sucks him. It continues to be good once they start fucking, with wider shots than one typically sees in porn, balanced by some nice intimate shots, especially of their faces. But there are some more pornish shots, too, such as low and from behind her when she is riding him, and she fills the frame for quite a while when she is on her back.

Scene 2: Jade Nile and Michael Vegas (♀♂)


Time: 27:30

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Analingus

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

This is a great scene.

Jade and Michael hadn't spoken in weeks since breaking up shortly before they were supposed to get married, apparently because he got cold feet. They run into each other by accident and confess how much they have missed each other, and he asks her to marry him again.

This one is even cornier than the last one, and, while both Nile and Vegas can act, they do not do a great job during the story. But they do a much better job once they start having sex, and they are totally convincing as old lovers re-united. There really is good chemistry between them, with lots of talking and smiling, and great eye contact. We couldn't count how many orgasms she had, and that doesn't really indicate how much she seems to enjoy herself. And he seems to have a great time, too.

It is quite a long scene, since there's really no foreplay. He's eating her by 4:30 or so. Fortunately, the sex is every bit as passionate as one would expect it to be from the story. We absolutely loved how active she is, fucking him every bit as much as he fucks her.

The camera work is very good overall, with some really nice shots of their faces. For the most part, it is even very good when they are fucking. We really liked the shot from the side when she was riding him. But there are a few more "medical" shots than we would prefer, and there are some pornish shots when she fills the frame, especially toward the end.

But the scene is so hot, we can forgive this flaw.

Scene 3: Casey Calvert and Richie Calhoun (♀♂)


Time: 27:01

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Tit Fuck

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Casey and Richie have broken up, but they are still living in the same house for financial reasons, even sharing breakfast. She comes home after having a bad day at work, and he gives her a footrub while she talks about what they should do about the house. It turns out that he has just gotten a promotion, though, which would make it possible for him to afford the house by himself, so she offers to move out. But he says he doesn't want her to do so....

It's a much more convincing story than the first two, and a fair bit longer, too: a little over four minutes. It's well acted, as well, especially by him. But, while they do carry the story into the sex a bit, it never seems as passionate as it should be. There are some expressions of affection, but most of the time they might as well be fuck-buddies. We did really like the way they talked toward the end, though. It's very sexy. We only wish we had been able to see his arousal on his face, and not just have to hear about it.

There is some very creative camera work here, for example, a really nice shot panning down their bodies when they are standing. But when they are fucking doggy style, she fills the frame much of the time; when she is sucking him, the camera is tight on her face for quite a while at the beginning; this pattern continues throughout the scene. There are some very nice wider shots, too, and a few good shots of his face, but there is a very male gaze here. Overall, then, the photography is not as good as in the first two scenes.

Scene 4: Aria Alexander and Ryan McLane (♀♂)


Time: 27:37

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Spanking

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Aria has called her ex-boyfriend Ryan over to her house because her toilet is clogged, but when he gets there she is in the tub, having fixed it herself. Apparently, she has been calling him over a lot, and he is starting to wonder about her motives. He tells her she could just ask him to come over. So, as he is leaving, she calls him and does so, and they proceed to have a conversation about why they broke up: because things got too serious too fast for him, and he was scared. But, well, you figure it out.

There is pretty good chemistry between them, but they do not do a lot to carry the story into the sex. The sex itself is reasonably passionate, but she is very loud, in a sort of way that does not seem terribly realistic. We have not seen her before, though, so it could just be how she is. But the sex does feel very natural, and she is quite active and has at least a couple orgasms. Both of them seem to enjoy themselves quite a bit.

Unusually, he is not hard when she starts sucking him, which it is nice to see, in a way, since that is actually quite normal, given that his attention has been on eating her.

As for the camera work, it is pretty good. There are quite a lot of wider shots, and some nice shots of their faces. But there are again also some more pornish shots. When she is on top of him, the camera is behind her most of the time, and often very close to their genitals.

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