December 29, 2015

Graphic Depictions, from TrenchcoatX


Time: 1:20, Director: Stoya, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Official Site

Cast: Jiz Lee (35yo), Lily LaBeau (24yo), Stoya (29yo), James Deen (29yo), Seth Gamble, Dana Vespoli (43yo), Christian XXX (41yo), Ana Foxxx (27yo), Ramon Nomar (41yo), and Toni Ribas (40yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from TrenchcoatX subscription site

Pleasure ♀, Balance ♀-


Graphic Depictions is a series of five vignettes. Four of them are presented as performances before an audience in some sort of sex club. The other, which is the fourth scene, happens during the intermission when Stoya goes out to get some popcorn, but ends up fucking the attendant. The overall feel is reminiscent of burlesque, especially since the music has an "older" sort of feel to it.

There are two really amazing scenes here: The second, with Stoya, James Deen, and Seth Gamble, and the fourth, with Stoya and James Deen. The sex in both of these is extremely natural and passionate. The first scene, with Jiz Lee and Lily LaBeau, is also very good. But the third scene, with Dana Vespoli and Christian XXX, and the last, with Ana Foxxx, Toni Ribas, and Ramon Nomar, left us feeling unsure what the point was, and the camera work in these was not as good as in the other scenes.

So it's an inconsistent movie, but what's best in it is really fantastic. Highly recommended.

Scene 1: Graphic Depictions: Scene 1 (Jiz Lee and Lily LaBeau, ♀♀)


Time: 13:45

Female Orgasm: Yes

Features: Female Ejaculation, Mutual Masturbation

Pleasure ♀, Balance

Jiz and Lily have sex on a couch, both wearing crotchless fishnet hose, apparently as part of some sort of theater performance. Someone—Stoya, we think—sits in a chair behind them and masturbates to what they are doing. Stoya herself has described the scene as a sort of study of the role that observing and being observed plays in sex.

The sex is pretty good, and reasonably natural, but the music is overly prominent, and we always find that that makes it difficult for us to connect with the performers.

The camera work, on the other hand, is excellent, and very creative. We also appreciated the fact that the performers use safer sex techniques throughout, in particular, that they use dental dams while having oral sex.

Scene 2: Graphic Depictions: Scene 2 (Stoya, James Deen, and Seth Gamble, ♀♂♂)


Time: 11:08

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Face

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Rough Sex

Pleasure ♀, Balance

Stoya is now on stage at the club, and everyone is masturbating their cocks, including the women, as they watch her strip. The curtains then close, and Seth and James come on stage to have sex with Stoya. Stoya has described this scene as a commentary on "th[e] worship in heterotypical pornography of the cock and the semen".

And it is really an amazing piece of work. It is very artistic, probably more so than it is sexy, which is not to say that it isn't sexy. One interesting aspect of the scene is how focused it is on Stoya and James, even when she is riding Seth's cock.

The camera work is once again amazing. We do not see a lot of the men, but this scene really is not about them but about her enjoyment of them.

Scene 3: Graphic Depictions: Scene 3 (Dana Vespoli and Christian XXX, ♀♂)


Time: 16:31

Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Anal, Ass to Mouth


There are a bunch of hay bales, and he is standing behind them with a daisy. She enters the scene in a tutu, but with a banana at her crotch, which she peels, and he sucks and eats, after giving her the daisy. It gets weirder from there. Apparently, the banana was originally meant to be some sort of ejaculating rhinestone-covered dildo, but they had to do without it.

The scene overall has a very artsy feel, but, while there's obviously a very gender-bending aspect to some of it, the point of the scene evaded us.

The camera work in this scene is as good as in the earlier ones. There is a very abrupt edit at one point, and we see less of him than we would expect, especially once they start fucking. She is way too much the focus, in fact. But there aren't a lot of closeups, or anything like that. The sex is also a bit more pornish and predictable than in the earlier scenes, at least once they start fucking.

Scene 4: Intermission (Stoya and James Deen, ♀♂)


Time: 19:39

Female Orgasm: Maybe, Cumshot: Internal

Features: Anal, Analingus


He is cleaning glasses at the bar, and she comes up behind him and kisses his neck and strokes his body, seducing him. We really liked how much she smiled at him, though there was a bittersweet quality to watching that, given what we now know about their real-life relationship.

The whole scene has a very dancelike quality, as do many of the scenes in this series. And, like the second scene, it is really amazing. The sex is completely natural, and Stoya herself has said that, during the scene, "it felt like we were just fucking".

We would have preferred the music to be a bit less prominent, so that we could hear more from them, but we understand what Stoya is trying to do here.

Overall, the camera work is excellent, and they do some terrific things with the light. Our only complaint is that, when she is sucking him, the camera is too tight on her face.

Scene 5: Graphic Depictions: Scene 5 (Ana Foxxx, Ramon Nomar, and Toni Ribas, ♀♂♂)


Time: 20:53

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Face


We are taken back to the theater, and Ana is having sex with Ramon and Toni on the stage.

This scene doesn't make a lot of sense to us. There's a lot that goes on, with her sucking and fucking both of them, but we had a hard time figuring out why any of it was happening, and there were just too many changes of position, without much reason for them. In particular, this scene does not have the dance-like quality that the previous scene has. But we did like the fact that, after they both cum, Ramon wanks Ana to an orgasm.

The camera work is not nearly as good as in the other scenes, either. There are too many long stretches where we do not see either of their faces, and for no good artistic reason that we can tell.

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