November 25, 2012

Past Times, from Daring Sex


Time: 1:32, Director: Kendo, Date: 2011

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

On the web: Daring Media, IAFD

Cast: Valery Summer (23yo), Jamie Barry, Marc Rose, Chloe Conrad (27yo), Pascal White, Stacey Lacey, Clarke Kent, Natalia Forrest (23yo), Natalie C, Karlie Simon (24yo), and Peter Oh Tool

Source: 960×544 MP4 downloaded from subscription site


A series of vignettes, organized around the theme of vintage lingerie and settings. There is a sense at times that it is a sequence of scenes from a brothel, perhaps circa 1930. But it is not clear.

This film is reasonably good overall. There are generally good views of all of the performers' bodies and faces, and there are some really nice bits, especially in the first two scenes. But there is probably too much anal for many women, and, while the women do seem to enjoy themselves, none of them ever seem very near orgasm.

Scene 1: Valery Summer, Jamie Barry, and Marc Rose (♀♂♂)


Time: 18:21

Cumshot: Pussy, Tits

Features: Anal, Analingus

She sits by a dressing table in old lingerie, stroking herself with a feather and fantasizing. Jamie comes up behind her and kisses her neck, and then Marc is touching her legs. The two of them stroke her tits, and she pulls out their cocks and licks and sucks them. They rub her pussy together, and even eat her together for a time. Jamie puts his cock into her ass as she strokes Marc's dick, and Marc strokes her pussy and kisses her, as she rubs his cock. Jamie then fingers her pussy as Marc kisses her, as she gets more and more aroused. She then turns on her side, and one of them fucks her pussy. She then gets on her knees, with Marc fucking her while she sucks Jamie. She then sucks Jamie as Marc licks her, then fucks her, as she is on her knees. She lies on her back, and Jamie fucks her from alongside her, cumming on her pussy. Marc then feeds her his cock, then fucks her while kneeling, and cums on her tits.

Threesomes with two men and a woman can be dangerous in porn, as it usually seems just to mean that the woman will be taken advantage of by two men rather than just one. But, while the focus is very much on her at the beginning, that somehow feels appropriate, as if this is is her fantasy. And the men are both very tender toward her. There's an amazing seequence where they eat her out together, and she seems, throughout, to be fully engaged in what is happening.

Although she never cums, so far as we could tell, she does seem to get very aroused.

The camera work is pretty good, as well, with quite a bit of focus on the men's faces.

Scene 2: Chloe Conrad and Pascal White (♀♂)


Time: 18:45

Cumshot: Tits

Features: Anal

She touches herself lightly, as he watches her. He kisses her neck and touches her body, and she takes out his cock from his pants and sucks him. He massages her tits, then eats her pussy. She sucks him as he stands and she sits on the edge of a bed. She then turns over and he fucks her from behind. He then fingers her ass while she strokes his cock, and he puts his dick into her butt in a spooning position. She then strokes him while he fingers her ass again, and he sucks her tits. She gets on all fours, and he fucks her from behind, then she pulls him out and strokes him. She then sucks him as he lies back, and he cums as she rubs his cock, onto her tits.

A very romantic presentation of a couple making love in their bedroom. The anal sex is quite sweet, actually, and there is a lot of mutual touching.

Unfortunately, though, she never seems terribly aroused.

Scene 3: Stacey Lacey and Clarke Kent (♀♂)


Time: 18:10

Cumshot: Ass

She sits, half naked, on a piano, as he touches her legs. She sits next to him, and he kisses her back and neck, then undoes his pants, and she rubs his cock, then sucks him. He rubs her pussy, as well, and then he eats her and fingers her. He fucks her from behind, slowly, and then she is on her back and he is kneeling in front of her, wth one of her legs on his shoulder. He then sits on a couch, and she kneels over him and bounces on his cock. He cums on her ass.

This scene features a woman and a soldier, possibly in a brothel. It isn't awful, but it just doesn't really work somehow. The basic problem is that it feels too performed, and she never seems to get that aroused.

Scene 4: Natalia Forrest and Natalie C (♀♀)


Time: 18:58

Features: Dildo

Natalie kisses Natalia's tits, getting her lipstick all over them. She then eats her pussy, fingering her as she licks her. Natalia than eats Natalie. Natalia fucks Natalie with a smallish dildo, as they both rub themselves. Natalia them fucks her quite hard, as she sucks Natalie's tis, and they then switch positions, wkth Natalie fucking Natalia as she rubs her pussy. Natalia then gets on her knees, and Natalie keeps fucking her. Natalie then fucks Natalia with a slim vibrator, as well.

Unfortunately, this is the kind of "girl-girl" scene that gives "girl-girl" scenes in mainstream porn a bad name. There just isn't much passion or creativity here, and neither of the women seems to be very aroused at all. Rather, they seem to be performing for a (male) audience.

Scene 5: Karlie Simon and Peter Oh Tool (♀♂)


Time: 17:31

Cumshot: Pussy

Features: Anal

She touches herself, erotically, wearing lingerie and a fur-ish jacket. She pulls her bra down over her tits, and strokes her nipples. She rubs her pussy, around her panties. She then sucks her soldier's cock. He then sucks her tits and eats her pussy, and she gets quite vocal, much more so than the other women in this movie. He rubs her clit hard, then fingers her and licks her again. They start fucking doggy style, as she lies over the back of a couch. She then gets atop him and rolls her hips over his cock. She then gets astride him, reverse cowgirl, putting hiis cock in her ass, as he rubs her pussy, then fingers her. She then lies back and he jerks onto her pussy.

This scene starts out soft and slow—too soft and slow. And then it just never catches fire. Too much time is spent showing us her sucking his cock, and it just gets monotonous. Even the anal doesn't feel all that passionate, though at least it isn't presented as degrading.

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