August 18, 2014

Love and Loss, from Wicked Passions


Time: 1:27, Director: Stormy Daniels, Date: 2014

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Cast: Maddy O'Reilly (24yo), Brendon Miller, A.J. Applegate (25yo), Chad White (26yo), Penny Pax (24yo), Ramon Nomar (40yo), and Seth Gamble

Source: 1280×720 MP4 downloaded from Wicked Pictures subscription site

Pleasure ♀-, Passion ✓+, Balance ♀-


Laney (Maddy O'Reilly) and Jeremy (Brendon Miller) are living together. He is apparently on parole, but almost done with it. He suggests they might get married, which she says she would like to do, but she also says she is scared that he might "have to go away again". After dinner, though, he goes to a store, apparently thinking about robbing it in order to get in order to get money for an engagement ring. But some other guy robs the store and shoots the clerk. He attempts to stop him, but the police think he was the robber, and they shoot him.

Three years later, Laney meets and falls in love with Alex (Seth Gamble), who was one of the cops involved in the shooting. We won't ruin the rest by telling you what happens.

It's really too bad they don't do more with the story. It's a good one, and it is handled very well. But, though more than half an hour is devoted to the story, most of that is at the beginning, so it seems to end too abruptly.

We must say that it bothered us that the man who shot the clerk turns out to be black. It fits the story, in a way: It's how the clerk knows for sure that it wasn't Jeremy. But this is the only black person in the entire film! It certainly seems like someone might have realized along the way that this would not look right.

There is one absolutely outstanding sex scene here: the third one, with Penny Pax and Ramon Nomar. The second and fourth are also quite good. The first is a bit disappointing, but not too bad. In fact, it's about average for the Wicked Passions movies. What's so striking is how much better than usual the others are.

Scene 1: Maddy O'Reilly and Brendon Miller (♀♂)


Time: 9:00

Cumshot: Ass

Features: Deepthroat

Pleasure ✓, Passion ✓, Balance

Laney and Jermey have sex at home. It is a very short scene.

The overall feel at the beginning is very soft and romantic. And there is a really good chemistry between them. They really give the sense of people who love each other. But the sex is never very passionate, and her vocalizations seem a bit forced.

The camera work is pretty good, with a decent mix of shots. There are too many closeups of their genitals, though, when they are standing.

Scene 2: A.J. Applegate and Chad White (♀♂)


Time: 15:00

Female Orgasm: Maybe, Cumshot: Stomach

Pleasure ♀, Passion ✓, Balance

A woman (A.J. Applegate) has sex with her husband's best friend and police partner, Casey (Chad White), at their house.

Here again, there is a very nice sense of connection between them, and she makes a lot of nice, soft, happy sounds as they are making out, even giggling a couple times. There is a fair bit of kissing, as well. But the sex is not very passionate, especially given that this is supposed to be a very forbidden tryst.

There is some good camera work here, with some nice shots of her face as he eats her, and we do not really lose him when they start fucking, though she is a bit more of the focus.

We do get one porn cliché, though: She keeps her (very) high heels on the entire time.

Scene 3: Penny Pax and Ramon Nomar (♀♂)


Time: 15:00

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Stomach

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Michael and Tracey have just had sex for the first time, but he is ready to go again, so they do.

There's great chemistry between them, with an appropriate level of passion, and great communication, as well. She also seems to have a fantastic time, cumming at least a few times.

There are nice shots of his face as she sucks him, and of her body. There's also a great shot as they fuck with him behind her, from down near her face.

Scene 4: Maddy O'Reilly and Seth Gamble (♀♂)


Time: 13:30

Female Orgasm: Maybe, Cumshot: Stomach

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

Laney has sex with Alex, one of the cops who was involved in her husband's shooting.

There's excellent chemistry between them, and the sex is fairly passionate, as is appropriate to scene. But it could be a bit more so, and we're not sure just how aroused she ever gets, though she does enjoy herself.

The scene is very well shot, with a nice mix of angles. There are some very good shots of his face as she sucks him.