October 20, 2016

Lesbian Romance 2, from New Sensations Tales From the Heart


Time: 2:17, Director: Jacky St James, Date: 2016

Screenshots: On our Tumblr

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Cast: Kira Noir (22yo), Sara Luvv (23yo), Dani Daniels (27yo), Karla Kush (25yo), Anikka Albrite (28yo), Bree Daniels (25yo), Abigail Mac (28yo), and Aubrey Star (21yo)

Source: 1920×1080 MP4s downloaded from the New Sensations subscription site


Like the first movie in this series, this one consists of four vignettes involving lesbian couples, all introduced by stories with romantic themes. This one, however, is much better. In fact, it is absolutely fantastic.

There are two truly outstanding scenes here. The story in the first is really sweet. Carolyn (Sara Luvv) met Jessie (Kira Noir) online, and now they are meeting in person. But Carolyn didn't know that Jessie was a woman. As they get to know each other, though, Carolyn realizes that she her feelings for Jessie transcend gender—something we have ourselves seen happen with friends of ours. And the sex is amazing. We really appreciated how they slowed down for a bit at one point, then started up again. It was almost as if it gave us, too, a chance to catch our breath.

In the second scene, Karla Kush plays Dani Daniels's live-in assistant. Dani eventually realizes that Karla hasfallen in love with her and hops into the shower with her. They do a great job carrying the story into the sex, and the sex itself is off the charts hot, as good as we can remember enjoying.

The third scene takes us through a series of disastrous dates that Anikka Albrite and Bree Daniels have had, but for some reason Anikka never gives up on Bree. It is an extremely long scene, with nearly 43 minutes of sex. But somehow it works. They are totally convincing as first-time lovers. There is a lot of kissing and caressing at the beginning, with no genital contact at all for over ten minutes, which means there is a lot more variation in this scene than there would have been had the pussy eating started sooner. And the sex is varied in other ways, too. Still, we thought the scene could have been a bit shorter.

The last scene features Aubrey Star as a masseuse who has fallen in lust with one of her clients, Sarah (Abigail Mac). We really liked the way Aubrey described what attracted her to Sarah and what she thinks about when she fantasizes. The sex itself is very good, too. We liked how much they talked to each other, but sometimes felt it was a bit too much. But it's still a very good scene, just not as good as the other three.

The photography overall is very, very good, and there are just some good ideas that help keep it visually interesting. We really liked the change of scenery, for example, in the second scene, when they move from the shower to the bedroom. It not only chages how they have sex but also changes the way we see them.

So, well, we highly, highly recommend this movie. It shows, once again, what a knack Jacky St James has for presenting lesbian sex. It also shows how much a good story, even a short one, can add to a scene. The romantic context for the first three scenes, especially, makes them all the hotter.

Scene 1: Kira Noir and Sara Luvv (♀♀)


Time: 30:40

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

This is an incredibly hot scene.

Carolyn (Sara Luvv) and Jessie (Kira Noir) met online, bonding over shared interests. They have developed a good relationship by email. Now, at last, they are meeting, and Carolyn feels as if she is falling in love. But Jessie, much to her surprise, turns out to be a woman, one who knew all along that Carolyn was, too. Jessie takes it well, but there are still those feelings on Carolyn's side. And in the end...

The story last a bit over four minutes, so there is over 26 minutes for sex. So this is a fairly long scene. But the sex is extremely passionate, and they at least try to carry the story into the scene. We really liked the way they slowed down for a little bit after the 69. It provided a welcome break for us, too. We also really liked how much they kiss, both at the beginning and at the end.

The scene is shot in an intimate way, and we liked how the camera moved slowly around them. Some of the shots are quite creative, and there are not many pornish angles at all. Those there are tend not to linger, either.


They kiss, standing, passionately grabbing at each other. They fall onto a couch, and Jessie falls onto Carolyn, lifts her shirt and sucks her tits. They continue kissing, and Jessie kneels up and takes off her top. They continue kissing, and Jessie moves between Carolyn's legs and kisses her thighs before removing her shorts. Jessie kisses Carolyn's pussy through her panties, pulling them aside to eat her. Carolyn puts her hand over her mouth as she gets excited, something she often does, and Jessie adds a couple fingers, which brings Carolyn to orgasm at about 10:35.

Carolyn hops up and kisses Jessie passionately, and Jessie takes off the rest of her clothes, asking Carolyn if she is sure about it. "Just do to me what you want me to do to you", Jessie says to her, and Carolyn reaches between her legs and rubs her pussy before taking her first taste of her new lover. Jessie cums hard at about 14:25.

She sits up, and they kiss again. Jessie falls back onto the couch, and Carolyn kneels over her, leaning over to kiss her as they each reach down to rub the other's pussy. Jessie hops up and gets behind Carolyn, taking off her panties and licking her from behind as Carolyn leans over on all fours on the couch. Jessie puts a few fingers into Carolyn and fucks her fast. "Cum for me", Jessie says, and Carolyn does, again.

They move into a 69, with Jessie on top. Carolyn does more licking and Jessie more stroking, and eventually Jessie kneels up and cums again herself. She hops off, and they kiss softly, taking a little break—one that feels very genuine. Slowly, Jessie kisses her way down Carolyn's body again, easing her onto the couch and going back to work on her pussy with her mouth and fingers. Carolyn has another orgasm as Jessie squeezes her tit hard, and they kiss.

They sit facing each other and rub each other's pussies again, alternately moaning and giggling. They cum together and feed each other their fingers.

Scene 2: Dani Daniels and Karla Kush (♀♀)


Time: 26:58

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Multiple Female Orgasms, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Karla is Dani's live-in assistant, and Karla has secretly been in love with her for some time. So much so that when Dani asks her, "Did you mail those checks?" she thinks she said, "Do you want to have sex?" Eventually, while Karla is showering, Dani decides to join her. "What are you doing?" Karla asks. "What you are too afraid to", Dani answers. So they have sex in the shower.

We'll just admit to it right now: We think Dani Daniels is one of the sexiest women in porn. We love her attitude, her body, and the way she uses it.

There are some very funny moments in the story, which lasts a little less than three minutes, so there is about 23 minutes of sex. And the sex is wonderfully passionate, totally befitting the story. Karla has more orgasms than we were able to count, and Dani clearly enjoys herself, too. (Wouldn't it be great if everyone could have this much fun at work?) They do a really good job carrying the story into the scene, too.

The photography is generally very good, though not quite as good as in the first scene. But there are a lot of different types of shots, and we never felt as if we wanted desperately to see something else.

The change of scenery when they move from the shower to the bedroom was very welcome. It provides some visual variation and makes, at least, for a change of pace. The way in which a single camera moves around them is reminiscent, in a way, of gonzo, but without the worst flaws of gonzo: way too many closeups, and an almost dizzying instabilty.


They kiss, standing naked in the shower, and Dani leans over and sucks Karla's tits. Karla reaches down and rubs Dani's pussy while snuggling her neck, and then Dani gets on her knees and eats Karla's pussy. Dani stands up and rubs Karla's pussy hard, then fingers her softly as they kiss. We think Karla has an orgasm, maybe more than one, in there somewhere.

They move to the bedroom, and Karla lies on the bed as Dani lies over her and kisses her. Dani then moves between Karla's legs and goes down on her. Karla has another orgasm, commenting repeatedly on how pretty Dani's eyes are and stroking her hair. Karla says she wants to taste Dani, so they switch positions, and Karla lies over Dani and kisses her, then thrusts against her a bit. Karla then makes her way to Dani's pussy and eats her. Karla adds a couple fingers as Dani pulls her legs back, rubbing her clit with her thumb. Karla says she can feel Dani's pussy getting tight on her fingers, and Dani cums hard.

They kiss and cuddle, and Karla moves up and straddles Dani's face. Dani slides out and licks Karla's pussy and ass from behind, then rubs her pussy hard while licking her anus. Karla cums hard, yet again, and Dani brings her down with a rimjob, then rubs circles on her clit.

Karla turns over, and Dani gets astride her for some tribbing. She fucks her hard and has Karla nearly screaming. They switch positions, so Karla is riding Dani, and Karla has yet another orgasm. Dani flips onto all fours, and Karla fingers her from behind, and Dani herself has another orgasm.

Karla flips Dani onto her back again so she can play with her pussy. She fingers her softly while rubbing her clit with her other hand, and Karla has yet another orgasm, twitching as her eyes roll back in her head. Dani then eats her to another. Dani then lies next to Karla, and they stroke and finger each other's pussy. Karla has one last orgasm, nearly crying as she buries her face in Dani's neck, and they kiss.

Scene 3: Anikka Albrite and Bree Daniels (♀♀)


Time: 47:51

Features: 69, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Footjob, Multiple Female Orgasms

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Bree and Anikka's first couple dates are for different reasons disasters, but still Anikka suggests they try again by meeting at Bree's place. Bree is impressed by Anikka's postive energy, and Anikka brings her an amethyst necklace, which she puts around Bree's neck. Of course that leads to their kissing.

The story is very sweet, and it lasts about five minutes, which leaves nearly 43 minutes for sex. Seriously. So this is an incredibly long scene. But they do a wonderful job carrying the story into the sex and are totally convincing as first-time lovers. The kissing and foreplay is intensely passionate. We thought it was really hot, for example, the way Bree gently kissed Anikka's arm. (There is a lesson there.) There is no genital contact at all until eleven minutes after they first kiss, and Bree does not touch Anikka's pussy for nearly twenty minutes. It is just incredibly natural how it all develops. It's relaxed and slow, very much as if they have all day to fuck each other, which (in the story) they do. Still, we thought the scene could have been a little bit shorter.

We really loved how the initial kissing sequence was shot. And overall the photography is really good, similar in style to the first two scenes.


They kiss, softly but passionately, while sitting on Bree's bed. Anikka then kisses her neck, and Bree, amazingly, takes off her shoes as Anikka undoes her halter. She touches her breasts from behind as they continue to kiss. Anikka leans over to suck Bree's tits, and then Bree gently, lovingly kisses Anikka's hand and arm. Anikka then leans back onto her hands, and Bree kisses and sucks her breasts.

They continue kissing as Anikka removes Bree's skirt, and then Bree asks Anikka to take off her clothes, so she lifts her dress over her head, leaving both of them in their panties. Anikka asks Bree to lie down, which she does, and Anikka leans over her and kisses her while stroking her thighs. She makes her way down Bree's body, sucking her tits while starting to stroke her pussy through her panties. Anikka kisses and licks Bree through her panties, then pulls them aside, then takes them off. Anikka adds a couple fingers, fingering and licking Bree to at least two orgasms.

They sit up together and kiss again, and then Bree pushes Anikka onto her back. She leans over her to kiss her and suck her tits, then teases Anikka by kissing around her panties before pulling them off. They kiss again and exchange affections, and then Bree goes down on Anikka, licking and sucking her softly. She adds a couple fingers, and Anikka slowly become more aroused. Bree fingers Anikka and rubs her clit with her thumb, and Anikka has her first orgasm, her body twitching. Bree slows down but continues eating Anikka, but then Anikka sits up, and they kiss again.

Anikka sucks Bree's tits and rubs her pussy, then shifts Bree onto her back and kisses her feet while Bree lightly strokes her pussy. They kiss again, and each reaches over to pleasure the other's pussy. Anikka then moves them into a 69, with Bree on the bottom. They use their hands as much as their mouths, and Anikka strokes anbd licks Bree to an orgasm that leaves her just gripping Anikka's ass.

Anikka gets off Bree, and they kiss again, and Bree licks Anikka's foot and toes. They then rub each other's pussies with their feet, which seems to feel good, and it seems to get Anikka off, and maybe Bree, too.

Scene 4: Abigail Mac and Aubrey Star (♀♀)


Time: 29:04

Features: Analingus, Cunnilingus Orgasm, Massage, Multiple Female Orgasms, Rough Sex, Tribadism

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance ♀

Aubrey is a masseuse, and Sarah (Abigail Mac) is one of her clients. Something about Sarah attracts Aubrey, and she becomes a fantasy lover for Aubrey, who masturbates to memories of her frequently, as we witness when she gets home from work one day. Eventually, Sarah decides to move, and the last time that Aubrey gives her a massage, something more happens. "Sometimes that's all we get, just one perfect afternoon", Aubrey says.

The story lasts about seven minutes, so there is about 22 minutes of sex.

The descriptions in the story of what attracts Aubrey to Sarah, and what she thinks about when she fantasizes, are both wonderful, even if the lingerie that Aubrey wears to work is a bit implausible. And the sex itself is reasonably passionate, and fairly convincing. We liked how much they talked to each other, but there were times that it felt a bit overdone. And we do confess that we find Abigail Mac's obviously augmented breasts distracting.

The photography is again very good.


They kiss over the massage table, for which Aubrey apologizes, but Sarah tells her, "Don't be, just live in the moment", and Aubrey gets to work massaging her. As she stands behind her head, Sarah reaches up and pulls Aubrey down to kiss her. She then sits up, and Aubrey gets on the table with her. Sarah pulls off Aubrey's shirt and pulls down her bra, then sucks her tits. Aubrey leans over to suck Sarah's tits, too, and then Sarah strips off the rest of Aubrey's clothes.

Aubrey reclines on the table as she tells Sarah how much she has wanted her, and Sarah asks her to touch herself, which she does. She then flips Aubrey onto all fours and licks her ass and pussy from behind. She puts a couple fingers into Aubrey while licking her anus and fucks Aubrey to an orgasm.

They kneel up and kiss again, and Aubrey reaches underneath Sarah to rub her pussy as they talk quiety to each other. Sarah then reclines on the table, and Aubrey goes down on her and eats her to an orgasm. Sarah then lies on the table, and Aubrey kisses her way up her body, then straddles Sarah's face, as she requested. She reaches back and strokes Sarah's pussy, as well. Aubrey says she is going to cum again, and she starts bucking on Sarah's face and does cum again.

Sarah then gets onto all fours, more or less, on the table, and Aubrey licks her ass and pussy from behind, then masturbates her while licking her anus. Sarah asks Aubrey to spank her clit until she cums, which she does, lightly, and Sarah cums again, as well, very hard, and it takes her some time to recover.

They get into a tribbing position, each reclining on the table. Sarah then gets atop Aubrey and grinds onto her, and we think both of them cum again, possibly together. Sarah then gets off Aubrey and kisses her way from her pussy to her face.

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