November 2, 2016

XConfessions 4, from Erika Lust


Time: 1:54, Director: Erika Lust, Date: 2015

Screenshots: On our Tumblr here and here

On the web: Erika Lust's Website

Cast: Zazel Paradis, Kendo Ortiz, Lady Mai (31yo), Juan Lucho (27yo), Selina Ak, Alexei Jackson (38yo), Ian Grey, Dido Wend, Mark Sanz, Amber Nevada (25yo), Julia Roca (25yo), Marc Morato, Carol Vega (22yo), Samia Duarte (28yo), Dean Van Damme (37yo), Poppy Cox, and Dean van Damme

Source: 1920×1080 MP4 downloaded from Lust Cinema

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance


Feminist porn legend Erika Lust created the XConfessions series in 2013. She solicits stories and fantasies from her fans and chooses two each month to make into short films. It's a tremendous idea, to give cinematic vision to the imaginings of ordinary people. And it has been extremely successful. It is utterly different from stereotypical porn imagery.

Each DVD in the series features ten of these short films. There is great variation in the themes of the various scenes.

As we said have about the earlier collections, many of these scenes are as interesting intellectually and visually as they are erotic. Lust is extremely tender with the fantasies that have been offered to her, and she tries very hard to bring out what is special about them.

There are three really fantastic scenes here. The fourth, Pansexuals, is a foursome that features every combination, including male-male intercourse. It's sexy and hot, and beautifully shot. The eighth, "Mad Men Porn", wonderfully illustrates why Erika Lust is one of the best erotic filmmakers out there. The details are just so right, and the sex is so hot. And the last, "A Talk Too Dirty", is all about teasing, and the way they talk to each other is wonderful.

Most of the other scenes are also very good. But note that there are three very 'artsy' scenes here, two of which we did not find terribly sexy: The third, "Carnival Hustlers", and the sixth, "Power Pussy". The seventh, "Spectrophilia", is also very artsy, but it is a lot sexier. All of these are enjoyable and, as always, beautifully shot.

Scene 1: I Found Your Mother on Tinder (Zazel Paradis and Kendo Ortiz, ♀♂)


Time: 15:29

Female Orgasm: Multiple, Cumshot: Tits

Features: Cunnilingus Orgasm, Vibrator

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

The blurb: "It's more than a fantasy, it's a myth! The legendary Mrs. Robinson, your best friend's mum, comes over and over again. In this modern version of the tale, the seductive and experienced mature woman comes across our younger lover via cell phone, through one of the most popular dating apps."

The dialogue is in Spanish, so unfortunately we had no idea what they were saying. But the basic outline is pretty clear nonetheless.

The sex at the beginning is a bit disjointed, rushing past the niceties, though maybe that is appropriate to the story. She sucks him, then lies on the bed and more or less pulls his face between her legs, demanding what she wants. We especially liked the sequence where he knelt by her face and fed her his cock while masturbating her to orgasm. We also liked her using of a vibrator, which one rarely sees in straight porn.

She seems to have quite a few orgasms, mostly from his fingering her. He masturbates and cums on her tits.

As usual, the scene is beautifully shot. We don't see every detail, or need to do so. Rather, Lust strives to give us a feel for it. And she does so, very well.

Scene 2: Skype Sex (Lady Mai and Juan Lucho, ♀♂)


Time: 9:21

Cumshot: Face

Pleasure ✓, Passion ♀, Balance

The blurb: "Can cybersex be more stimulating than the real thing? As a modern sex toy accesible to all, webcams have given rise to a whole new universe of erotic experiences and images that can be extremely hot. The protagonist in #SkypeSex is forced to discover this whilst in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend."

The dialogue is again in Spanish, but most of what happens is visual, anyway.

They tease each other, first showing some skin, then getting a bit more daring, back and forth. In fantasy, he is then with her, masturbating her as he holds and kisses her from behind. And they proceed to have sex.

This felt like a missed opportunity. Why not stay with the cybersex and just use the fantasy to punctuate it? Watching them watch each other masturbate could be very hot indeed, and a welcome change of pace.

Otherwise, it is a perfectly fine scene, and there is something almost desperate about the sex.

Scene 3: Carnival Hustlers (Selina Ak and Alexei Jackson, ♀♂)


Time: 7:48

The blurb: "A Fifth Avenue inspired party, where two rival thieves take advantage of Carnival to sneak around in disguise and steal some silver.... Finding each other to sneak away to the children's bedroom, they devour each other's bodies on top of the guests fur coats, risking being caught by any curious onlooker... or by the police."

This is more of an amusing story than it is a sexy one.

Scene 4: Pansexuals (Ian Grey, Dido Wend, Mark Sanz, and Amber Nevada, ♀♀♂♂)


Time: 11:14

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Anal

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

The blurb: "What is Pansexuality? Discover it in this explicit documentary, depicting an orgy occurring unexpectedly among a group of young friends. The strip poker game you'd love to play."

Two men and two women play strip poker, which of course leads to their all having sex. Everyone more or less plays with everyone, in a very natural way. Even though there is quite a lot of hetero-fucking, the two men kiss one another while fucking the women. We do also get some homo-fucking as well, though. The women masturbate to orgasm while the men fuck. One of them then cums on the other's stomach.

It's a very sexy scene, and a very queer one for XConfessions.

Scene 5: Eat With Me (Julia Roca and Marc Morato, ♀♂)


Time: 11:28

Cumshot: Internal

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

The blurb: "In this confession, a young woman with a crush on a TV chef dares to book the whole table at one of his private dinners in his place. Challenged, he decides to feed her...without any cutlery. Featuring gorgeous Julia Roca leading Marc Morato to ecstasy in his very first explicit scene."

After he feeds her, he carries her to the couch, and they have sex. It begins very passionately, with heavy kissing and clothes flying, until she is naked on the couch and he is eating her pussy. What follows is varied and hot, with them both seeming desperate to devour the other. If we have a complaint, it is that she never seems very near orgasm, though she certainly does seem to be enjoying herself.

The camera work, interestingly, has the same desperate feel as the sex. It really captures the spirit of what they are doing.

Scene 6: Power Pussy (Carol Vega, Samia Duarte, and Dean Van Damme, ♀♀♂)


Time: 12:42

The blurb: "Unsuspecting and burly Dean Van Damme enters a deserted cocktail bar in the middle of the road. Challenged by the barman, he dares to order two Power Pussies. Two dominant dancers make a spectacular appearance to tie and torment him. This kinky threesome is full of hot hot hot sex, bringing to life a confession about the desire for powerful women."

It's an almost cartoonish presentation. The women appear to pleasure and torment him as the bartender makes his Power Pussies, dancing on the bar and tying him to a post, then riding his face for their pleasure. But it is a very short scene, in the end, and a lot more amusing than it is sexy.

The credits appear at about 6:00, and then we get a very long series of outtakes, mostly focused on sex.

Scene 7: Spectrophilia (Dido Wend and Amber Nevada, ♀♀)


Time: 10:25

Female Orgasm: Yes

Features: 69

The blurb: "Supernatural fucking: sex with ghosts is a big taboo, and yet one of the most widespread myths in cultures around the world. This short begins with a thrilling solo by Dido Wend summoning a spirit (Amber Nevada) who appears craving for sex. Based on a poem about gothic erotica, Spectrophilia is one of the most arthouse films in the XConfessions collection."

The blurb really says it all. It's weird, but quite sexy. Dido Wend is so thin that she seems almost un-dead, even though she is the one summoning the ghost.

Appropriately, the scene is shot in black and white.

Scene 8: Mad Men Porn (Poppy Cox and Alexei Jackson, ♀♂)


Time: 11:25

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Mouth,Internal

Features: Spanking

The blurb: "Ever wondered what explicit sex would be like in the glamorous universe of Mad Men? In this fan fiction short film, Poppy Cox plays a girl with the looks of a Joan Harris, completely obsessed with vintage things. When a sexy old fashioned guy appears at the vintage store where she works, she imagines all the retro dirty stuff they could do together in a dreamy 60s setting. Mr. Draper, you are so naughty!"

What a lovely video.

There are certain of the XConfessions videos that are just so generous with the fantasies they portray. This is one of them. Every detail seems right, including her submissiveness and his casual dominance. Her generous body is welcome here, too, as is her enthusiasm for what is happening. It is supposed to be her fantasy, after all.

After a fair bit of foooling around, she sucks him off into her mouth, licking his cum off her hands, but he unexpectedly flips her onto her back and fucks her. He ends up fingering her from behind until she cums, then fucks her again.

Scene 9: Car Sex Generation (Juan Lucho and Julia Roca, ♀♂)


Time: 11:45

Female Orgasm: Yes, Cumshot: Blowjob

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

The blurb: "We've all done it, and it's one of the most fun and challenging places to have sex: the back seat of a car. Playing a young, sexy and hot for each other couple, Juan Lucho and Julia Roca show exactly why sex in a car is so exciting. Steaming up the windows as the rain pours outside, keeping themselves warm with some intense passion!"

She picks him up at work, and they waste no time. It's passionate and sexy, and desperate. Fortunately, they have a van, with the seats down.

It's shot in 4:3 format, which is presumably intentional, to add a sort of realism to the scene. Is the idea that car-sex was a thing of the 4:3 generation? It's also shot from very close, which is no surprise given the confines in which they are working. How the camera-person even got in there is a mystery.

He wanks her to an orgasm while she is riding him reverse. She blows and jerks him until he cums.

Scene 10: A Talk Too Dirty (Poppy Cox and Dean van Damme, ♀♂)


Time: 13:44

Cumshot: Stomach

Features: Spanking

Pleasure ♀, Passion ♀, Balance

The blurb: "A hipster couple on a romantic trip to Barcelona to celebrate their anniversary. On such a special occasion, she wants to spice things up suggesting they play a little sex game with dirty talk. But letting your tongue run free always implies certain risks. Modern couples have traditional problems too!"

This is a fantastic video. The end is absolutely perfect. Too perfect.

We really liked the teasing that this story implies. There's actually a lot less explicit sex than there is talking about it as they kiss and touch each other. It's also just wonderful how much they talk to each other. It makes the relationship between them very obvious. They both play their roles really well, but she is especially convincing.

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